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Summary for Resisting The Inevitable

After guest hosting on a morning show, Isabella becomes the new co-cost for the show. Her husband James leaves her out of spite and jealousy and Bella swears off men to focus on her new career change. Edward Cullen was known for being a portentous, arrogant, son of a bitch while running a branch of Masen Enterprises. After the death of his grandfather, Edward becomes the new CEO. His soul focus is on the expansion of the company, and to find out who has been stealing from and framing his grandfather. When Edward visits the morning show to defend the honor of his grandfather's legacy, he finds his self extremely attracted to the beautiful co-host Isabella. In the occurrence of unexpected events the pair cannot seem to stay away from each other. How long can they resist the inevitable?

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The day that changed their lives

Edward Cullen sat at his desk and pulled at his hair. "This can't be right", he kept repeating to himself as he looked at the numbers on his screen. There was no way in hell his grandfather was stealing from his own company, stealing from the people who helped him build this company. He checked the numbers again but it continued to come up the same every time. He had been up all night going over this information but it was still the same.

"Edward have you been up all night in front of that computer? You'll be dead on your feet at the office" his housekeeper Heidi said as she entered his home office carrying a plate of food.

Edward sat back in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair. "Heidi, I've been looking at the numbers for the company and Benjamin brought it to my attention that someone has been embezzling money to an overseas account," he tells her knowing he could trust her with this information.

"What? Who?" she asked coming over to his side now. Edward points at the screen and she gasps in disbelief. "Edmund would never steal from his own company," she said. Edward agreed with her but it didn't change what he was seeing.

"I have to go and talk to him," Edward said getting up from his desk and heading out of his office. Heidi followed behind him as he walked through his penthouse to his bedroom. "What are you going to say to him, Edward? You can't approach him while you're angry like this, he's sick and…" Edward stopped walking and turned around to face her.

"Don't you think I know he's sick? But it doesn't change the fact that it appears he has been robbing our investors blind. If this gets out it could mean the end of Masen Enterprises!" he yelled at her, causing her to flinch. Heidi sucked in an irritated breath and walked away. Edward quickly took a shower and dressed in a gray suit.

When he came out of his room he could hear the talking and laughing of his best friend and personal body guard Emmett talking with Heidi in the kitchen. The moment he entered the room they stopped laughing and stared at him.

"Please don't let me ruin your morning," Edward said walking over to the coffee pot and pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Eddie, don't get your panties in a bunch. Are you ready to head out?" Emmett asked him and Edward practically growled at the nick name Emmett gave him.

Before Edward could respond he was interrupted by the most sensual voice he ever heard saying, "Good morning Chicago!"

He turned to the television to see that Heidi was watching her favorite morning news show. "Hey that's not the same lady from yesterday," Heidi said turning the television up.

"Good, I think this one looks better anyway," Emmett said and Heidi laughed agreeing with him. Edward wasn't really listening to them as he watched the woman. Her mahogany hair and heart shaped face imprinted on his brain and he remembered seeing her face before but he couldn't place where he had seen it. Her voice did something to him and he didn't like it.

"Chicago, this beautiful woman next to me is Isabella and she will be filling in for Lauren today. Isabella it's great to have a fresh face around here. Nervous?" the co-host Michael Newton asked. Isabella smiled, stirring something in Edward's chest and stomach. "Emmett, lets go. We don't have time to watch this crap," Edward barked already walking out of the kitchen. He heard Emmett tell Heidi goodbye and thank her for breakfast. When they made it outside Edward was bombarded with press. This reason was why he had to drive to his grandfather's house instead of walk, even though it was only five minutes away.

"Edward how is your grandfather?"

"Edward is he getting chemo?"

"Edward is the rumor about the embezzlement true?" another asked. Edward's head turned so fast it almost popped off his shoulders. "What the hell did you just say?" Edward sneered. Emmett tried to get him in the car while the reporter smiled at him, never answering Edward's question. Edward got into the car more pissed off now than he was before. Emmett slid in after him.

"Seth drive!" Emmett yelled to the driver who quickly pulled off. Edward didn't say anything other than telling Seth that he wanted to go see his grandfather before he went to the office. When they arrived at his grandfather's place Emmett walked Edward inside.

"Edward, don't let them reporters get to you."

"Em, he knew about the embezzlement that means someone fucking leaked the information."

Emmett went to respond but was cut off by the soft voice of Edward's mother. "Edward watch your language," she said approaching the two of them. She hugged Edward first then Emmett.

"Sorry mom, I'm surprised to see you here."

"I don't know why, he is my father Edward. Surely I should be here in his time of need," she tells him looping her arm with his as they begin to walk to his grandfather's room. "Now what is this I hear about embezzlement?" she asked him and Edward sucked in a deep breath and began to tell his mother the little information he did know.

