Bella Pov

I couldn't shake this feeling I had in the back of my mind that some thing was wrong and I wasn't the only one who had this feeling. Emmett had it too and we were determined to find out what it was about. This was one of the times I wish I had Alice's gift instead of a physical and mental shield. But for what Emmett and I had planned, my shield would be a crucial and would work in our favor. We decided to investigate the entire family. We would say we were going off on an extended hunting trip and would run miles away so we were out of range for Edward to hear Emmett's thoughts. He would block his mind until I was able to throw up my shield around him. This way Edward couldn't hear Emmett's thoughts any longer than we wanted him to and Alice couldn't see our plans changing because she couldn't see anything through my shield. We also knew that no vampire, tracker or not, could track us while under it because it masked our started with Carlisle and Esme. He was taking Esme to New York to visit their many antique shops to furnish our next home. We left the day before they were due to leave and hid along the path they always took. We let them pass us and waited about 5 minutes before we started to follow. We followed them the entire trip and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. We left the day before they did and hauled ass back home. We hunted on the way back and as usual, decided to play with our food. Needless to say our clothes were ruined so we had to stop on the way home to buy new ones. We got home and no one was the wiser to our plan. We decided to trail Alice and Jasper next. They were planning a trip to the Mall of America. I for one couldn't wait because I was going to talk Emmett into riding all the rides. I knew my black bear would be up for it. He is just so much "more" than Edward is. He lets me be me without trying to change who I am, without trying to mold me into his perfect Stepford vampire wife. He makes me laugh and lets me have input on what we do and when we do it. I really don't mind that Edward won't hunt with me anymore because I would much rather be around Emmett. I knew it should bother me that Edward didn't want to do things with me like he used to but it didn't and wouldn't because I had Emmett. He always made every thing better when they seemed hopeless. He was my pillar of strength when I had none and my source of hope when I was hopeless. There was no way around the fact that I needed him in my life. I needed him more than I ever needed Edward. He was the one who got me through everything when I woke up from the change. I asked what had happened and no one would tell me but Emmett. He offered to take me out for my first hunt and when we were done we sat down and talked. I asked him to be honest with me and he told me that James had bit, then raped me. I sobbed hysterically while he held me. He rocked me back and forth telling me that he would always be there for me no matter what and that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me ever again. For the first time in my life I felt completely safe and content. A feeling I never had with Edward.

Emmett Pov

On one of our many hunting trips together Bella had come to me and told me she had this feeling some thing was wrong in the family and couldn't figure out what it was. I confessed that I also had this feeling and it was really getting to me as well. We sat and talked for a few hours and decided we needed to figure it out. I knew she was the only one I could trust with this, for she was truly the little sister I had always wanted. No one else would hunt with me because I liked to play with my food but Bella played with her food too and even made it a competition for us. We always had a blast. We came up with our plan and we couldn't wait to figure out what was going on. Our first targets were Carlisle and Esme. We followed them on their antique trip to New York and they were doing what they said they were. So we could count them out. Now all we had to do was decide who we were going to tail next. Alice and Jasper were planning a trip to the Mall of America in a few months so we had our next targets. It was perfect. During that time Bella and I noticed that Edward and Rosalie were keeping to themselves more. Edward always hunted with Bella and the rest of the family before but he gradually stopped hunting with everyone but Rosalie. Rosalie said that she didn't want to hunt with me because I played with my food. I caught Bella's eye and she rolled her eyes at me and I knew she was thinking the same thing I was, that it was a bullshit excuse. Edward claimed that he didn't feel it was safe for his sister to hunt alone so he would be going with her any time she went. I looked over at Bella and I rolled my eyes at her just like she did me. She was trying really hard not to laugh and I knew she was going to loose it so I decided to jump up in true Emmett style and scream "Who's up for some hide and seek?" Bella started laughing and said she was in. Jasper and Alice decided they were in as well as Carlisle and Esme. Edward said he had a new song floating around in his head that he wanted to get down on paper and Rosalie said that she was going to stay and play with her car some more. Neither of us were surprised they wouldn't be playing. A big part of me knew I should be really upset that my wife didn't want to be around me much, or hunt with me for that matter but I really couldn't find it in myself to care. I got more time with my brown bear and that was better than spending time with my wife. I feel the need to protect and look out for Bella. I need to make sure she is happy and safe from not until the end of time.

