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An Ending is Just Another Beginning


Bella POV (Four months later)

"Ma Ma Ma Ma…"

The girls chanted through the baby monitor from their room. I rolled over onto my back and rubbed my eyes. I reached my hand out to the other side of the bed and it was empty like I knew it would be. Sitting up in the bed I ran my fingers through my hair and looked around the room. The sun was shining through the window and I smiled as I thought about what today was. I climbed out of bed as the girls continued to chant my name. I went to the bathroom for the normal humanly morning ritual. When I came out of the bathroom I could hear the girls giggling over the baby monitor.

I saw the light flashing on my phone notifying me that I had a message. I quickly picked it up and see that I have a missed call from Edward. I quickly check the voicemail.

"I guess you're still, sleep. I'm getting on the plane now, next time remind not to plan a business trip while Charles is on vacation…"

I couldn't help laughing at that. He was flying first class but he hated not having the privacy of his own plane.

"…I miss you chéri, and our girls. I can't wait to see the three of you. This twelve hour flight is going to kill me. I should be in Chicago by six. I love you and will call you the next chance I get."

The voicemail ends and I curse myself for missing his call. Edward had been out of town on business for over a week now. First it was out to New York, then L.A, Houston, London, Australia and he was finally on his way home from Beijing. I knew Masen Corp had an office in each location but I hated that he had to visit each of them and be out of town for so long. I put my phone down and walked to the girls' room. They pull their selves up in their cribs and start to bounce up and down on their tiny little legs when they see me.

"Ma Ma Ma!"

"Good morning my babies…"

I say with a smile walking over to their cribs and placing a kiss on both their cheeks. "You two are up early this morning." I say running my fingers through their thick curls.

"You know Daddy's finally coming home today don't you?"

I ask with a smile and they both bounce some more in their cribs. "Dada! Dada!" They chant and I smile kissing the tops of both their heads. I picked Keiara up first to change her diaper.

"Hungy mama"

Keiara says then sticks her fist in her mouth. I smile down at her, "When aren't you hungry my little cookie monster." I tease tickling her side. She giggles kicking her legs in the air. After I change her diaper I place her on the nursery floor and she crawls over to the little fisher price play table. I get Kiah out of the crib next and she grips my hair with a smile on her face.


She says as I change her and I nuzzle her cheeks. "After breakfast." I tell her. Once I have them both changed I pick them up and we head down stairs to the kitchen. I place them both into their high chairs and fill two sippy cups with milk. I hand them their cups and Kiah drops hers.


She says again, "Kiah drink your milk first baby, you'll get juice later." I tell her and then she babels something that I was sure was a rude remark. I make them some oatmeal then grab their favorite fruit of jarred baby food then sit down and start to feed them. This was literally always one of the most frustrating parts of the morning, and feeding them both without help from Edward was impossible sometimes. Between Kiah spitting out the oatmeal and Keiara wearing more then she was eating it took an hour to feed them instead of the half an hour it should have taken.

The front gate bell rung and I quickly looked to the screen seeing it was Penelope. I got up from my chair and pressed the button to let her in. I had completely forgotten to tell her she had the day off today. I sat back down in front of the girls and started to clean them up. A moment later I heard the front door open.

"Good morning Mrs. Cullen."

Penelope says coming into the kitchen. "Good morning Penelope. Don't hate me for this but I meant to call you yesterday and tell you that you had the rest of the week off." I say and she smiles at me.

"I could never hate you Mrs. Cullen. Is Mr. Cullen back home?"

She asked me, "He'll be home later this evening." I tell her and I know I have a grin on my face. She smiles at me. "I know you are happy and the girls will be ecstatic to see their father." She says and I can't stop the smile on my face.

"Yes they will be. I hate when he has to take long business trips."

"At least he'll be home for the girls first birthday."

"I wasn't worried about that; Edward wouldn't miss that for anything in the world."

I say and she nods her head. "Well do you need me to do anything before I leave?" She asked me and I don't know why I felt bad for asking her this.

"Could you help me get the girls dressed?"

"Of course."