"Your grandfather would never do anything like that. He worked hard to build this company," Esme said angrily. "I know which is why I need to talk to him. Something isn't right about this," Edward tells her and Esme takes a deep breath.

"He was hoping you would come today actually, so go right in," she told him. Edward kissed her cheek and then went into his grandfather's bedroom. "Edward my boy you looked pissed," Edmund said looking at his grandson as he entered the room. Edward walks over and sits in the chair by the bed. He tells him of what he discovered and Edmund is shocked beyond belief.

"Someone is trying to frame me and destroy our legacy. When I find out who it is, I am going to ruin them!" Edmund yelled causing fire in his chest and for him to go into a coughing fit. Edward quickly grabbed his grandfather a cup of water. Edmund shook his head no, but Edward forced him the cup again. Edmund took a quick drink then looked at Edward.

"Who brought this to your attention?"


"Everyone who has access to the company finances is on watch Edward, everyone. You do believe me when I say I did not do this right?" Edmund asked needing to know his grandson was on his side.

"Of course grandfather," Edward answered honestly. Edmund begins to rub a spot on his chest feeling fire there again, then he felt a numbness start in his arm.

"Edward, when I die this company is yours. So whoever is stealing from me is stealing from you. Find him and end him."

"Yes Sir."

Edmund started another fit of coughing and was having trouble breathing, but he refused the cup of water Edward was trying to hand him. "You can trust Benjamin and Paul, but talk to no one else about this," Edmund tells him. Edward thought about telling him about the reporter but decided that wouldn't be a good idea because it would just upset his grandfather more.

Just then Esme rushed into the room and turned the television on. Edward sucked in a deep breath seeing the woman with mahogany hair and the sensual voice again. It was like his heart jumped into his throat. He wasn't sure what she was about to say but he noticed the way she froze up when her co-host next to her said, "Edmund Masen may not be the golden man we all thought he was. A source from Masen Enterprises has informed us that Edmund Masen has been robbing his very own company blind, as well as the hundreds of investors for the company. Mr. Masen or his grandson Edward Cullen have not spoken on these allegations. More at twelve."

Edward's nose flared and his chest was on fire. Esme turned the television off then looked at her father and son and saw the anger tearing at the both of them. Edmund went to speak and started to cough again but this one felt rough and it sounded different. Edward jumped up and Esme ran to his side.

"Dad look at me, do you want me to call Carlisle?" she asked and Edmund shook his head no. He knew he was dying. He then gripped Edward's arm and tried to say something but the coughing wouldn't stop. "Grandfather don't worry about it, I'll fix it," Edward told him trying to calm his grandfather down. But he kept coughing until blood erupted from his mouth.

"Oh god, I'm calling Carlisle!" Esme said running out of the room. Edward went to walk and get his grandfather something to wipe his mouth with but the old man held on tighter to his arm.

"Ed—Edward don't let—th-this control…" he started to cough again and then he gripped his chest. Edward's jaw went tight. "Grandfather, hold on Mom is calling dad right now," Edward told him feeling like a child again as he knew he was watching his grandfather die in front of his face.

"Don't lose yourself in this Edward," Edmund got out as his chest went tight. He fell back against the pillows and wished that he would have spent more time with his family instead of always being worried about the company that was slowly killing him.

Edward's chest was pounding as his mother ran back into the room. "Carlisle is on his way he…", Esme stopped talking and the tears she was fighting began to creep down her face. Edward felt his grandfather's grip weaken and he took his hand into his. Edward wanted to know in what cruel world a man would fight a year to beat cancer to just turn around and lose to a heart attack. Edward didn't notice the tears in his eyes until they feel to his cheeks and dripped from his chin.

By the time Carlisle arrived he could tell by the looks on his son and wife's face that his father in law had died. They got Edmund moved to the morgue and Esme handled answering the questions from the pathologist.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair. "I have to announce this to the press before it gets out some other way," he said and Esme nods her head in understanding. "I called your sisters. Emily is on the first flight home and Bree will be here by morning," Carlisle said with his hand resting on his son's shoulder. Edward nodded his head and walked away. Emmett followed close behind him silent because he knew his best friend needed the silence more than anything. When they arrived outside of the Masen building Edward wasn't surprised to see another gathering of press.

"Edward stay close and keep your head down," Emmett told him and Edward nodded his head. They got out of the car and the press went crazy. Edward ignored the press until he heard a reporter shout out, "Edmund Masen is a snake who deserves to die a horrible death!" Edward moved faster than Emmett could catch him and Edward landed a punch to the reporters face. The cameras went wild and Emmett rushed Edward into the building.

"Damn it Edward! You know he's going to sue the shit out of you now!" Emmett yelled at Edward as he followed behind him to the elevators. "I don't give a shit. Let's get this the hell over with," Edward barked, heading up to the top floor to make the arrangements for a press conference.

