Summary: Just before Blind Mag leaves the Wallace residence, Shilo calls her back to ask why it is "too late" for her favorite singer. A conversation turns into a warm embrace, and Nathan's overprotective side emerges when he sees his daughter in Mag's arms…

Disclaimer: I do not own Repo! The Genetic Opera, unless we're talking about a copy of the DVD or the soundtrack.

Pairings: Shilo/Mag

Author's Notes: More Shilo/Mag. What else could possibly be expected of me? This is going to be another multi-chapter fic, though, not a one-shot like Gifts or a two-shot like Fresh Meat.

Begins just as Blind Mag is about to leave the Wallace house after "Chase the Morning." Assumes Nathan got home late.

The azure hologram of Shilo's mother flickered and vanished. Her small performance over, Blind Mag turned to leave.

"Wait!" Shilo cried suddenly, just as the singer's hand touched the doorknob. She ran down the stairs as Mag faced her, looking slightly confused.

"Yes, Shilo?"

"What did you mean?" said Shilo breathlessly. "What did you mean by 'it's too late for you?' Too late for what?"

Mag turned to face Shilo, hesitating. Then, after a moment, she held her arms out to the girl, as if for an embrace. "Come here."

Puzzled but certainly willing to accept a hug from her godmother, Shilo stepped forward to find Blind Mag's arms encircling her. Her head came to rest on the woman's shoulder, and Shilo was struck by the light, ethereal scent of Mag's perfume. It was very pleasant, and Shilo found herself trying to breathe in the lovely smell as she tentatively wrapped her arms around her godmother.

"Forgive me for not being more specific," Blind Mag whispered. "You see, I'm afraid your house is bugged."

"Bugged?" Shilo repeated, more loudly than she'd meant to.

"Shhh. Yes. I'm not sure if there are microphones here, but there are cameras. I've seen that GeneCo has many pictures of this place…especially inside your room. These were pictures I weren't allowed to see, but…"

Shilo felt a chill crawl up her back. "Why would GeneCo want pictures of my room?"

"Rotti Largo wants something of you, so I suppose he's been keeping tabs on you. When I heard him say he could 'help you' the way he had helped me, it…well, I knew I had to warn you."

"About what?" Slowly, the answer dawned on Shilo. "About GeneCo? Is that why you said it was too late for you to…to live the life you wanted?" Shilo didn't understand by being a world-renowned singer couldn't be what Mag wanted, but hopefully Mag would explain that.

"Yes." Shilo felt one of Blind Mag's hands slide up to her shoulder, fingertips stroking lightly just beside the base of her neck, as if Mag could barely trust that Shilo was real and solid. Shilo felt oddly touched by the little gesture.

"What's wrong with GeneCo?" Shilo prodded.

Mag paused before replying. Finally she said, "Corruption. Rotti Largo uses his influence for terrible things. He feels the need to control every second of the lives of those who are the public face of GeneCo…I imagine that's how his children turned out so strange and warped."

"Does he try to control you too?"

Shilo felt the shudder that ran through Blind Mag's body, felt the woman's arms tighten around her. "Yes." Even in that one word, her shaky, strained tone spoke volumes.

A sudden wave of affection for her godmother washed over Shilo. What had been done to Mag to shake her famous elegant composure? Shilo turned her head and nuzzled the singer's neck like a cat. "I'm sorry," Shilo whispered.

"There is no need to apologize, little one. It was my own foolishness that got me into this situation. I believed Rotti when he said he only wanted to help me." Mag's tone was so bitter it was barely recognizable as the refined, clear voice of GeneCo commercial broadcasts. "I only ask that you not make the same mistake. I couldn't stand to see my goddaughter in GeneCo's clutches." Shilo felt Mag's lips press a long kiss on top of her head.

Shilo tilted her head back to look at the face of the woman who was being so kind to her. She had never once been so close to somebody, not even her father, at least not in this way. Being only a few inches away from Mag, Shilo felt she could see past the heavy makeup Blind Mag wore, to what she might look like without the mask GeneCo made her wear. Mag's extraordinary eyes glowed brightly for a moment, and she brushed the back of one hand against Shilo's cheek. "Forgive me. I can still hardly believe you're alive. It feels almost like a dream."

Shilo had no idea why Mag would ask for forgiveness for such a thing. As if anyone could object to being touched gently by Blind Mag. "There's nothing to forgive," Shilo murmured. Shilo could have sworn Mag blushed at that. "It's true," Shilo insisted. "You're so beautiful."

