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I lowered my head closer to the ground, keeping a sharp eye on my opponents. A sharp growl bubbled in my throat, and my claws flexed in and out, over and over. Every muscle in my body was tense, to the point that a tiny sound would make them all snap. My eyes glowed a faint red, and the only thought in my mind was I'm in some DEEP shit.

The team of electric types before me was just as tense as I was. I could nearly see each individual hair on the Jolteon quivering with pent-up excitement and power. Electricity jumped from magnet to magnet on the Magneton, and crackled around the Electabuzz's fists. The Raichu's tail lashed back and forth behind it, nearly hitting the Amphoras in the face. A smirking Electrode rounded out the group.

A snap of the fingers from the hidden human in the balcony above, and all six pokemon let loose with a massive combined Thunder, headed straight towards me.

I barely managed to think This is gonna hurt… before instinct took over and I put up a Light Screen. When the attack hit, it flickered and nearly went out, before I managed to strengthen it.

Concentrate… Moonshine's voice echoed in my head. Slowly, the Light Screen thickened, and my breath rasped louder in the giant room.

Pulling more strength from my aching muscles, I dashed forward, and rammed into my own Light Screen. I felt a sharp pain as the Thunder connected, but I was through and out before it could immobilize me. As I neared my opponents, I saw a look of horror slowly cross their faces as I readied a massive Hyper Beam.

At point blank range, I fired, and the backlash sent me flying backwards into the air. I kept my feet under me, as longtime experience had taught me. I had only been knocked off my feet once… and… well… let's just say that you are NOT supposed to see your own guts.

I landed lightly on all four feet, and closed my eyes as smoke blew over me. A small Gust took care of that problem, and I opened my eyes to see my charred opponents all laying there, swirly eyed.

I lowered my head, this time in exhaustion, not defense, until my nose brushed the ground. I closed my eyes, and concentrated on just remaining on all fours. Eight straight hours of training will take it out of you.

My legs trembled with sheer exhaustion, and my usually pristine coat was almost indistinguishable in color under the grime.

I felt one of the Grunts hook a chain to my titanium collar. My sign of servitude. My sign of slavery. The thing I hated most in my life, that I had clawed and bitten at until my fur was stained red with my blood.

A sharp tug, and I slowly stumbled after the Rocket. I never bothered to learn any names. I only knew the name of the leader, Giovanni, and that's because he was mentioned so often. I would never give any of the others the honor of me learning their names.

After a long walk down seemingly endless hallways, we came to the Pokemon kennels. After walking down a few more aisles, we came to the cage that I shared with Whirlwater and Moonshine. I felt and heard the chain unhook, and I was pushed in roughly. I fell to the ground as I heard the steel door slam closed behind me. My breath came in short gasps, and everything ACHED. My muscles trembled, and I seriously doubted that, even if Mewtwo himself attacked, I would be able to get up.

"Poor Storm…" Whirlwater murmured from someplace to my left. "Those dumb ol' humans are runnin ya ragged…"

"I'm surprised that she's still alive, with the strain that they've put her through. Here, help me get her to her bed." Moonshine commented softly. I felt their small bodies on each side of me, struggling to help support me. I slowly managed to gain my feet, and I stumbled forward until I reached the pile of straw that was my bed. Again I collapsed, and this time, nothing could rouse me.

Whirlwater slowly begin to groom the muck from my coat, and Moonshine added his efforts. After spending over a year under the control of the Rockets, I had often come back from "training" too exhausted to even eat or drink. So they had taken it upon themselves to keep me clean.

It took them a full hour to get every bit of dust, dirt, ash, and mud out. And this was with Whirlwater often using her Water Gun to wash my fur. But at the end, it fairly shone in the faint light.

As I had grown, my coat had slowly changed from a soft turquoise color to a beautiful blue as pure as that of an untouched glacier, with the very tips dusted with white, giving an icy, mottled look. My spots, underside, muzzle, and tail ribbons were the white of new-fallen snow, and my purple cape had deepened to a deep indigo. My head ornament was a cerulean blue, and, to finish it, Whirlwater often commented that my eyes reminded her of the most beautiful roses she'd ever seen.