Earlier that day across town Isabella Swan prepared for work. She was a journalist at KBC News, working behind the scenes finding the stories for the host of the morning show to discuss on the air. Her best friend Rosalie got her the job the moment she found out about the opening. Bella was grateful and actually loved her job.

"Bella, where the hell is my shirt!" her husband James yelled from the front of their condo. Bella rolled her eyes and picked up his shirt from the ironing board. "In here James!" Bella yells back and James stalks into the room and snatches the shirt from her hand.

"Damn it woman can't you do anything right, I have to be on camera in an hour," he told her putting on his shirt. James was a reporter for KBC News as well but unlike Bella he was a field reporter. "I'm sorry I can't serve your every damn need, I have to get ready for work too," Bella snapped back at him and he looked at her.

"What good are you now that you got the bull shit job? You don't cook or clean anymore and you're only half a woman since you can't even get pregnant."

Bella slapped him across his face. "Fuck you James," she said and quickly grabbed her things and left for work. She tried not to cry from the sting of his words but they hurt. She cried and tried to control her emotions but it wasn't working. They had been trying for two years to get pregnant and it wasn't working. James would repeatedly tell her it was her fault and she couldn't help but believe him since he had a child from a previous marriage. When Bella arrived to work she went directly to Rosalie's office.

"Hey Rose."

"Hey Bella do you…what the hell happened to you?" Rosalie asked quickly getting up from her seat. Bella shook her head trying to tell her nothing but Rose wasn't hearing it. She closed her office door and sat Bella down.

"What did he do now?" Rosalie asked and Bella wiped at her eyes and told Rosalie what James said. "Bella I don't even know why you are still married to that pig of a man. I told you not to marry him," Rosalie said not hiding her hatred for Bell's husband.

"Jeez, thanks. Just what I needed to hear, 'I told you so.'" Bella said sarcastically. "I'm sorry Bella, but you are torturing yourself staying in this marriage. I know that you don't believe in divorce but it is the twenty-first century and it is time to kick his sorry ass to the curb," Rosalie tells her.

Rosalie's office door opens. "Damn it Chelsea. Knock for once!" Rosalie yells. "I'm sorry Rose, but I think you should know Lauren refuses to go on," Chelsea said and Rosalie practically lost it now.

"What the hell do you mean that damn brat refuses to go on, the show starts in an hour?"

"I know, but she said something about not being able to work in these conditions."

"Ugh!" Rosalie growled then stormed out of the room with Chelsea and Bella close behind her. Rosalie walked up to Lauren's dressing room door and began to bang on it repeatedly.

"Lauren, open this damn door. NOW!" Rosalie yelled and Bella looked at Chelsea as they both shared the same scared look on their faces. "Rosalie shout all you want to, but I'm not going out there. No one appreciates me here and I'm going to make your dumb ass's regret it!" Lauren yelled back and Rosalie kicked the door this time. "I swear Lauren if you don't open this door and get out here I will kick your ass!" Rosalie yelled back. This time Lauren didn't respond but the door didn't open either. Rosalie banged on the door again and Bella tried to get her attention.

"Rose stop before they have to call security."

"If this stuck up bitch doesn't come out here on her own they will be calling the morgue!" Rosalie yells. "This is my job on the line. I waited three years to finally be able to produce my own show and now that I am she wants to pull this shit!" Rosalie yelled and Bella flinched.

"Rose I can do it by myself," Michael Newton said and Rosalie shook her head. "No. The show is called Breakfast with Mike and…you can't do it without a co-host," Rosalie told him then kicked the door. "Even if your co-host is a stupid bimbo that can't read!" Alice yelled and everyone started to laugh.

Rosalie then looked at Bella with pleading eyes. Bella knew that look and she shook her head no. "Bella please, you already know what is being discussed today, and you know your shit. Please one day, just one day," Rosalie begged and Bella shook her head again.

"Rosalie I'll lose my nerve I mean what the hell would I say?" Bella tells her. Rosalie takes a deep breath. "Just read whatever is on the teleprompter like you did in college, and then state your opinion on what you reported."

"Rose that was college, this is citywide, and I can't."

"Bella please, I will never ask you for anything else I swear. You would be saving my ass right now, please," Rosalie begged. Bella looked her best friend in the eyes and couldn't tell her no again. "Alright fine, what do I have to do?" Bella asked and Rosalie jumped up and down. Rosalie then rushed Bella to hair and makeup as she tried to find something for Bella to wear.

"Rosalie you look frantic, everything alright?" Rose heard the voice of her brother Jasper ask. She turned to look at him and saw his fiancée Alice on his arm wearing a smile. "No, Bella is taking Lauren's place today and I don't have anything for her to wear," Rosalie told him and Alice smiled.