She immediately could have kicked herself for saying that; it felt woefully inadequate. Yes, Mag was lovely, but it wasn't just that; it was that Mag had risked being punished by GeneCo for her warning to Shilo, that her embrace was warm, her words kind…

Shilo thought about resting her head on Blind Mag's shoulder again, but that wasn't what she wanted. But if she did what she wanted, Mag might be disgusted, she might leave…so Shilo reached up to touch Mag's face the way the singer had done for her. But she couldn't bring herself to even do that, and her hand ended up buried in Blind Mag's soft hair.

Mag smiled. It was a small smile, but a sincere one, like her response to hearing Shilo describe how she could see the world from her window. A smile that could melt your heart, Shilo thought. She averted her eyes, timid and embarrassed. But then she felt the hand that had stroked her cheek move to cup her chin and lift her face up, and she was staring into Blind Mag's luminescent eyes again. Mag leaned in slightly, and Shilo let her eyelids drift shut, unable to believe that her wish might come true…

It had been patent what Shilo wanted, so Mag had tacitly agreed to it by being the one to initiate the inevitable kiss. Her lips were warm and soft on Shilo's, and it was the girl's turn to wonder if she were dreaming. To be held and tenderly kissed by Blind Mag was surely a dream of almost every one of her fans…

Shilo had completely lost track of time by the time the kiss came to a natural end.

"I take it that was what you wanted?" Mag whispered almost shyly. "You seemed to enjoy it."

The only thing Shilo could think of to say was, "Wow."

That made Blind Mag blush darkly. Shilo wondered why Mag was blushing; did she have any idea how appealing she was? "Please, kiss me again."

Mag did, her hands running lightly up and down the girl's sides as she covered Shilo's mouth with hers. In the few romance novels Shilo had read, kisses were strange and complicated, with teeth and tongue getting involved. Mag's kisses were gentle, just her soft lips caressing Shilo's. Of all odd things, Shilo found herself wondering what kind of lip balm Mag used.

Shilo felt lost in the touch of Blind Mag's lips again, and it was only when Mag gasped in surprise and pulled back that the kissing stopped. Shilo was puzzled for a moment until she realized to her horror that not only had she lost track of time, she had lost track of what her hands were doing…and one was resting on Mag's right breast. Shilo pulled away, stuttering apologies. "Mag, I'm…I'm so sorry…I…I don't know what I was thinking."

Shilo hung her head in shame, terrified that she had ruined what had been becoming a quite beautiful moment. But Mag was taking her hands, smiling kindly at her. "Shi, you are a teenager, and full of hormones. I don't blame you. And you were probably thinking that you can't feel anything through this heavy dress." Mag leaned forward until her forehead was touching Shilo's to whisper her next works. "Would you like to?"

Shilo's eyes widened. "Are you…are you serious?"

"Well, my little one, it's been years since I've been touched out of kindness. In any way. And I see no reason to deny you this." Blind Mag reached to the front of her dress, pushing away the elaborate ruffles to reveal a zipper that ran from her neck to just above her navel.

"That doesn't seem very…effective," Shilo stammered.

"There's a zipper meant to help actually take the dress off. But the Largos make sure all my clothes are designed to allow for…easy access." Mag smiled bitterly, but before Shilo could ask about that disquieting statement, she performed the incredibly distracting gesture of unzipping the front of her gown. She took the girl's hands and kissed each of the wrists, giving the girl's hands her blessing, and guided them to the inside of her dress.

Shilo whimpered softly as her fingertips brushed against skin more exquisitely soft than anything she'd ever touched before. Her hands were shaking; she took deep breaths to try to control herself, stroking Mag's tender flesh with her knuckles so lightly she could barely feel anything.

Blind Mag squeezed Shilo's waist almost playfully. "You don't have to be that gentle," she said with a tiny smile.

"I'm sorry," Shilo murmured. "It's just that…I've never done anything like this…"

"I know." Mag kissed Shilo's cheek. "I was only teasing, Shi. You're doing fine."

Shilo rested her head on Mag's shoulder, eyes closed. Blind Mag rubbed her back encouragingly as Shilo continued her little caresses, finally finding the courage to cradle and massage one of Mag's breasts in each hand. "You're so delicate." Shilo's voice trembled so hard Mag could barely understand her.

