A/N: Right now this is just an incomplete piece of drabble. I have noticed that Dru is one of the under-represented characters in the Buffyverse and feel that her story needs to be told. This is just a beginning of a fic I may write. I am generally not a fast writer and I have other stuff on my plate right now, but if anybody out there thinks I should take a stab (or a stake, in this case,) at it, please review and let me know. And yes, I know my date is not cannon, I think Dru belongs more to the Dickens era than the mid-late Victorian that cannon places her in.


Abbey of St. Brigid, Glastonbury Parish, 11 April, 1841.

"There, there, dear child," The Reverend Mother Igraine said as she wrung out the cloth again. The water already stained the darkest crimson with the girl's blood. They had found her at Laudes, when they came to perform their morning office and prayers; they found her huddled and whimpering at the foot of the statue of their Blessed Lady of the Veil.

"He will not find you here."

"…always find me," the girl whispered barely audible. It was the first thing Igraine had been able to discern of her mumblings.

"What's that you say, child," she said dabbing gently at the wounds and blood caked on the girls neck, her face now free of the dirt and blood that had obscured it; it was a pretty face, though the bruises were starting to ripen and swell and the cuts and gashes were deep enough to mar it permanently if care was not taken for them to knit well.

"He said he would always find me," she murmured, the puffiness of her jaw keeping her words to the barest whisper, "he…he said that there is no place I can hide, no place, none….I can't hide from Angel."

"Was no angel that did this," the older woman said, wiping the wounds on the girl's slender neck; two punctures beneath the bruises from large and powerful hands on each side. They mirrored the ones Igraine could see on her breasts between the remaining shreds of tattered cloth that had once been a respectable frock, "…far from it."

"No but, it was ….Angel, a beautiful angel."

To be continued…