"I just went shopping, I'm sure I have something in here she can fit. I'll go see," Alice said already heading towards hair and makeup. "Alice you are a life saver!" Rosalie yells after her and Alice waves. Jasper smiles at his sister.

"Bella, how did you get talked into this?"

"It took a lot of begging, that's how," Rosalie said trying to get the rest of the staff ready to air. When Bella came out to the stage Rosalie smiled. "Bella you look amazing," she said admiring Bella in the cream dress and black stilettos she wore.

"Rosalie Hale you are so lucky I love you like a sister," Bella told her with a smile and Rosalie laughed. "Look at it this way, it will look great on your resume, and piss James off all at the same time," Rosalie said knowing James would flip that Bella got to co-host on a morning news show while he was stuck field reporting. Bella laughed knowing Rosalie was right. They prepared for the show and eventually the theme music started. Michael walked out first followed by Bella. They both smiled then took their seats.

"Good Morning Chicago!" Bella and Mike said at the same time. "Chicago, this beautiful woman next to me is Isabella and she will be filling in for Lauren today. Isabella it's great to have a fresh face around here. Nervous?" Michael asked her and Bella smiled.

"Yes actually I am."

"I'll take it easy on you then," he says and then laughs as if he told a joke. They start off with reading the teleprompter and Bella tries to stay focused and not become too nervous. When they break for the first commercial Alice runs over to Bella and touches up her makeup.

"Rosalie, how am I doing?"

"Bella you are doing great. The next segment after the news will be your opinions so there will be no teleprompter. You're pretty opinionated so I think you'll do fine," Rosalie tells her with a smile. She calls out that they will start in 10 seconds, and then counted down until they were back on air. Mike and Bella gracefully mentioned the news going on around them and Rosalie loved how well they were working together.

Lauren came out of her room screeching about Bella being on the show but Alice shut her up for Rose. When it was time to talk opinions Bella started to get nervous, afraid of what people would think about what she had to say. Jasper, Alice and Rose held thumbs up telling her to relax.

"So Isabella what do you think about the city voting to close parks three days of the week to save money?" Michael asked. Bella sucks in a deep breath. "I think it is honestly one of the dumbest decisions Mayor Amun has made. Where are all the children supposed to go when the parks are closed?" Bella asked and Mike smiled at her.

"Home, I guess. Calling the mayor dumb is rather harsh don't you think?"

"No, and he's lucky that's all I said. I mean first he cuts public school funding and now this. To me it seems our mayor doesn't care about the children of Chicago," Bella said and Michael continued to smile at her. "I have to disagree with you Bella. We are in a recession and funding has to be cut somewhere," Mike told her.

Bella rolled her eyes. "Really? I don't see our Mayor cutting his salary," Bella snapped back, blushing when she heard people whistle behind the camera. Rosalie signaled for them that it was time for another commercial and they closed it up.

"Bella that was amazing! I mean great job really," Michael said and Bella blushed again. Alice touched up her make up again and then the show came back on. They were to now mention some stories that would be featured on the twelve O'clock news. Bella did so with no problem and then froze up when she saw the Masen name. She remembered meeting them once. She interviewed for a job at their office but they didn't do the interview directly. The interview was for the head of press management for the company. Naturally Bella never got the job and ended up here. She would have honestly been surprised if they even remembered her.

"Edmund Masen may not be the golden man we all thought he was. A source from Masen Enterprises has informed us that Edmund Masen has been robbing his very own company blind, as well as the hundreds of investors for the company. Mr. Masen or his grandson Edward Cullen have not spoken on these allegations. More at twelve," Mike said seeing that Bella had frozen up. Bella sucked in a deep breath and continued with what else she was supposed to read. When they called the show to a close, Bella relaxed then looked at Rosalie,

"I'm sorry for freezing up at the end I mean it…."

"…Get this girl off of here and if you use her again I will quit!" Lauren yelled cutting Bella off. "Lauren you don't have to quit, you're fired," a deep voice said and everyone turned to the voice. It was the head of the station Alistair Walker.

"Alistair what do you mean I'm fired, I made this show!"

"Oh please Lauren. I never receive good feedback about you other than you have a nice ass. We can replace you, trust me."

Alistair said and Lauren stormed off. "Rosalie would you like to tell me how Isabella ended up on the show today?" Alistair asked. Bella went to speak but Rosalie shook her head and began to explain what happened. Alistair nodded his head.

"Bella, how would you feel about replacing Lauren?"

"What?" Bella asked swearing she heard him wrong. "How would you feel being the new co-host? On the shows Facebook page you were the talk of the viewers. They loved your spunk and honestly I enjoyed it too. So what do you say?" he asked her again and Bella smiled blushing fiercely. Rosalie, Alice, Mike, Jasper and Chelsea all nodded their heads yes and Bella looked at Alistair.

