Zero percent.

Victory cannot be gained.

That is how the story went

And nothing had remained.

And yet I advanced.

I knew that I couldn't win.

My body rose as if entranced.

I looked up with a quiet grin.

I advanced toward victory

Would I "die" once more?

My fight was pointless to me

But for my family of four

Claws dragged across the ground.

They flew up into me.

And although I didn't make a sound,

I screamed in agony.

I reached death's edge

And I was yanked away.

I didn't fall from that ledge,

I didn't have a say.

I was brought back,

Was admonished, given shame

I was told I was on the right track

But still deserving of blame

I'm not good at a job I don't want

But like it or not, I try and try

I fight the odds, ignoring every taunt

Though I have a reason, I still wonder "why?"

They will not let me die

So I will continue to try.

It is a match between evil and I

To see who'll get tired of this lie

And finally, finally give up a sigh

Knowing that when we die,

No one will cry.