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Stupid, stupid!

I glared down at the ground, tightening my grip on the grocery bags. (Instead of going home with the Royal Bitch, I'd actually remembered my desperate need for food.) Around me, few were left roaming on the streets and those that stuck around were doing their best to get home as quickly as possible. I sighed, glancing up at the overcast sky. Dark clouds were rolling in from the north, warning of an impending rainstorm the weather report had been speaking of last night. Gusts of wind that had formed from light breezes were picking up in speed, blowing my hair forwards, the layers gently brushing against my cheeks.

"Hmph." Shifting the bags to one hand, I pushed strands of hair back, tucking them behind my ears. I sighed, rolling my shoulders back and lifting my chin the slightest bit. This motion, usually, would be rather calming, for one reason or another. It's just one of my ticks. A habit, per say. Unfortunately, this time it managed to do the exact opposite.

Damn, my medicine, I thought, realizing how late it'd become. Suddenly, sparks of pain shot through my body, all originating from my back. I gasped in pain as the throbbing grew worse with every second. My hands trembled, clenching and unclenching. The plastic bags I held fell to the ground, with the contents spilling across the sidewalk and onto the road. Beneath me, my legs gave out, leaving me collapsed on the ground, body aching. Damn it, I thought angrily, clenching my fists. Tears of frustration leaked out from the corners of my eyes as I tried, and failed, to get to my feet. My breathing was heavy as pain surged through me, as though someone were digging a knife into my back, dragging it diagonally from my left shoulder to the bottom of my ribcage.

The first few drops of rain patted gently on the ground, darkening the cement. Around me, the roads were empty, contributing to a rather dark atmosphere. Pathetic fallacy, I thought wryly, struggling to a sitting position as waves of pain coursed through my body. Leaving my groceries on the ground, I grabbed my bag, shaking hands struggling to undo the clasp. Frantically digging through the crap in my bag, I couldn't find it.

"No!" I screamed, chucking the stupid thing away from me. It's not there. I don't have it! Quickly, I grabbed my phone out of my jeans pocket. Fingers trembling, I struggled to input the correct number. I flinched as a new wave of pain emanated from the same spot, the feeling reaching the ends of my fingertips. Rain pounded against the glass screen, blurring the text. My hair fell in my face, gently curled and dripping wet. Barely containing cries of frustration, anger, and pain, I finally hit the call button.

"Yamamoto? Ca-an you bring the car?" My teeth were gritted and I stumbled over my Japanese, but I could only hope that he understood me. "I-I need to get to the h-h-hospital."

"So...she was here again." Tamaki sat at his seat, forehead resting on the dark wood table. Of course, earlier that day, Akira had blatantly refused to be pulled in by his advances, sending the poor blonde into a never-ending spiral of depression. The only reason he even left the corner everyone had deemed "Tamaki's Sad Place" was because Mori literally carried him to the meeting area.

"Not surprising, really," Hikaru said, leaning his chair back.

"Considering she grew up overseas," Kaoru finished, following suit. (A/N: Many Japanese people are under the impression that people from the 'West' are much more promiscuous.)

"Oh, come on, you guys. She's not that bad," Haruhi commented, coming to the girl's defense. Honestly, she still hasn't forgotten about earlier that day. Out of all the stereotypes in the world, Akira more fit the 'Lone Wolf' type, with a grudge against the world. Never in a million years would Haruhi have ever imagined that she was the type to be bullied. And by her own cousin too

"Bad or not, the girl is obviously bringing down the atmosphere," Kyoya said, clicking away at his calculator. "I'd really hate to ban her from the club, considering Miss Natsumi's pulling power over many of our customers." Oh yeah, Haruhi never told them about Akira's estrangement from her dear cousin.

"Phooey, I really wish Aki-chan would cheer up," Honey said in between mouthfuls of cake. "She didn't even get to eat any cake today. Do you think she wants cake?" He looked up at Mori, who wordlessly shook his head in his own patent-pending way.