"I would love to Alistair."

"Fantastic. Lauren, clean out your dressing room and get out of here, now!" Alistair yelled. As he started to walk away, everyone began to cheer. The group went out to lunch to celebrate Bella's new position. "Bella this is amazing, I am so happy for you," Alice said with tons of excitement.

"And to think you didn't want to do it," Rosalie said and Bella laughed. The television in the diner played the breaking news tone and they all looked up at the television at the same time.

"Hey isn't that Edmund Masen's grandson?" Jasper said and they all nodded their heads. "Can you turn this up?" Rosalie yelled to the waitress. She quickly complied and they all listened.

"Thank you all for coming. I called this press conference to report that this morning my grandfather Edmund Masen passed away." Edward said the cameras and reporters went wild. "No it was not his cancer, we believe it was due to a heart attack." Edward said answering one question and Bella felt for the old man. Everyone was aware that he had been fighting cancer for the last year, and knowing he died from a heart attack had to be heart wrenching for his entire family.

"No I am not here to speak on the rumors. My grandfather is…was a great man and I will not have his name tainted by this," Edward said answering another question. Bella could see the pain on his face and though she didn't know him she wished there was some way she could comfort him. After lunch Bella went home and made dinner for James. She wanted to tell him her good news and break it to him easy. When James came home Bella was surprised to see he had a black eye.

"James what happened to you?" Bella asked walking over to him and cupping his face. He slapped her hand away. "That fucking Edward Cullen happened, but I got it on camera and I'm going to sue that son of a bitch for everything he's got," James said heading to the kitchen. Bella followed behind him.

"What did you say to make him punch you?" Bella asked and James turned and looked at her. "Why the hell would you assume that I said something?" he snapped at her.

"Because a man like Edward Cullen wouldn't risk everything to punch a nobody like you."

"So I'm a nobody? What you think you're a hot shot just because you co-hosted on a show? They will never ask you back because you are a nobody Isabella." he sneered at her. "That's interesting since they asked me to replace Lauren and become the new co-host James!" Bella yelled back at him and James looked at her in shock.

"You're lying."

"No I'm not lying." Bella said back. "They asked you? What the hell could they possibly see in you?'" he shouted.

Bella had heard enough. She was honestly sick and tired of James and his bull shit. Ever since they started to try and have a baby their marriage went downhill and she was tired of it.

"You can't take that job Bella."

"What?" Bella said turning to him now. "You heard me. It's either your career or our marriage Isabella," he said. Bella knew this was honestly just his jealousy getting the best of him. He couldn't stand the idea that Bella would have a better position than him at the station and she knew it.

"What marriage James? We don't even love each other anymore."

"So you're choosing your career?" he asked and Bella didn't say anything. "Fine, don't choose I'll do it for you. I'll have my lawyer send you the divorce papers. Oh and I thought you would like to know, I got Victoria pregnant, so it is most definitely your fucked up ass ovaries that kept us from having a child," James told her, cutting Bella with a verbal knife. She sucked in a deep breath and walked over to the drawer in the kitchen opened it. She pulled out a knife and tossed it at James just missing his head.

"You crazy bitch!"

"Get out of this house and never…never bring your ass back here!" Bella yelled at him. James looked at her and figured she wasn't worth the fight. He went to their bedroom packed some things and left without another word. Bella fell back on her chair and cried. In the course of one day her entire life changed.


A year later

Bella POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at four am. It was this time of the morning when I regretted taking the job at the station. I quickly took a shower then dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a long t-shirt. I never bothered dressing for work because Alice always made me change into something else once I got there. After Alice helping out that first day, I requested having Alice as my personal stylist. Alistair agreed since it was honestly the only thing I requested unlike Lauren. My cell phone rang and I quickly answered seeing it was Rosalie.

"I'm leaving the house right now Rose."

"I know that Bella, I was just calling to remind you that today is the interview with Edward Cullen," Rosalie said. As if I could forget, it was the interview that kept me up most of the night. Edward Cullen had been all over the news trying to re-establish his grandfather's company. It was no secret he was the new CEO and people wanted answers about the rumors that spread about his grandfather a year ago. I wasn't sure why he agreed to make his first interview with our morning show on the anniversary of his grandfather's death, but it was huge.

"I know Rosalie which is why I'm on my way so early," I tell her walking out of my front door and locking the door to my loft. After James and I were declared legally separated I moved out of our condo and bought a loft not too far from the station. I was slightly nervous about the interview because I didn't know if Edward knew that I was the ex-wife of the man who sued him, or that because James received a settlement right before the divorce was final I was reward half of that settlement. Which believe me was a huge sum of money.