But this was all from Whirlwater and Moonshine's mouths. I just say myself as a poke larger than a Rapidash, that was blue, white, and purple, with red eyes.

The hour had given me time to recover, and I slowly and silently made my way over to the junk they gave us that they had the nerve to call "food". Personally, I thought that if they had to eat it, they would never call it food again, and would never make us eat it again, either. And that it should be buried far, far away. Preferably with all of Team Rocket, who would then have to eat it to survive, then starve when it ran out. But that's just me talking. And my stomach.

Ugh. Great. Just great. The wet stuff, and it had set. I sighed and quickly choked it down. My stomach wanted to bring it back up, but sheer hunger made me keep it down. After completely draining my water bowl, I went back to collapse on my bed again. What I wouldn't give for a decent meal right about then.

"Life sucks." I sighed as I lay my head on my paws.

"Storm! Where in tha world did ya learn that kinda language! Ah'm ashamed ah you." Whirlwater scolded.

I raised an eyebrow. "We've been caught and held captive by Rockets for over a year. And you're asking me where I learned that kind of language? Besides, it's true."

Whirlwater sighed. "Ah won't argue with ya there, sugah. We've hit rock bottom, an we're still bein' forced ta dig." Moonshine grunted an agreement from his bed.

I heard a door slam, and Rockets slowly make their way down the aisle. From the sounds, I gathered that they were dragging something, and it was putting up a good fight.

"Put it with the Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Blue. All the other cages are full." A Rocket Executive said harshly. Blue was the name they had given me, from lack of anything else to call me.

"Oh goody, another addition to our happy little family." Moonshine said sarcastically as the door was opened, a large pokemon was forced in, and the door closed behind it.

"Hush now, Moonshine. Tha poor thing's just been captured an taken from family an friends. Ya could at least be nice fa once." Whirlwater said harshly. It had been a long day, and tempers were short. "Now, what's ya name an species, sugah?"

A large paw, adorned by a cuff of iron, and a lion-like face moved into the light that shone in from the small hole in the ceiling. Male, was the first thought to grace my mind.

In a voice of velvet thunder, that slightly shook the walls and floor, he replied, "Ember. And I am an Entei."

"Oh, great, a Legendary. How can things get any worse?" Moonshine groaned and buried his face under his paws.

"What's his problem?" Ember rumbled. "He should be honored to be in the presence of a Legendary."

"His problem is that you being here will draw more attention to everyone in this cage. And you don't want the attention of the Rockets. Especially Giovanni." I replied bitterly, not even bothering to raise my head.

"Why? What could he do to a Pokemon of my size, strength, and importance?"

"Plenty." I growled. "And if you don't obey, they put you in solitary confinement for a week. No food, no water, no light, no contact with other Pokemon. Most go crazy."

He blinked. "You sound as if you know what goes on around here."

"She should." Whirlwater sighed. "We've been here fa ova a year."

He winced. It seemed that even the Legendaries were aware of the stories about Team Rocket. And the worst part is, most are true.

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore our new room mate and go to sleep, until I felt a paw poking me in the side. I opened one eye and looked at Ember crossly. "What now?"

"Move. This is the only bed big enough to hold me."

I growled. "You can sleep here, but do not think for one instant that I'm sleeping on the floor. This is MY bed, and it will continue to be so." I scooted over, until I was pressed into the wall, and felt Ember lay beside me. I put my head on my paws again, and desperately tried to go to sleep.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

"What's it like here?" Ember asked.

"The food stinks, we never get enough rest, they run us ragged from training, and enjoy using lots of TMs on us, just to see what will happen. And I won't even mention the experiments. Now let me sleep, I get little enough of it as it is." I complained, and closed my eyes. Finally, I started to drift off, and I felt Ember slowly drift into sleep beside me. Finally, blessed oblivion claimed me.


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