She says. We take the girls upstairs and quickly get them dressed. Then she says she'll keep an eye on them while I take my shower and get dressed. I quickly dressed and when I walked into the girls' room they were sitting with Penelope as she read them a book. I swore those girls could sniff me out when I entered a room.


Kiah yelled as she and her sister started over towards me. I could tell that they wanted to walk but they both fell on their butts then started crawling over towards me. I pick them both up and Penelope tells me that she will see me at the girl's birthday party which was in a few days. I was getting fidgety now as I waited for Seth to arrive. I watched the girls play with their toys on the floor just as my phone chirped that I had a message.

I love you ~E

I smiled and quickly texted him back. The front door open, "Bella I'm here!" I hear Seth yell from the front door. He enters the living room and walks right over to the girls. He picks them up and they pull at his eye brows and nose.

"Edward called me this morning and said he should be in Chicago at six."

"Ok so what all do you have to do before then?"

Seth asked me and I told him where I wanted to go. "So you really think everyone is going to leave the four of you alone until the girls' party?" Seth asked with a smirk on his face.

"That my friend is the beauty of that gate out front. You can only be buzzed in."

"Unless their Emmett and me."

He says and I roll my eyes. Since Emmett and Seth were technically our body guards they had the security code to the gate for emergency purposes.

"Well both of you are to stay away until Saturday."

"Yes Mrs. Cullen as you wish."

He says as if I was just his boss. "Smart ass." I say and he laughs. I grab the girls diaper bag and Seth takes them out and puts them in their car seats. We drove to the girls' doctor's appointment first. This was the first appointment where Edward was not with me, but it was nothing more but a standard check up. Thankfully this was peaceful and simple. Edward called while we were in the waiting room.

"Hi baby…"

"Mmm it's good to hear your voice. How'd you sleep?"

"I spelt ok, I'll sleep better once you're here."

"Yeah me too, are you at the girls' appointment now?"

"Yeah, we're just waiting for them to call us back."

"I'll probably be back on the plane by the time you finish, so text me what the doctor says."

"Alright, where are you now?"

"Layover in London."

"A few more hours than your home."

I said with a smile. "Hmm then I get to hold you and our girls." He says and I grin biting on my lip. "I'm going to put you on speaker so they can hear your voice." I tell him. I press the speaker button then lean in close to the girls' so they can hear him.

"Go ahead…"

"I miss you Keiara and Kiah…"

He says and I watch their faces as they look around. "They're looking for you." I say and he laughs and the girls start to laugh. I never understood it but when Edward laughed they laughed.


Keiara yelled "Hey baby girl, are you being good for mommy?" He asked and she started talking in her own language and Kiah joined in. I smiled as I listen to the girls attempt to have a conversation with the father over the phone. It was the cutest thing in the world.

"Is that what mommy did this morning?"

Edward asked and the girls giggled as they continued talking. "That's because you two have the best momma in the world. Don't tell her this because we don't need her getting a big head, but I think you girls' momma is the most beautiful woman in the universe." Edward says and a smile spreads across my face as my cheeks hit from my blush. The other women in the waiting room are all smiling at me and I know I have to be beet red by now.

"Keiara and Kiah Cullen."

The nurse yelled and I took Edward off of speaker and placed the phone back on my ear. "Baby they were just called back, I'll see you when you get home." I say wishing that time would move faster.

"Alright chéri, I love you ladies."

"We love you too, be safe getting back."

"I love you ladies too!"

I hear Emmett yell in the back ground and I laugh. "Tell him we love him too." I hang up the phone and take the girls in the back for their appointment. After the appointment I made sure to text Edward that they were perfectly fine.

We headed to the market next which was the real reason I needed Seth to come with me. Going food shopping was a hassle going alone, with twins a bigger hassle, but when you tossed in 'fans' and the damn paparazzi it was impossible. Edward kept saying he could hire someone to do it but I refused to have someone doing our food shopping.

The moment we walked into the market all eyes were on us. We navigate through out the market as Seth tried to help me grab everything on my list so we could get out of here faster. I turned my back for a second and turned back around to a woman in my children's face.