"Alright Bella see you when you get here," Rose said and we hung up.

When I make it outside to the apartment building garage I see the security guard in his booth. I wave at him and he waves back with a smile. I walk over to my car, which is a Volkswagen convertible. Rosalie hates my car but I always told her not to ride in it then. I need to make a stop at my favorite diner. I swore they served the best coffee in all of Chicago. When I arrived at the diner, I quickly parked my car then put on my dark sunglasses and baseball cap pulling my hair through the opening. I loved my job but I really hated all the attention I got because of it. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and figure no one would notice who I was, at least not right away. Then I rushed to go inside before Rosalie called my phone back. I walked in and was greeted by the owner who knew what time I came in like clockwork.

"Hey, Bella."

"Hey Embry, how are you this morning?" I ask him walking up to the bar. He smiled at me and already started making my coffee before I asked for it. "I'm good, how are you? I'm looking forward to the show today," he said with a smile and I smirk at him.

"You and the rest of Chicago," I tell him and he chuckles. I hear the door of the diner open dinging the bell that rested over the door and I wanted to hurry up and get out of there before his customers started to come in thick. They always had thousands of questions for me and I honestly hated it, and I knew for certain they would have questions today concerning Edward. Embry handed me my cup and I quickly paid then got up to leave. I rushed towards the exit keeping my head down so whoever came in didn't notice it was me and ran smack into a chest. I started to fall back but felt the hand of a man on my waist holding me up.

"I'm sorry; I was in a rush and…" I looked up into the deep emerald green eyes belonging to Edward Cullen. My breath caught in my throat and I tried to pull myself together.

"You should really watch where the hell you are walking…"

"…I said I was sorry," I said pulling out of his hold that was actually rather tight on my waist. I was surprised by his words. Surely the rumors about him being an ass weren't true, were they?

"Yeah and so is my Armani suit," he told me letting me go. I then noticed that my coffee had spilled all over his suit jacket and I felt fucking horrible.

"Oh my god I am so sorry. I really didn't see you come in and…"

"Right probably because you're wearing sunglasses inside. Now excuse me," he said with his jaw tight. He then brushed past me as if to intentionally touch me. He grabs a tissue from the bar and attempted to wipe at it but my coffee had stained it pretty good. I ran my fingers through my hair that rested on my shoulder from the ponytail and then I noticed the massively large man that followed Edward inside. I remembered seeing his face usually in the cut of a photo of Edward or standing on the sidelines during a press conference.

"Em, do we have time to head back to the penthouse so I can grab another jacket?" Edward asked. I figured he said penthouse for my benefit seeing as though if he said home the man would have known what he was talking about. I watched the man he called Em check his watch and then look back at Edward. "If Seth drives like a bat out of hell we do," the man answered and Edward nodded his head. I dug in my wallet for my card, scribbled my address on it and walked over to Edward.

"You can send me the dry cleaning bill," I say handing him my card. He looks at me then down at the card. "I know where you work Isabella. You'll be interviewing me in the next three hours, or are you so incompetent you forgot?" he asked sarcastically. I wanted to slap him right across his gorgeous face. Then I wondered how he knew it was me. I mean of course my little disguise wasn't completely hiding who I was but I knew it hid enough. I remove my glasses and I think I hear him take in a sharp breath but figured I must be hearing things.

"No I did not forget Mr. Cullen. I would just prefer that this stayed away from my job. I wrote my home address on the back so that you can mail me the bill. Oh and here I'll pay for your coffee as well," I tell him slamming down twenty dollars on the counter. I placed my glasses back on then smile at him. "I hope you're ready for the interview Mr. Cullen, because I do not intend to take it easy on you," I say. He gives me a panty soaking smile and I couldn't control the blush of my cheeks.

"I can take whatever you can dish out Isabella," he said, and I swore something in me melted from the double meaning that held. I saw the grin on the man's face that stood behind him.

"Here Bella I got you another cup," Embry said and I turned to him and smiled. "Thank you Embry, you're a sweet heart," I said then grab my cup and left the diner. I quickly rush to my car and try to control the urge I had to go back inside and ask him to show me what he could dish out. I swore the man was absolutely gorgeous with his amazing smile, bronze mess of hair on his head and those deep green eyes that seemed to peek at my soul. I shivered just from the thought. I started my car and quickly pulled out the parking lot and for the station. I hoped like hell that by the interview I had this a little more under control.

Edward POV

I climbed out of bed the same time I did every morning. Sleep was useless once again. I hadn't slept well in the past year since my grandfather died. It seemed like after that everything happened so fast I never had time to rest. I tossed my legs over my bed and picked up my blackberry checking my schedule for today. Everything appeared to be right until I looked at the nine o'clock slot and saw a meeting with one of my larger contracts instead of the interview I had with the morning show. I quickly called my assistant who, if she didn't fix this, would be my ex-assistant.