"Sorry to hash on your gig, Honey-sempai, but I'm pretty sure she's got something else on her mind than cake," Haruhi muttered, sipping some of the instant coffee everyone was still so excited about. Across from her, Kyoya stepped away to answer a call. "Besides, even Tamaki annoyed her."

Nearby, Tamaki made a sort of choking-retching noise before hurrying back to his corner.

"Uh, sempai? I didn't mean-." Haruhi's half-assed apology was cut off by the brief click Kyoya's phone made as he flipped it shut.

"It seems that Miss Daisuke has been admitted into one of my family's hospitals," Kyoya noted emotionlessly, slipping the phone into his pocket as he went back to his seat. Tamaki sunk deeper into his state of depression as Kyoya completely ignored him. Calmly, he lifted his fountain pen and began scribbling in his notebook.

"Oh, is it serious?" Haruhi looked at him, genuinely worried. Everyone else just looked on, excited about this rather unexpected turn of events.

"She seemed to have collapsed in severe pain on her way home," he said, still writing. At first glance, he would seem to be completely disinterested. "Everything's been dealt with and, taking her natural personality into consideration, she'll be released soon."

I hope it doesn't have to do with what happened before, Haruhi thought, looking into the depths of her coffee. She did fall pretty hard. "I hope she'll be alright…"

There was a short pause as everyone (excluding Tamaki, who was still in his corner) soaked in the details.

"Well, I see none of you are busy, so you should all start thinking of ideas for next week's host club meeting," Kyoya said, not hesitating in breaking the silence. He pushed up his glasses, looking at everyone. "This atmosphere is most definitely unwelcome within these four walls of the host club. It'll bring down sales."

"Here." I shoved the stupid papers towards the stupid nurse, along with the stupid blue pen they'd handed to me. The kanji had managed to give me a headache, on top of a headache from earlier. At least I got my Vicodin, I thought, pocketing the orange bottle the nurse handed to over. Around me, the hospital was blindingly white, the only color coming from the stiff sea-green couches provided. I hate hospitals, I thought, walking through the halls to find my way out.

It hadn't taken Mr. Yamamoto, the driver, long to find me. Arriving in the black Lincoln Town Car (thank god he didn't take the limo), he and another servant helped me into the car and made his way to the closest hospital. Once inside, I'd been pumped full of pain killers, quickly relieving me of most discomfort. Apparently this is what happens when I forget to refill my meds. Initially, the nurses and doctors didn't want me to leave the hospital, actually thinking that they could keep me cooped up overnight. Morons. I've spent enough time in hospitals to last me several lifetimes. There was no way in hell I was going to remain in the disinfected, stark white area any more than necessary.

"Here are some groceries," Miss Ishikawa (the aforementioned 'other servant') said, holding out a bag bulging with more food than I'd actually bought before. "I saw that you had dropped your bags, so I went out and picked up some more things. I hope they are to your liking. Your school bag is in the car. I tried to save as much as possible, but many of your things have been damaged by the rain."

"Ah, thanks," I said, accepting the groceries. "And it's okay. It's not your fault. Actually, I just want to get home."

"Yes ma'am," she said, still beaming. "Just follow me – Mr. Yamamoto has been waiting outside. Oh, and your hair looks really pretty. You should leave it curled sometimes."

The car ride was relatively quiet, with Ishikawa trying to make conversation at random intervals. If I had to choose, my two favorite people right then was Ishi-san and Yamamoto. She was always so freaking upbeat about everything, it's just hard not to like her. As for Yamamoto, he's like my father figure in Japan. In no way would my actual uncle be anything other than an unfortunate blood relation. He hates me and unsurprisingly, the feeling is mutual. Although honestly, I really don't know why. It's just, when someone hates you, it's only natural to hate them back. Otherwise you just end up getting hurt.

I sighed, my breath fogging up the glass. Raindrops pattered against the darkly tinted window as we drove home. Where I still have to do my homework, I thought sourly. And that stupid math packet Hikaru Hitachiin made me get. Stupid twin… Wow, I use stupid way too much.