"Excuse you."

"Oh sorry. Your daughters are beautiful."

"Thank you."

I say pushing her to the side and away from them. "You're Bella Cullen, right; the wife of the Billionaire Edward Cullen?" She asked and I didn't reply because she already knew the answer to her own damn question.

"Bella, you alright?"

Seth asked coming up the aisle. "You are a lucky woman being married to Edward Cullen." She says and I smile.

"Yes I am."

I reply back pushing the cart to get away from her. "Guess you got lucky trapping him by getting pregnant. They probably aren't even his." She says under her breath and I swing my head around to face her. I wanted to slap that stupid smug look off her damn face. "Mama" I hear the one of the girls call to me from the cart.

"You just got lucky I have my children with me, or I would slap you so damn hard I'll have you seeing stars."

I say glaring at her and she looks shocked. Seth is standing between us now. "Everything alright over here, Bella?" He asked looking at the woman.

I nod my head, "Everything is fine Seth." I reply and turn to walk away. I smile at Kiah and Keiara and they both giggle.

We finish shopping and when we make it back outside no surprise the paparazzi are waiting. Seth got me and the girls into the car and then loads it with our bags.

After the market we made a few more stops and then visited with Esme.

"They are getting so big…"

Esme says holding them both on her lap. "I know. I'm actually grateful for all the clothes Emily and Rose brought them." I say and Esme laughs.

"I heard that!"

Emily yells from what sounded like the kitchen. I shake my head as she enters the living room and quickly takes one of the girls from Esme.

"So is all the pit stops to keep everyone from coming by before Saturday?"

Esme asked and I smiled. "I'm busted uh?" I ask and she laughs nodding her head. "But I understand. Do you need me to do anything else for party?" she asked and I shook my head.

"Nope we have everything."

I tell her and she and Emily continue to play with the girls. When Carlisle came in Nana and Aunt Emily were completely forgotten by the girls. They were completely smitten with the grandfather. I agreed with Esme it was the Cullen man affect.

When it was finally time to head to the airport I was practically bouncing off the walls. The moment we arrived to the airport at Edward's terminal I start to fidget as we waited.

"Bella if you don't calm down I'm going to tie you up."

Seth jokes and I laugh, "Am I that bad?" I ask him and he raise a brow at me. "What do you think?" He asked me and I inhale then exhaled. I chewed on my lip as I waited for my husband to come through that terminal.

Edward POV

"Aww Eddie stop pouting, you know Bella would have came if she could have."

Rose says sitting between Emmett and I. She had come to surprise Emmett as few days ago, much like Isabella had surprised me that time in London. For the past three days I had to watch the two of them and it only made me miss my Isabella more, so I was probably pouting but I damn sure wasn't about to admit that out loud.

"I'm not pouting."

I say as I look out the window over the Chicago skyline. The captain comes on over the speakers that we are preparing to land and I smile knowing that Isabella was down their waiting for me with our girls. When we landed I rushed to get off the plane and see them. I walked up the terminal and I didn't need help finding them. Isabella was kneeling down in front of the girl's holding both of their hands as they tried to walk. I slowly walked over to them forgetting about everyone else in the airport.

"What are you ladies up to?"

I ask as I approach and Keiara and Kiah look up at me. Their eyes go large as they let Isabella's hand go putting their arms in the air for me to pick them up. I kneel down in front of them and watch in amazement as they take three steps towards me before falling on their butts. I looked up at Isabella and she had a shocked look on her face. I quickly picked them up kissing both of their cheeks.

"You girls walked for daddy…"

"Dada play!"

Kiah yelled and Keiara placed her hand on my cheek. "I missed you two so much, next time Uncle Mac is splitting the trips with me." I say wishing I would have done that this time to cut my trip short. After suffocating the girls in kisses I place them back in the stroller against their wishes. I turn to Isabella and pull her into my arms and devour her mouth. With my hand on the back of her neck I deepen our kiss missing the taste of her mouth.