"Good morning Mr. Cullen."

"Jessica why the fuck does my schedule say I have a meeting with Mr. Shoe?" I bark into her ear.

"I-I I checked it, and I…".

I blew a frustrated breath into the phone. "What the hell does that mean you checked it? I won't be in my office at nine, or can't you tell time anymore?" I sneer as I get up from my bed and walk to my walk-in closet to pull out my suit.

"I made the appointment for eleven Mr. Cullen."

"Well obviously you didn't Jessica or I wouldn't be on the phone with you right now would I?" I sneered as I pulled out a grey Armani suit. "Mr. Cullen, I swear to you I made your appointment with Mr. Shoe at eleven and cleared your schedule from eight to eleven," Jessica said and I sucked in a deep breath. "Do you have a brain Jessica? If my damn schedule said that I wouldn't be fucking calling you about it!" I yelled into the phone.

I hear shuffling in the background and the stroke of keyboard keys. "Oh my god, I'm sorry Mr. Cullen. I'll fix it right now." I knew she must have pulled up the schedule on the computer. "Fix it or you'll be in the unemployment line tomorrow." I tell her then hang up the phone.

"If you keep yelling at the people who work for you like that, they will all walk out on you," I heard Heidi say from behind me. I turn around and grin at her. "I don't talk to you and Emmett that way," I tell her and she smiles as she starts to make my bed.

"That's because you know better. Poor Jessica is probably in tears right now."

"She deserves it. Mr. Shoe is a large contract and if I wasn't there when he showed up at nine we would have lost it," I tell her and she smiles. "You sound like your grandfather," she tells me and I smile at that, taking it as a compliment.

I start to walk towards my bathroom to take my shower when Heidi says "Edward don't think that for one second I don't know the real reason you picked 'Breakfast with Mike and Isabella' to do the interview on the eve of your grandfather's death."

"I don't know what you're talking about Heidi. It's because it was the show he was watching when he died."

"Is that the same reason you've continued to watch every morning since Isabella has been on it? I also noticed you turned the channel when she was on vacation for that week," Heidi said and I was thankful my back to her because I was smiling. Of course Heidi was right, she was never wrong. Isabella Swan was the only reason I watched that damn morning show, to see her face and hear her voice. I knew nothing about the woman and yet she filled every dream I had when I did sleep. Truthfully I hated it, because I had never been so obsessed with a woman before.

"Heidi I have no idea what you're talking about," I tell her and she laughs then tells me she'd have my breakfast ready in a few. "Don't worry about it Heidi. I'll have Seth stop by the diner," I tell her. She blows out a breath and I know it's because she hates how greasy the food is there, but I honestly didn't have time to eat here. I take my shower and then dress in my suit. I look at myself in the mirror and debate which tie I should wear.

"The one with the green stripes, it brings out your eyes and I think Isabella would notice," Heidi says and I look at her with what I tried to make my evil look. She laughed and walked out of the room. I swore between Heidi and Emmett my evil glares or raising of my voice went nowhere. But it was honestly how I knew that I wanted them to work for me so closely. Heidi used to work for my grandfather but when he got sick and a nurse moved in I hired her to work for me. Truthfully she was more like a second mother than my housekeeper. Thinking of my mother I called her.

"Hello dear…"

"Hi mom, I was uh just calling to check on you."

"I know dear, I'm fine really. I just can't believe it has been a year since he's died."

"I know I can't believe it either, have you talked to Emily?" I ask her. Emily refused to speak to me after I sold our grandfather's house. I honestly didn't understand what she was so pissed about. No one wanted to live there because he died in that house, but she wanted me to keep it and continue to pay the property taxes on it and pay a cleaning crew to maintain the property. I didn't see her volunteering to pay it, and my money was limited thanks to the embezzlement and the fucking reporter I punched suing me. Lucky we agreed on a settlement or I would have been screwed seeing that he had it on camera. So when it came to the house I asked my mother and she said she was fine with my decision and in truth my mother's opinion was the only one I was worried about.

"Emily is fine. She said she met someone, a guy named Sam. They're coming at the end of the week to meet us. All of us Edward," my mother said and I knew that was her way of telling me I better be there. "I'll see if I have time, I have to go mom. I love you," I tell her and she blew a breath into the phone.

"I love you too dear. I'll be watching you on the interview, good luck."

"Thanks mom," I tell her and hang up the phone. I call my younger sister Bree next but she didn't answer which honestly didn't surprise me. After I dressed I exited my room to see Emmett in my living room waiting for me.