Mag kissed the top of Shilo's head again. "I may be doing this for you, but that feels lovely." She gave a little shiver as the pad of one of Shilo's thumbs brushed over one nipple. "Mmm…thank you, little one."

Shilo felt her heart swell with something like pride. "That feels good?" She asked softly.

"Very," Mag breathed as Shilo began carefully playing with both her nipples. She flexed her knuckles so it was her nails traveling up and down Shilo's back instead of her palms. Shilo trembled at the sensation, and suddenly she thought of another place Mag's kind hands could go.

"Mag…" Shilo was almost panting. "Will you touch me? Please? The way I'm doing for you now?" Shilo quickly withdrew one hand from Mag's chest and seized the woman's wrist, trying to move the captured hand to the front of her nightgown.

Blind Mag shied away suddenly, looking crestfallen. Shilo felt stunned, almost wounded; was she not pretty enough for Mag? "No, little one," said Mag brokenly.

"Why?" Shilo cried.

Mag closed her eyes, which clicked beneath her eyelids. "I have no qualms about allowing a kind young girl to use me to explore another woman's body. But if I were to do the same to you, I would feel like I was taking advantage of you."

Tears leapt to Shilo's eyes at Mag's words. "I'm not using you. I wanted this because you're so good to me…because you're beautiful…"

Blind Mag shook her head. "I'm sorry; that was a poor choice of words. I know your intentions are not exploitative. But I…I have been passed from hand to hand like a filthy coin. I cannot touch you intimately without feeling like I'm…polluting you."

"Don't talk like that," Shilo begged, moving to wrap her arms around Mag; to her relief, the woman accepted and returned her embrace. "You're so kind. You wouldn't be taking advantage of me. And you certainly wouldn't be polluting me. Why do you say that?"

"Because this is what GeneCo does to people," said Mag. Her words might have been dragged through a lake of liquid sorrow. "I don't trust myself with you because of what has been done to me." She paused. "But…I can think of something you might enjoy. Is there someplace comfortable nearby?"

Still confused and teary, Shilo led Blind Mag to the living room. Mag looked around carefully.

"I don't think I've been any footage from this room. We should be safe here." Mag kissed Shilo's forehead and gestured to the living room couch. "Why don't you lie down?" A smile flitted across your lips. "And you can disrobe if you want. As much as you're comfortable with."

If Mag was uncomfortable touching Shilo "intimately", Shilo wasn't sure why she would have to undress, but she certainly wasn't complaining. She peeled off her dress and the long-sleeved black shirt underneath, then quickly set about squirming out of her tights. She lay down on the couch, her heart pounding. Mag looked slightly surprised at how much clothing Shilo had taken off, particularly because the girl had not been wearing a bra.

"Well, I suppose I have to measure up to that now…" Blind Mag sat down to remove her elegant black boots, then stood up again, unzipped her dress down the back, and let it slide down her body to pool around her ankles.

Shilo moaned. "You look like an angel."

A blush colored Mag's pale cheeks yet again. "Thank you, Shi." She knelt precariously on the edge of the couch for a moment, reaching to stroke Shilo's cheek. Slowly, she lay down beside the girl. "Now…may I hold you?" She rested a hand lightly on Shilo's hip.

In response, Shilo draped her arm over Blind Mag's bare, silky back and tucked her head under the singer's chin, as her brain had suddenly lost the ability to form words. She gasped softly as Mag encircled her waist with one arm and pulled her close, so close she could feel she delicious soft tingle of the other woman's naked skin against her own. Touching Mag's breasts had been nothing compared to the sensation of that same delicate flesh pressed to her own sensitive chest. She found herself beginning to shake.

"I'm sorry, Shi, are you cold? Here…" Mag reached up to a folded blanket that was draped over the back of the couch and pulled it over herself and Shilo. "Better?"

Shilo maneuvered herself until she was eye to eye with Mag and kissed her. "Thank you. Thank you for this," she murmured, hoping her vague words were adequate.

"Are you comfortable?"

Shilo nestled her head against Mag's chest again. "I've never been more comfortable."

It made sense that Mag wouldn't want to act invasive toward Shilo and would substitute this for what Shilo had previously asked for. Shilo smiled, quite glad that Mag had suggested this; Shilo had never cuddled with anyone before, and their mutual state of semi-undress only made the experience lovelier. Shilo was about to conclude that there was no way she could feel more loved and content when Mag started singing to her, a simple but pretty folk song in a language Shilo didn't recognize.

"Okay," Shilo whispered, "now I've never been more comfortable."

