Uniqua was playing with Tasha in her bedroom as she bent down on the ground as Tasha put her arm next to her side as Uniqua moved her arm away

"Tasha can you please stop breathing on my neck?"

Uniqua asked as Tasha moved her leg over Uniqua's back

"Uniqua I'm not breathing on your neck"

Tasha said Uniqua moved from her bent position

"You say that every time and frankly it's getting old"

Uniqua said as Tasha moved her hip area

"Uniqua I'm almost there"

She taunted as Uniqua let out a mild grunt

"Tasha could you please move I think you're hurting me?"

Uniqua asked her Tasha replied

"You're bluffing Uniqua"

Tasha replied Grunting getting on Uniqua's back

"Now you're not playing fair"

Uniqua said grunting under the pain on Tasha on her

"All's fair in love and war my friend"

Tasha replied as she tickled Uniqua's thigh causing her to fell on the ground

"Tasha I can't believe you what if you really hurt me"

Uniqua said rubbing her leg

"Well I won and you know what that means"

Tasha said holding out her hand

"Tasha you cheated and I'm your best friend"

Uniqua replied turning away from her rubbing her leg

"Uniqua are you gonna overreact just because I always beat you in Twister?"

Tasha asked as Uniqua turned to her

"No I fell and hurt my knee"

Uniqua replied

"How about I get you a bandage and a pudding cup?"

Tasha asked leaving the room coming back with a Bandage and a chocolate pudding cup plastering the band aid on her knee handing her the cup


She asked as Uniqua replied

"Best Friends"