"Took you long enough pretty boy," he said. I ignored him and headed for the front door. "He's a little grumpy today," I heard Heidi say. "When isn't he grumpy? But I'll go easy on him today since you know…" I heard Emmett respond and I hated when they talked as if I wasn't around.

"Emmett let's go!" I yell walking out the door. When we make it outside there is press already waiting for me. I swore these people never slept. Emmett rushed me to the car and got me inside without any real disturbance from the press.

"Seth, take us to the diner," I yell up to him. "No problem Mr. Cullen," he yells back to me. Emmett looks at me as if surprised. "I told Heidi not to worry about breakfast this morning," I inform him and he nods his head. I knew that he was thinking about the fact that I hadn't been to the diner since the day before my grandfather died. It used to be the stop I made every morning. Emmett or Seth usually went inside to pick up my food though. Needless to say there weren't many places I could go and not be noticed. When we pull up outside the diner Emmett goes to get out.

"No I'll go inside," I tell him. He looks at me like I've grown a second head. "You feeling ok Eddie?" he asks and I groan at the name. "I'm fine Em. I just figure maybe for once I could get out and get my own damn food. I'm not a child." I tell him and he laughs as he gets out the car.

"Alright but I'm still going in with you."

"Emmett there is obviously no one here but whoever drove that Volkswagen," I tell him pointing at the red car, "So what, might be a ninja," he says and I laugh as we both climb out of the car. When I walk into the diner I see the man behind the counter talking to a woman. She quickly gets up and heads towards us with her head down and walks directly into me. I felt the splash of coffee but my hand was already around her waist to hold her up. I felt this need to keep her this close to me.

"I'm sorry; I was in a rush and…" she looked up at me and I knew it was her. I didn't know how I knew but I did. I couldn't see her eyes through the dark glasses she was wearing but I knew it was Isabella. I needed to get myself together. She was just a woman, a plan normal woman.

"You should really watch where the hell you are walking…"

"…I said I was sorry," she said again. She began to pull out of my hold, but I instinctively held her tighter. I didn't want to let her go but I knew I needed to so I did reluctantly.

"Yeah and so is my Armani suit."

"Oh my god I am so sorry. I really didn't see you come in and…"

"Right probably because you're wearing sunglasses inside, now excuse me," I said with my jaw tight. I wanted to touch her again, hold her in my arms. But I couldn't so instead I brushed past her touching her shoulder. I grab a tissue from the bar and attempt to wipe at it but the damn coffee had already stained my jacket.

"Em, do we have time to head back to the penthouse so I can grab another jacket?" I ask him knowing there was no way in hell I could go on the show with a stained jacket. Emmett checked his watch and then looked back at me. "If Seth drives like a bat out of hell we do," he answered and I nodded my head. I saw Bella move out the corner of my eye. Somehow I was aware of every movement she made.

"You can send me the dry cleaning bill," she says handing me a card. I look at her then down at the card. "I know where you work Isabella. You'll be interviewing me in the next three hours, or are you so incompetent you forgot?" I said sarcastically. I honestly didn't mean to sound like an ass but I hated the control this woman I knew nothing about had over me. She removed her glasses and I took in a sharp breath as I looked into her dark russet eyes. They were no brown I had ever seen before and they damn near swallowed me whole.

"No I did not forget Mr. Cullen. I would just prefer that this stayed away from my job. I wrote my home address on the back so that you can mail me the bill. Oh and here. I'll pay for your coffee as well," she told me slamming down twenty dollars on the counter. She placed the damn glasses back on and I felt a loss and then she smiled at me and my cock actually twitched. "I hope you're ready for the interview Mr. Cullen, because I do not intend to take it easy on you," she said. I grin at her feistiness which makes her blush and my dick is damn near fully awake.

"I can take whatever you can dish out Isabella," I say hoping she heard my double meaning. Then I realized what I just thought and asked myself why I need her to hear my doubled meaning. I didn't need any distractions as I ran this company, and I damn sure didn't need press snooping around and Isabella was indeed both a distraction and the press. "Here Bella I got you another cup," the guy behind the counter says and I feel something I never felt before. Jealousy? Jealous that he knew her enough to call her Bella.

"Thank you Embry you're a sweet heart," she says to him and now I have this desire for her to tell me I'm a sweetheart. This couldn't be fucking happened I couldn't be obsessed with this woman I knew nothing about. My inner thoughts were shouting at me not to watch her leave, but I couldn't resist. I admired her perfect ass in the tights she was wearing and felt my cock began to wake up some more. I closed my eyes and thought about work nothing but work until my semi erection was gone.

"Eddie I think you have a crush on Isabella," Emmett said and I turned around and glared at him.

"She's not dating anyone, swore off men after she divorced her husband. Trust me I tried," the man behind the counter said and Emmett started laughing. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked back at the door she exited only seconds ago and tried to figure out how we would get through this interview.

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