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Present Day

Two weeks ago the Ministry of Magic sent me a letter, explaining that Hogwarts required a new professor, and asking whether I would be interested in the job. The position in question was Potions Master. I of course, already having a well-paid job that I loved, hating potions and having no previous teaching experience, accepted immediately. My close friends all thought I was a fool, downgrading myself like that, but I told them I wanted a new experience and to broaden my horizons. Utterly made up nonsense of course, but it was enough to convince them.

I made all necessary arrangements within a week, and then just sat around twiddling my thumbs until the date I was required to arrive at Hogwarts.

I despised my appearance, wishing for less common features. But being medium height, with curly light blonde hair and dark brown eyes was only part of my problem. I was getting older every day, already in my thirties. By now I should have settled down. I should have started a family. But every time love came my way I rejected it. I only wanted one man, and he would never want me.

I heard a knock at my door and made my way over to open it. "Miss, if you please we are ready to depart now. Would you like me to put your bags in the taxi?" a short fat little man said. He was from the witch and wizard taxi service that had been arranged to transport me to Hogwarts. Unfortunately apparition was out of the question due to the magically enchantments surrounding the castle.

"Yes thanks, they're just behind me." I replied pointing at my small pile of possessions.

It was a very long trip and the driver kept trying start conversations with me, mostly about Quidditch. In the end I informed him that I was not a fan of the sport. He stayed fairly quiet after that, glancing back at me every few minutes with a look of disbelief on his face.

"Here we are Miss, I'll leave your bags outside with one of the elves." He said upon arrival. I thanked him and paid my fair.

When he had left I walked nervously to the Grand Entrance, and knocked. The door swung open and I entered. It had been years since I had graduated, and it felt weird to be returning now, as one of the staff. "What does miss require?" asked one of the house elves who greeted me.

"I am here to fill the position of Potions Master, my name is Mary McDonald." I replied.

The house-elf nodded and said "The headmaster has been expecting you, please follow me Miss McDonald."

I followed, looking around me. Hogwarts hadn't changed at all. As we reached the headmaster's office my hands started shaking uncontrollably. Anticipation swept over me as I thought of the Headmaster, a man who I had not laid eyes on in almost one year, but had thought of everyday. A man who last year when Voldemort fell, barely escaped death.

I was shown in by the elf, who announced my presence and then left. "Ah, Martha isn't it?" a deep familiar voice asked. I sighed, a little crushed. Surely he would have remembered me?

"Actually it's -" I began

"Mary," he cut me off, "I know. Did you honestly think I would forget?"

"I-I don't know."

"I see you're still as slow with sentences as you were before." He said sarcastically.

I still couldn't see him as he was behind one of the bookcases. I looked down at my feet, and felt my heart race faster and faster as I heard his footsteps coming closer.

I raised my eyes, and there he was. Standing before me. Severus Snape.

He was perfect in every way. From his beautiful black shiny hair, to his manner, to his face, to his ...eyes, black like the night sky, never had I seen eyes like his. I stepped forward towards him instinctively, longing to be close to him. But he had already turned around, his cloak flapping impressively behind him, and taken a seat at his desk. He made a gesture for me to take the seat opposite. Complying I sat down. For a few moments I observed the room purposely avoiding eye contacted with Severus. The room was decorated in green. Most people would automatically assume this was for Slytherin, but I knew better. After all this time he was still thinking of Lily Evans, or should I say Lily Potter. I sighed, no matter how long I waited and how much time passed he was never going to forget her. It was hopeless.

I finally let myself look at him. He was tilting his head to the side, quite obviously assessing me.

"You are here to fill the position of Potions Master." He put it as a fact rather than a question.

"Yes headmaster." I answered anyway.

"And you are to be accommodated on grounds. A room has been prepared for you which Tricky, one of our elves, will show you to. I expect you to act fairly and ensure that you educate our students to the best of your ability."

"I will." I said.

"Well if you have no further questions, Tricky will take you there directly." I cringed at his off-hand formal manner. Leaving the room I felt satisfied, unsatisfied, excited and disappointed all at the same time. I looked over my shoulder, Severus was fiercely writing on parchment, completely oblivious of me.

I was quite upset with our interaction as a whole though. It felt as though he was ungrateful for all that I had done for him. Although this wasn't his fault, as far as he knew I had never lifted a finger for him. But as I recalled my past, there was barely a time when I hadn't moved the earth for him. Severus just didn't realise.


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