It was horrible. Cody was lost in the snow. He was so cold. He shivered so hard like as if an earthquake was rumbling under his feet. He felt his body go numb. When he tried to move his fingers they would ach. Cody never thought he would miss Sierra hugging him to death so much. It was starting to get dark. One thought came through Cody's mind "I'm going to die." Just as Cody was about to fall and wait for death to come, he heard a voice say,

"Come on let's go!"

Cody looked around and saw figures running by in the distance. Cody used all his energy chase them. He was able keep near them. As he tried to keep from losing them he heard,

"Hank hurry with that machine!"

"My apologies Logan but one can move so fast carrying a dangerous and lethal machinery."

What Cody could make out was a big buff looking man with a big machine which scared Cody when heard dangerous and lethal. Before Cody could try to think what the machine could be for he notice a black jet. Cody was amazed by it. He watched as the people ran up a platform. When he got to the bottom of the platform he thought weather or not he should ask for help. Before he could make up his mind the platform rose from under him. When the platform completely seal under him he looked around. Behind him was the machine. He heard voices coming from behind a door. Cody gently peeked through the door. Cody could not believe his eyes. He saw a blue demon, a blue hairy beast, a guy with ice for skin, a man with red sun razors, a hot blonde wearing all white (even lipstick), a dark skinned woman with white hair, a girl around his age, and a man wearing a blue and yellow mask. Cody was worried they would see him so he hid in a closet full of hi-Tec gear. Cody stood quietly in there, until he heard a machine making noise and footsteps, Cody's heart started beating fast, a chill went down his spine, he felt sweat making its way down is head. He stood in there for ten minutes after the footsteps stopped. He slowly peeked through the door to see the platform down. He carefully poked his head out to see no one on the jet. Cody walked down the platform and walked towards a door which automatically slid open when Cody went near it. He felt like was in a si-fi movie as he quietly walked down the hall. He passed rooms with so many things in them. One room had the woman wearing all white sitting in front of a machine wearing a helmet connected to it. Behind her was the man with the red shades. In another room was the blue beast and a man with a metal leg he didn't see on the jet. They were doing thing to the machine Cody saw earlier. Cody walked down the hall looking for a way out. Until he came to a room with a window into another room were a lot of noise and flashes came from. Cody went in to the room and looked down through the window to see the blue demon, the teenage girl, and the guy with ice skin running around avoiding lasers trying to hit them. Cody started to wonder what the buttons were for and pressed one. Then three blades came out shooting from the wall almost hitting the three avoiding them differently.

The girl shouted "Bobby! I thought I said to set the simulation with just lasers?"

The guy with ice skin now Cody knows as Bobby replies "I did!"

The girl looked at the blue demon and commanded "Nightcrawler, go see what's wrong with in the control room."

Hearing that Cody bolted out of the room with less than half a second to spare before the blue demon appeared in a cloud of smoke. Cody dashed down the hall. He turned to see if the demon saw him. Cody saw no one. He turned his head forward looking down the hall then the demon appeared two feet in front of him. Before Cody could stop he crashed into the demon knocking them both over. When Cody got up the blue demon moaned putting his hand on his eyes regaining his consciousness. Cody looked around and saw an elevator on his right. Cody ran to the elevator. When he got in it he pressed a button and watched the demon sit up rubbing his head as the elevator doors shut.

When the doors opened Cody walked out to see that this level looked like the inside of a boarding school. He looked to right and saw doors that lead to outside. He immediately ran to the door opened it and ran out almost crashing into a red car but was able to stop in time unlike before.

"Are you ok?" A blonde man wearing a long coat asked coming out of the car.

"I'm fine."

"What caused you to run out of the institute like that?"

"Going for a jog. Burn off energy. Got to go. Bye."

After saying that Cody ran out through the open gates. Cody felt safe but he knew. Cody knew now that they knew he was there in their base, they will come after him.