She moans against my mouth and I feel her fist my hair and tug lightly and yes I moaned. Christ I missed her more than anything. I pressed my hand into her low back and she molded against my body perfectly. Remembering we needed to inhale more than each other I release her lips and smile down into her beautiful face. Her eyes still closed and her lips swollen from my kiss. Her eyes open and I look into her russet eyes I've missed for the past twelve days.

"I missed you Isabella…"

"I missed you Edward…"

We said at the same time and we both laughed. I hear Seth clear his throat and I look over at him.

"Hey Seth…"

"Hey Seth, that's all I get. I keep your precious cargo safe and I get a hey Seth…"

He jokes and I release Isabella and walk over to him. I grab both sides of his face with a smile "If you kiss me I will kick your ass Edward…" He says and we all laugh and I give him a brotherly hug. When Emmett and Rose comes over to us Isabella smiles.

"You both look happy…"

She says and Rose blushes. "Yeah next time I'm getting a non adjoining room when she decides to surprise him again." I say sliding my arms around Isabella and placing a kiss on her neck.

"We can pay them back one day baby…"

Isabella says and I laugh placing another kiss on her neck. "I'm ignoring you both. Move so I can speak to my god babies." Rose says pushing past us and lowering to the floor to talk to the girls.

"So did the two of you set a date yet?"

Isabella asked and I looked at Emmett and he ran his fingers through his hair. "We decided to have a long engagement." Emmett says and Isabella looks surprised, hell I was too when they told me. It was no secret Isabella and I couldn't wait to get married, did it three days after I proposed. So I couldn't understand how he could wait so long.


She asked like I knew she would. "We just don't want to rush into anything, no offense." Rose says standing up.

"Non taken. I don't regret rushing into anything. You?"

I ask Isabella and she smiles. "Nope, hell if you would have asked me to marry you that first night you kissed me I would have said yes." She says and I laugh and place a kiss on her lips. After we talk with everyone a while longer we grab my luggage and go out to the car. The paparazzi were waiting and I kindly blew them off as I got Isabella and the girls into the car.

Once we made it home together Isabella and I feed the girls' dinner and then give them a bath before we all sat and played on the floor. We try to get the girls to take a few more steps towards us and it would work until one of them got distracted by something else around them.

"Dada cup…"

Kiah said reaching out for her sippy cup. I handed it to her and kissed the top of her head. I sat back on the couch with Isabella as we watched the girls play on the floor. It was amazing how fast they grew up, and I found myself wanting another one. I didn't want to bring it up with Isabella until she was ready because I knew that it would be a challenge. With the girls we weren't trying and they were a miracle, whether we got blessed again was in god's hands.

"I think I'm ready to try for another one…"

Isabella says from next to me and I turn her so that she's facing me. "Another what?" I ask her wanting to be sure we were on the same page. She laughed a blush covering her cheeks.

"Another baby, I want to try for that boy now…"

She answers and I hold her face between both my hands and kiss her hard on the mouth. She laughs against my lips as I continue to devour her mouth. I pull her onto my lap and she straddles me, fisting my hair and biting on my lower lip. I cup her ass in my hand and she moves my hand.

"The girls are still awake baby…"

She whispers against my lips and I look behind her to see a wide eyed Kiah and Keiara looking at us. I looked back at Isabella and she's smiling at me.

"I love you Edward Cullen…"

"I love you Isabella Cullen, more than anything."

I tell her then grab her face and kiss her again. Kiah and Keiara started calling for us obviously wanting our attention.

"After we put them to bed your mine Isabella…"

"…Forever and ever Assward."

She says back and I swat her on her ass causing her to moan and giggle which was only a sound my Isabella could make. We got up from the couch and sat on the floor to finishing playing with our girls.

When the girls fall asleep lying across our legs we finally go to put them to bed. I never knew I could love anyone as much as I loved the three of my girls. It was a feeling that was all consuming. We entered our bedroom and started to undress for bed. Standing at my dresser I removed the cufflinks that Isabella had brought me with the girls names engraved on them. I felt Isabella's arms slide around my waist as her chest pressed into my back.

