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My name is Stormchaser.

I am a Suicune.

And this is my story.

I was an accident. Yes, that's right. An accident. I am the result of an accidental mating between a Gyarados and an Arcanine. At least, that's what my mother told me, and as she had always been truthful to me, I accepted her story.

But I digress. I shall start at the beginning.


I opened my eyes and whimpered. A large, warm tongue gently scraped over me, and I hushed. I looked up, and I saw the first thing I ever saw in my life. The kind, gentle face of a female Arcanine.

I whimpered again, and again the warm tongue hushed me. I closed my eyes, and burrowed my head into my mother's side, searching for milk.

That was the routine for the next few weeks. Sleep, eat, cry, and poop. There wasn't much else I could do, after all.

I was a month old when my mother took me outside for the first time. My first impression was that it was too bright. The second was that it was too big. The third was that it was too loud. In response to all of this, I closed my eyes, sat down on my tiny butt, and wailed.

My mother was instantly at my side, and again I felt her gently licking me. My crying was reduced to tiny whimpers, and I slowly opened my eyes again.

It was still bright, but it wasn't as bad as before. And my crying had helped to shut up some of the creatures that were making noise, which I learned later were called Pidgey and Rattata. It was still big, though.

I decided that just sitting there was boring, and I slowly stood on my shaky little legs. I looked up proudly at my mother, and suddenly found out that I was very, very short.

My mom smiled down at me, and said softly, "Good girl. Now, why don't you try walking?"

What's walking? I thought. It didn't occur to me to wonder how I could understand her. I learned later that all Pokemon babies could understand their parents from when they were little. They just didn't know some of the words, and couldn't talk themselves.

My mom smiled, and took a couple of slow steps forward. "This is walking." I watched her carefully, until I felt I could remember how to walk on my own.

I slowly lifted up one of my paws, and set it down a little bit away from me. I then did the same with a back paw. As it seemed to be safe, I moved both of my other paws at the same time.

And promptly fell over.

I was too close to the ground for anything to be hurt but my dignity, though. Sometimes, it's good to be short.

I lay on my back in the cool grass, and looked up at the light blue sky. I had decided I liked that color, by the time my mother's head appeared over me, smiling.

"Good try, but take it slower next time, until you get the hang of it." She said, laughing. Copying her, I opened my mouth, and laughed, waving my paws in the air.

My mother gently nuzzled my belly, and used her huge nose to push my leg out, so that my paw stretched out. I noticed that my paw was too big for my leg.

"You'll be a big one, that's for sure." My mom said, before she gently picked me up by the scruff of the neck, and carried me inside the den.

During the next week, my mother took me outside every day, and slowly my walking improved.

"Good job, Little One." My mother praised me as I scampered to her side from the entrance to the den. I smiled happily, and raced a circle around her. She laughed, and made like she was going to catch me. It was all in play, though.

There was a loud noise over me, and I cowered close to the ground, whimpering.

"Little One, we have to get inside. There's a storm coming." My mother said, picking me up by the scruff of the neck. While she carried me, I noticed some things falling from the sky. My mother seemed nervous about them, and I decided that they must be dangerous, if mom was so afraid of them.

She gently dropped me in the dry leaves and grass that served as bedding, and curled up around me. I would have none of it, though. I wanted to watch, to find out exactly what a storm was.

"Little One, no." My mom said, but I didn't listen. She tried to grab the scruff of my neck, but I was out of reach.

I ran up the tunnel to the entrance, often falling because of my big feet. It seemed a whole lot longer from down here. Finally, I got there, and lay down in a corner, out of the rain.

What I saw amazed me. Rain poured from the sky, and was whipped to a frenzy by the wind. Huge bolts of lightning crashed down, and I saw many trees fall because of it. The sound was deafening, and I shivered where I lay.

I was dimly aware of my mom lying down behind me, but, thankfully, she didn't take me back. If she had, I wouldn't have seen what I saw next.

A large, yellow bird with a long beak and spiky feathers landed in the clearing, followed by a smaller version of it. They seemed to be waiting for something, and I wondered why the lightning didn't bother them. I had had no experience yet with electric types.

What they were waiting for soon arrived. A large, yellow creature on four legs with black stripes and large teeth slowly padded into our clearing. What looked like a purple cloud flowed from its neck, and the creature's tail looked like one of the lightning bolts striking down nearby. Like the bird, the creature was followed by a miniature version of itself.

"You're late, Raikou." The larger bird squawked.

"I apologize, Zapdos. Young Lightning here can not travel very fast yet."

"Forgiven." Zapdos said. "What is the news?"

"Articuno still refuses to name his successor. The only information I could pry out of him was that his descendant was female, and that she wasn't an Articuno. Although, with Articuno as her sire, she will still be unique." Raikou rumbled.

"A new legendary? Impossible!" Zapdos' feathers stood on end for a second.

"Not impossible. Mewtwo is new to the group."

"But he was genetically engineered. He did not come about through breeding."

"Be that as it may, the news that Articuno's successor is female is good. You know as well as I that all of the young ones born among us have been male. We need a female legendary. Or else all of our children will be forced to take more common Pokemon as mates. And that could weaken our descendant's powers."

"I know, I know…" Zapdos sighed.

"So, we find her as soon as possible." Raikou concluded. "I'll tell Entei, Ho-oh, Mew, and Celebi."

"That leaves me with Moltres, Mewtwo, and Lugia. But how do we find her when we don't even know what she looks like?" Zapdos spread his wings in annoyance.

"Just look for a Pokemon that you've never seen before!" Raikou shouted as he turned and bounded off. Lightning, the young Raikou, paused before following his father. Our eyes briefly and accidentally met for an instant, before he bounded away.

Zapdos squawked in annoyance, and took off, his son following close behind. About ten minutes after they were both gone, the storm started to abate.

"Come on." My mom murmured in my ear. I jumped, because I had completely forgotten that she was there.

That day, my mother moved me to a new den, and she never told me why.


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