In her bliss, though, Shilo had forgotten that her father would be home soon, and didn't hear the door open over Mag's singing…

"Mag…how did you get in here?"

Shilo nearly leapt a foot into the air when she heard her father's voice. She had never heard him sound like that, so cold and irate…so…frightening…

"Hi, Nathan." Blind Mag, obviously struggling to keep her voice level, was sitting up halfway, holding the blanket up with one hand to cover herself. "Shilo let me in when I asked to talk to her."

"Talk to her?" Shilo trembled at the fury in his voice. She looked up at him and his face was dark and contorted. Suddenly she understood; she and Mag had only been cuddling, but to Nathan, it looked like Shilo had just lost her virginity to her godmother.

"I know what this looks like, but I was only holding her. She has a bit of a celebrity crush on me, and I thought…"

In a flash, Nathan was gripping Mag's neck with both hands and lifting her up. Mag choked and gasped, struggling futilely against his iron grip.

"Dad, no!" Shilo shrieked. "Dad, please, she didn't hurt me! She didn't do anything wrong!"

"You thought what?" Nathan snarled, pinning Mag to the nearest wall, completely ignoring Shilo. Mag had begun to go limp, her lips taking on a bluish tinge. "Thought you'd take advantage of my daughter?"

"Dad, let her go!" Shilo was weeping now. "It was my idea, she wasn't taking…she wasn't…"

Shilo felt blackness encroaching on the edges of her vision. She struggled to force air into her lungs, but there was no stopping it. Unconsciousness swam up on her like a shark beneath an unsuspecting swimmer and Shilo crumpled to the floor.

When Shilo came to, she was lying on her back beside the living room couch. There was a blanket lying in a pile a foot away from her, still where Mag had dropped it…


Shilo scrambled to her feet, ignoring the dizziness that threatened to overcome her again. Where could Mag be now? Surely her dad hadn't killed her…he wouldn't kill his daughter's godmother, not to mention Shilo couldn't imagine her father killing anyone…

There were droplets of blood on the floor.

Her stomach roiling with nausea, Shilo edged closer. Yes, what was on the floor was unmistakably blood, and there was a smudged ellipsoid shape on the wall, about five and a half feet above the floor, nearby looked to also be blood. What had the smudge come from? Had Nathan knocked Blind Mag's head into the wall? If that was true, were the drops of blood on the floor from Mag's scalp?

Shilo called out for her godmother, her voice weak and scratchy. "Mag?" She coughed, struggling to clear her throat. "Mag? Are you here?"

There was no response.


Again, nothing. Still disoriented from her fainting spell, Shilo laboriously pulled her clothes on and staggered around the house, looking for her father and godmother. She nearly leapt out of her skin when her wrist-phone rang.

"Incoming message from Blind Mag."

Shilo gasped out loud and answered. "Mag! Are you alive? Where are you?"

"Shi…" The voice was faint and pained. "I'm alive. I'm in…I'm in an alley."

"An alley? Where?"

"I don't…don't know. He took my eyes."

Shilo shouted as if she'd been slapped. Had Nathan thrown Mag out after beating her, and poor Mag had run across a Repo Man who took out her eyes in anticipation of her final performance?


The call clicked off.

"Mag? Mag!"

There was only static.

Shilo bolted up to her room for her bag; if she had another attack while she was out looking for Blind Mag, she could go into shock or die without her medicine. Without even bothering to find clothes more suitable for the weather, she ran for the door.

She had no idea where to start looking, but she had to get out of the vicinity of the house soon; if her dad saw her trying to leave, he would stop her. So she followed the route the corpse truck had taken earlier when Graverobber had gotten her out of the alley behind the meeting for Zydrate addicts. When her surroundings started looking both familiar and seedy, she clutched her bag tightly to her; without Graverobber at her side, she felt vulnerable. She was already attracting deranged (or high) stares from the few people she passed. But if she was in trouble, what chance would Mag have, injured and blind and alone? Shilo hurried through the maze of alleys, trying not to think about the leers she was getting or the fact that she had no idea where she was going.

She was startled by sudden yelps of surprise and alarm from the denizens of Sanitarium City's underworld; she looked up to see a GeneCop car crawling down the widest of the alleys, the one she was currently traversing. She turned to run, but then the car braked, the driver's side window rolled down, and the Graverobber poked his head out. Shilo was gobsmacked until she realized that the car was an older model that she almost never saw passing her window, and that Graverobber probably had stolen it and drove it to guard himself from suspicion.