"I'm going to run us a bath."

I tell her and she nods her head but instead of releasing me she hugs me tighter. I smile, "You have to let me go Isabella so I can go run our bath." I say rubbing her hand.

"No I don't want to let go…ever."

She said and I could hear the pout in her voice. Grabbing her hand I pulled around so that she was standing in front of me. She looked up at me and there was this sad look in her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm scared."

"Of what chéri?"

I ask her running my thumb over her cheek. She places her hand over mine and kisses my palm before she answers me. She starts to play with my wedding band and chews on her lip.

"What if I don't get pregnant again?"

She asked me looking down at our hands and now I knew exactly what she was really worried about. The minute her and James started to try and have a baby was when he changed and their marriage went downhill because she wasn't getting pregnant. I wasn't sure how many different ways I could tell her that I wasn't going anywhere and nothing would ever change how I felt about her. The fact that James fucking ass harsh words feed to her insecurity was pissing me off.

"Then we will continue to be happy with the two beautiful little girls we have."

I tell her and she smiles at me, "I'm being stupid aren't I?" she asked and I smirked at her shrugging my shoulders.

"You said it…"

I reply and she laughs placing her head against my chest. "I can't help it. I mean your Edward Cullen and I'm just…" I stop her before she even continues with whatever nonsense that I knew was about to come out of her mouth.

"…You're Isabella Cullen, my wife, the love of my life and the mother of my daughters. You are my everything cheri and one of these days you will get it through that thick skull of yours that you own me and I'm not ever going anywhere."

I tell her and she smiles that gorgeous blush touching her lips. "Put me to bed Edward." She whispers and forgetting the bath that was just what I did all night.

In a perfect world Isabella would have gotten pregnant that night but she didn't. I assured her that we would continue to try as long as she wanted to, but that I was happy either way.

James POV

I had just been transferred to a prison all the way in fucking California. I don't know how since nobody wanted to give me a fucking answer but I was sure it something to do with Edward fucking Cullen. I followed the CO to my new cell and saw this huge guy sitting on the top bunk. I entered the cell and gate closed behind me. The CO gave me the run down before walking away and I dropped my shit onto the bottom bunk.

"What's your name?"

"James, you?"

"Orlando, What you in for?"

He asked me and I looked up at him. "Bull shit." I say and he chuckles, "Obviously it involves a woman, did you kill her?" he asked me and I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Look they only pull motherfuckers with life in a cell with me, so did you kill her?"

He asked me and I sat down. "No, her stupid husband saved her ass." I practically growl and he jumps down from the top bunk.

"Should have killed him first."

"That's impossible…"

"Nothing's impossible…"

"Killing Edward Cullen is."

I reply then look around realizing that I said that out loud. "Wait Edward Cullen the Billionaire?" He asked me and I nodded my head waiting for him to tell me I was a fucking idiot.

"You said he has a wife?"



He asked and I looked at him like he was the fucking idiot. "No, her name is Bella." I tell him and he looks like he's having a hard time understanding what I'm saying to him.

"What happened to Maria?"

"His body guard shot and killed her about six months ago in his wife's dressing room. Where the hell have you been? It's been all over the damn news."

I say and he looks pissed now, "What the hell do you mean she was shot and killed?" He shouted and I was starting to guess he knew Maria.

"She tried to kill his wife and…"

"He had my fucking sister killed like she was some fucking dog!"

He yelled and I swore my fucking jaw hit the floor. Sister? Maria was his fucking sister? What were the fucking chances?

"Keep it down!"

The CO yelled banging his baton on the cell gate. "I want to know everything and I want to know it now!" He told me and I start to tell him what I knew and decided to change some things up a bit. Fuck if he could get out and be down with Edward and his bitch Bella once and for all who was I to stop him.

"So he left my sister for this bitch…"

"They were having an affair behind my and Maria's back…"

I lie and his nose flares, then he turns and punches the wall. "I get out in three years, six months and three weeks, and when I get out he's a dead fucking man." He says and I smile and wait for the day to hear that someone finally rid the world of Edward Cullen once and for all.

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