Edward Pov

I can't believe Rose and I are pulling this off as amazingly as we are. I've always known I wasn't in love with Bella and that I was in love with Rose but I couldn't have her because she was married to Emmett. They were already married when they came into our family. She told me 3 months after they were with us that she was in love with me too and that she had always known that Emmett wasn't her true mate. But he adored her and she wanted some one who would worship her and he did just that. I really tried not to care and move on but I knew that she was my true mate and I couldn't give up on us. When we decided to move to forks fifty years ago and enroll in high school again I was bored and it was becoming nearly impossible to ignore this constant ache I had to hold Rosalie and make her mine. But on a rainy Monday morning in January everything changed. The police chief's daughter was starting school that day and everyone wanted to get a look at her. It was like she was some circus freak on display and I hated that humans treated others this way. I heard in the minds of almost all of the male population of the school that she was pretty, that they would "tap that", or that they would make her theirs. Our family finally got a good look at her at lunch. She sat with Jessica and Angela but kept to herself. The one thing that caught my attention was that I couldn't hear her mind. My family's minds were all full of thoughts of Bella. Alice was thinking about how they would be best friends, Jasper thought she was deeper than anyone gave her credit for, Emmett had the urge to protect her from all the males in the school, Rose was jealous of the human who she thought caught my eye, HER Edward's eye. It was at that moment that I concocted my plan. I would go after Bella to make Rose jealous and hope that she would come to me after all this time. It turned out Bella was in my Biology class and I decided to pretend that she was my singer and run away up to Alaska to our cousins for a week to kill time and make Rose miss me. When I got home she was livid and wanted to kill Bella for being a danger to our family but her thoughts told a completely different story. She was afraid that I was in love with her and she was loosing me. A small part felt guilty about using Bella like this but I was a desperate man that would do anything for the woman he the course of the next few months Bella and I were always together. I even stayed with her over night to watch over her. I hated doing this and I always left to hunt or read in the forest once she was sleeping and I would always sneak back in before she woke up. This drove Rose to the brink of insanity. When ever I got home in the mornings her thoughts were always the same. She hated Bella, hoped that I would slip and drain her, that she missed me and that she wanted the nights that we would hang out and talk while Emmett was playing video games back. I missed those more than she did but I had to be strong and wait until she came to me and wanted to be with me and only thing came to a dangerous head when I brought her along to watch my family play baseball.

Every thing was going fine until three nomadic vampires heard us playing and came to investigate. The leader was a tracker and I knew we were screwed at that point. Once he smelled Bella he would want her. I really just wanted to let him slip by me and take her but there was no way that was going to happen because Emmett was right next to us and his thoughts were screaming "YOU TRY TO TOUCH BELLA AND I WILL RIP YOU APART AND BURN YOU MYSELF". She really was like his kid sister now. After seeing that he wouldn't be able to get her at the moment he decided to leave but I heard him. He was planning to wait until we weren't watching to kill Bella or ambush us. I couldn't let that happen, my Rose could get hurt. Alice and Jasper ran her to Phoenix while Rose, Emmett and I laid a false trail. That didn't work and he managed to trick Bella into thinking he had her mom. She managed to get away from Alice and Jasper and meet him. By the time I got there I was too late. He had already bitten her and was in the process of raping her while she was changing. I may not have been in love with Bella but I loved her enough that when I saw what he was doing I saw red and attacked. His thoughts said that he was going to drain her at first but had decided to change her and keep her as a sex slave. He was so distracted by raping her that he didn't hear me come up on him. I grabbed his head and ripped it off his body. I threw it across the room and was ready to rip the rest of him apart when Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Alice showed up. All of them were distraught at the sight of asked if James had gotten the chance to rape her and I nodded. She was sad as were Jasper and Carlisle but Emmett was devastated for his baby sister and vowed to help her move past it. Carlisle told us that she was too far into the change to stop it. All I could think was SHIT. I was stuck with her until my Rose came to her senses. Twenty four hours later her change was complete. Carlisle didn't know why it only took twenty four hours and not the standard three days. When she opened her eyes they weren't the standard newborn red, they were the most amazing shade of blue I had ever seen, she was simply breathtaking. I wanted to look into her eyes and find love at first sight but while I noticed her beauty, there was no love there. All I wanted was my Rose. It only took five years for Rose to come around and tell me that she wanted to be with me. We started our sexual relationship at this point and we were trying to figure out a way for her to dump Emmett and me to dump Bella and still keep our family in tact. Fifteen years later and we still haven't figured it out. We have been distancing ourselves from the family more and more and no one is the wiser.

Rosalie Pov

I really used to hate Bella. I wished that she had never come into the family. But now I love that she's here. She keeps Emmett busy and distracted so I can have all the time I want with my Edward. I feel bad for lying to Emmett and hurting him this way but I can't find it in myself to stop. I know Edward is my mate, my heart, my soul, my forever. Now if only I could find a way leave Emmett and not be kicked out of the family.