"Kid? What the hell are you doing on this side of the tracks?"

She ran for the passenger's side and leapt into the car, clutching her bag to her chest. Graverobber looked slightly flabbergasted. "Nice to see you too, but that doesn't answer my question."

"I'm looking for Blind Mag," Shilo whispered. Because that alone made no sense, she elaborated. "She's my godmother. She came to my house to say hello to me, because my dad had told her I died while my mom was giving birth to me, and she just found out I was alive. My dad found us…" Shilo trailed off, not sure that she wanted to reveal the fact that she had been cuddling half-naked with Mag. "My dad walked in while Mag was hugging me. He got…he got really mad. I have a blood disease and he was afraid she'd get me sicker, because I'm immunocompromised. I was so scared I passed out, and then I woke up and Mag and my dad were gone, and then she called me and said a Repo Man took her eyes and she was in an alley…" Shilo dissolved into tears, burying her face in her hands.

Graverobber was quiet for a moment before saying, "You may have to run some of that by me again."

Shilo managed to compose herself somewhat and rehashed her story again, emphasizing the part that Mag desperately needed her help. When she was done, Graverobber nodded grimly and said, "I know a few places around here where the Repo Men tend to leave their victims."

Graverobber put the car into gear and they set off. Thanks to Graverobber's expertise, it wasn't long before they found Mag, half-conscious and still nearly naked in a dead-end alley. Somebody had had the decency to cover her in newspapers.

Shilo shot from the car like a bullet, crying out for Blind Mag, Graverobber calling after not to trip over her own feet. In half a second, she had Mag's head cradled in her lap and was holding one of the woman's hands.

"Shilo?" Mag moaned faintly.

"I'm here, Mag. I'm here." Shilo kissed Mag's forehead.

"Help me. Please help me."

Graverobber walked over to examine the situation for himself. "Okay, so the Repo Man took her clothes. That's…not something you see every day. Kind of sick."

Shilo decided not to mention that Mag had undressed for her. "What can we do?"

"We've got to get her to a hospital. She's fucked if that gets infected."

"Can you stand up, Mag?" Shilo asked her godmother tenderly. Mag reached up a trembling hand to clamp down on her goddaughter's shoulder, trying to help herself stand. With Shilo's support, Mag managed to shakily get herself up onto two feet. The newspapers that had been covering her unprotected body slid to the floor. Graverobber muttered something profane under his breath and took off his coat to wrap it around Mag's shoulders.

"Who else is here?" Mag queried, almost whimpering, wrapping the coat tightly around herself. "Shilo, is Nathan here?" She quailed.

"No…no, Mag, honey, I brought…a friend. He's going to drive us to the hospital."

Shilo led Blind Mag to the car, Graverobber walking in front of them and mumbling something that sounded very like "I get taking her eyes, but her clothes? That's fucked up."

There were hospitals everywhere, but for the short ride to the nearest one, both Shilo and Mag sat in the back of the car, Mag clinging to Shilo like a mountain climber to a rope in danger of snapping. When they pulled up in front of the hospital, Graverobber turned around in the driver's seat. "We're here. Need me to come with you?"

"Wouldn't they guess you're a grave-robber?" Shilo asked tremulously. He shrugged in response.

Shilo desperately didn't want Graverobber to get caught—he'd be killed instantly—but she didn't know if she could handle the situation alone. So she took a deep breath and replied, "Yes, I want you to come with us."

Shilo soon found out why Graverobber was so nonchalant about being potentially recognized; the hospital's emergency room contained the most bizarre plethora of people Shilo had ever seen, even on television. Graverobber's multicolored hair and tattered clothes looked downright normal compared to some of the ostentatious and surgically altered specimens waiting nearby. Shilo walked up to the emergency room desk, where the receptionist (a rather ugly Gentern wearing far too much makeup) was sitting behind about an inch of bulletproof glass. Graverobber walked behind her, carrying Blind Mag, who was weak with pain and still bleeding profusely from the back of her head.

The Gentern gazed at them with a bored expression. "So which one of you is in dire need of medical attention?"

Shilo gaped; wasn't it obvious? It was Graverobber who nodded to Mag and said, "This one. Her eyes got Repo'd and her head got halfway bashed in."

The Gentern nodded. "Okay. Name?"

Graverobber and Shilo exchanged glances. They hadn't thought of that.

