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Summary: Cheren contemplates his feelings for White. And he's not the only one - his Tepig is curious about this, too. CherenWhite, oneshot

I loved CherenWhite so very much! And I was so excited to finally write this! I hope that everyone enjoys this little fic. It's not very long, but then again, I didn't want to write anything too long. But I adore this pairing and I would love to hear your opinions on this!


Yeah, he's a bit uptight. Cheren knows this. He's quite aware of his good qualities as well as the bad ones. He's rational like that. Calculating. Logical. Reasonable.

So, yeah, he knows he's a bit uptight.

He prides himself on the fact that he's more logical than emotional, more careful than reckless...

Of course, that's not taking into account a certain girl.

Cheren feels quite silly for this, but he does the most irrational things where White is concerned.

It's silly, the feeling he gets when he's around her. Like he's floating and burning at the same time. His heart beats a furious tattoo against his chest. Palms sweat. Cheeks flush. Voice stammers.

It is ridiculous.

Yet Cheren can't do anything to stop this. He can't seem to be able to control his reactions when he's around White - this gives her the ability to read him better than most people. Even better than Bianca.

He's not sure when it started, really. Probably from the moment he met her, he supposes. She had been intriguing even then. Young, with those large eyes and waves of brown hair and the tomboyish attitude. As only a young boy, White had been the prettiest girl he had ever seen. She remains the keeper of that title to this day. And it's not just her exceptional looks, it's her personality as well. She balances rough and delicate perfectly. A wicked sense of humor accompanies her, and on the other spectrum is the natural air of comfort she brings. Frankly, he can't see anyone ever holding as much interest for him as she does.

So, now, as the three stand alongside one another in White's destroyed room - result of their battles, of course - he can't keep his eyes off of her.

She looks exhilarated, her eyes wide and happy, a grin seems to stretch her features in half. She doesn't have a care in the world other than the Snivy in her arms. She's encouraging her new Pokemon with bright words of future fame.

Cheren doesn't think he's ever seen anything more beautiful.

Bianca is cooing gently to her Oshawott somewhere near him; he almost smiles at that. His Tepig stirs in his arms, squealing gently. Long, pale fingers stroke his pointed ears, and Tepig snorts in appreciation.

He looks down at Tepig before gazing back at White, who is loudly laughing at the little Snivy that has taken to jumping about the wreckage of the room, haughty in his win. Cheren feels Tepig nudge his shoulder and he looks down yet again to face his starter Pokemon.

Tepig points to White not-so-discretely, a questioning look on his features, as if asking about her.

Cheren smiles down at Tepig before scratching him fondly on his head. He then focuses his attention back on White. She's as bright as ever, a beacon counteracting every dark thought he ever had.

"Te-pig?" the Pokemon chirps, prodding for an answer.

"She's...special," he says simply.

That's all he can muster to tell the little Tepig.

Because, frankly, it scares him to think that he was just seconds away from saying, "I love her."