A/N: Well hello folks! This is my Ouran HSHC fanfic, mainly based off of the anime (only because I haven't finished reading the manga). I hope you enjoy it and review! Thanks. :) Oh, and I'll be posting my disclaimer once; I do not own Ouran High School Host Club in any way. The only character I own is Akira.

"Class, this is Akira Daisuke. She just transferred from Skyline Private Academy in the United States. Say hello."

Obediently, the class collectively greeted me, in perfect unison. Lifting my head the slightest bit, I glanced around, surveying those who would be my classmates for who-knows-how-long. Honestly, I didn't even know what grade I was in. Because these Japanese people really do things backasswards, I thought, clutching my silver locket nervously. Utilizing a long chain, it hung pretty far down, allowing it to be easily accessed at any time. So that I can always know it's there.

"Is there anything you'd like to say to the class? Do you have a favorite food? Color? Tea…?" I just looked at him, daggers shooting out of my icy blue eyes. "Uh, or not. You, uh, you can take your seat. Any of the empty ones'll be just fine."

Wordlessly, as I really couldn't care less whether they thought I was a rude bitch or not, I headed towards a seat nearest the windows, completely bypassing several others. As I walked, eyes watched my every move. Although it could've been due to my status as a transfer student, I have a sneaking suspicion that it was instead due to my blatant disregard for the school's dress code. Like I'd wear that stupid dress anyway, I thought. Instead of wearing the yellow gown that would make me seem like a lumpy vanilla cupcake, this morning I decided to put my own twist on the uniform, donning dark wash skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a partially-buttoned baby blue cardigan, with the school crest embroidered on the left breast, of course. They probably think all Americans are rebels or something, I thought, noting everyone's prim and proper over the outstretched leg of a ginger twin, I quietly set my things down on the desk behind him, calmly settling down on the seat.

"Okay class, eyes up front," sensei said, clapping his hands together to gather everyone's attention. Reluctantly, everyone tore their eyes away from the fascinating new toy to look at what the teacher was doing. With a sigh, I took out my laptop and began booting up, without any real intent to study.

Looking down at my dark mahogany desk, I traced the careful carvings on the front. Handmade, I noted, feeling the smooth curve of a flower petal, which tapered off beautifully. Must've been damn expensive. Glancing around, I saw scores of students scribbling down furiously what the teacher was saying. Honestly, I didn't even know what subject this was. Looking back into my bag, I extracted a pack of gum from the front pocket before hooking it on the side of the desk.

As my laptop took forever to turn on, I dug around in my bag, finally extracting a simple mechanical pencil. Absently, I began scratching in random doodles. Today, it was Godzilla attacking Tokyo. Because everyone knows that it's the giant lizard's favorite pastime. You'd think that he'd get bored, I thought, adding in a King Kong scene.

"Miss Daisuke, please pay attention."

I jumped a little as the teacher pointed me out, nearly swallowing my chewing gum. Coughing, I jerked my head towards the front, away from the window I'd been staring out of. Around me, eyes were on me once more. Groaning, I nodded whilst discreetly logging into my laptop. It was still open to Starcraft Explorers. Not that I'm a nerd. Naw, I just like blowing things up. "Sorry sensei."

"Since you obviously believe you're too good to pay attention, please come up here and solve this problem."

I groaned as I watched the teacher write a logarithm on the board. Of course it had to be a damn logarithm. I fucking hate logarithms, I thought, obediently leaving my seat. As I passed, the sound of snickering reached my ears. Stupid twin, I thought, wanting desperately to smack him over the head. Curling my hands into fists, I instead kept walking, going up to the blackboard and picking up a piece of chalk. You'd think they'd want to upgrade to Smart Boards or at least whiteboards. But I guess it matches the décor better… Looking at the problem, I struggled to contain a look of dismay.

log x = log 27 – solve for x.

Oh my god, how am I supposed to figure this out? I glared at the problem. Apparently the teacher had gotten over my initial intimidation. I'm fine with anything but math… Gah, I guess I'll just have to figure something out. Lifting my hand, I quickly scribbled down the first answer that came to mind and just hoped it would be right.

A burst of laughter expelled from the mouth of the same twin from before. Or, at least I think so. They're just so damn identical. I glared his way.

"I'm sorry Miss Daisuke, but nine is not the correct answer. Hikaru Hitachiin, you seem confident. Perchance you'd like to prove yourself by answering the problem." Sensei looked at the boy who'd burst out in laughter. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms, and began heading back to my seat. Whatever. "Ah, Daisuke, stay here and watch how he solves the problem." I rolled my eyes, stopping in my tracks and crossing my arms to watch the proceedings.

"I'll do it," the twin in front of my desk said.

"…if you can tell which one is Hikaru," the one two seats to the left finished. A rather feminine-looking brown-haired boy sat between the twins.

"We have assigned seats, boys," sensei stated exasperatedly. "If Hikaru is not the one on the right, both of you will be in trouble."

"Dang," the first one said, standing. "That's no fun." Reluctantly, he walked up, lifting a piece of chalk and scribbled down his answer. I watched as he glanced at the work one last time before setting it down. Show-off.

"That's correct. The answer Daisuke should have gotten was three. I'm sorry, but I'm going to ask that you do these extra problems." Calmly, sensei handed me a packet of problems from his briefcase. "I expect you to hand them in by the end of the week. You two may now return to your seats"

Shit, seven pages? I looked at the packet incredulously, although my face showed no emotion. Following Hikaru back to my seat, I thought of about a thousand things to say to the jerk, none of which were particularly polite in the slightest. Chewing my gum slowly, I sat down at my desk, angrily stuffing the stupid packet into my messenger bag. This school sucks.