But Blind Mag had, apparently. "Bronwyn," she choked out. "Bronwyn Loria."

The Gentern nodded and wrote that down. "Mmkay. Wait until you're called."

"Don't you care how hurt she is?" Shilo interjected, angry.

"Kid," Graverobber muttered, "Don't push it. Let's go sit down."

Casting a final filthy glare over her shoulder at the Gentern, Shilo followed Graverobber back to the waiting area where they sat down, Graverobber still holding Mag.

"Please put me down," Mag whispered. Graverobber helped Mag sit down on a chair between him and Shilo; Mag immediately laid her head down on Shilo's shoulder.

"Good job with that fake name," Shilo murmured, kissing the top of Mag's head.

"I knew someone with that name. Well…Loria was eir given name, but ey went by Bronwyn."


"She's using gender-neutral pronouns," Graverobber explained so Mag wouldn't have to speak again.

Blind Mag close to speak again, but about something different. "It hurts, Shi."

"I know." Shilo kissed Mag's hair again, barely able to believe that Mag had been giving her her first kiss only a few hours ago.

"I'm bleeding on you."

"It's okay."

Mag was quiet for a long while after that, and Shilo realized to her horror that Mag had passed out from the pain. Against Graverobber's admonitions, Shilo ran to the front desk to tell the Gentern that "Bronwyn" had passed out. The woman simply glared at her and said "Duly noted" with what Shilo heard as a frightening amount of sarcasm.

Shilo sat down next to her godmother again, letting Mag's head loll against her shoulder. Fortunately, the gash on the back of her head stopped bleeding, and Shilo was careful not to reopen it. Graverobber stayed, as promised, until at long last the Gentern called Mag's fake name. As Mag was still unconscious, his presence turned out to be quite useful; perhaps the hospital staff could have procured a gurney, but Graverobber was able to carry her. A Gentern led them to a room where Graverobber laid Mag down. The Gentern turned Mag's body over to examine the gash, then turned her back over to peek under both her eyelids.

"Is she going to be all right?" Shilo queried.

The Gentern shrugged. "The gash will need stitches, and she'll never have working eyes again, but she doesn't seem to be in immediate danger. Also, the back of her head was struck so hard, it might have damaged her occipital lobe, so she might be blind even if she had eyes; we'll have to run some tests. If she really got Repo'd—and it looks like she was—she's lucky to be alive. Her eye sockets need to be cleaned and the wounds cauterized so they won't get infected, and they'll have to be routinely cleaned after that. I take it she has somebody to take care of that?"

"I will," said Shilo instantly.

The Gentern nodded. "We'll have to get her a head CT first, then move her for the stitches and cauterization. But nobody's available right now. When somebody is, they'll come by." She turned to leave, but Shilo called her back.

"If she wakes up, she'll in a lot of pain. Can't you give her something?"

The Gentern shook her head. "Not now. We have to see if her brain's swelling first, then we can decide what to give her. We might have to put her into a barbiturate coma."

Shilo felt her mouth going dry as she swallowed. "Okay."

The Gentern left.

"Do you need me to stay?" Graverobber squeezed Shilo's shoulder.

Shilo shook her head. "I think I'm okay now."

Graverobber nodded. "Okay. See you around, kid." He blew her a kiss at the doorway and then was gone.

Shilo pulled a chair in the room close to Blind Mag's bed and took her hand. "I'm here, god-mom. I'm here."

Mag did not stir, at least not at that. It was at least fifteen minutes later when Mag stirred, her lips moving, trying to speak. The only sound that came out was an incomprehensible mumble.

"Mag? Honey?" Shilo squeezed her godmother's hand.


"I'm here." Shilo leaned over to kiss Mag's cheek. "I'm here. We're in the hospital. They're going to get you all fixed up, okay?"

"Thank you." Mag's voice was almost a moan.

Shilo lifted Mag's hand to her lips and kissed it, hardly able to believe that just a day ago Blind Mag had been nothing more than a talented singer whom Shilo had fangirled shamelessly. And now Shilo was at Mag's bedside, ready to stay with her through what was surely going to be a difficult recovery. "I didn't know I loved you so much," Shilo cooed softly, "but I do."

Mag was quiet, but she squeezed Shilo's hand in return.

A/N: After the lack of reviews for my last full-length story, my stupidmuses died and I wasn't able to write anymore. Then I managed to get a short Shilo/Mag ficlet out despite the lack of inspiration, and after that got a few positive reviews, I was able to get this one started.

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