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"Alright, sirs" The woman behind the desk looks over the papers. Both Jethro and Ducky had been cleared as adoptive parents for the infant in question. The woman peers over her reading glasses and stares at the two men. Her crows feet accentuate her dark black eyes. She reminded Jethro of an old librarian back at Stillwater, he hated her. "You want to see your baby girl?" At once her hard exterior broke and Jethro sees her brighten up. "She just turned 4 months three weeks ago and she is ready to go." The woman leads Jethro and Ducky down hallways with pictures of happy children.

Ducky looks over the paperwork about the girl. She was born March 7th, Ducky loves spring babies. Her parents were both deaf and didn't think they could support a hearing child so they gave her up. This made the doctor sad but overjoyed at the same time. Jethro suddenly stopped short in front of him and Ducky ran into him.

"She's in here," The woman instructs them. She slowly opened the door to reveal a typical young girls room with pink and flowers everywhere. There was a changing table to the far left and to the far right was a white crib and a small person inside. Butterflies start hitting the stomach walls of both of the men as they slowly walk nearer to the girl.

Her most striking feature is her bright green eyes. As Ducky and Jethro look down at her she stares back at them, with a look in her eyes that hold an enchantment over the gazer. On her head are light little dark hairs. She blinks a few times, reaching a pale hand in the air and grasping for something. She squirms in her pink onesie.

"She was fed a half hour ago so she should be alright for awhile. We were weaning her off of formula and trying to get her on solid foods." The woman looks to the baby and then to Jethro and Ducky. "Would you like to hold your new baby girl?" She smiles a bit. Ducky nods furiously, completely speechless. The woman picks up the baby and places her in Ducky's arms.

"Well, hello there" Ducky says to her. Her green eyes grow wide as she drinks in the sights and smells of Ducky and Jethro. She does not cry but instead looks at them intently as if she is studying them for a scientific study.

"She's not much of a crier" The woman reassures, Ducky rocks the girl in his arms.

"Is there any more paperwork we need to fill out?" Jethro asks the woman.

"Just a few more to make sure you are the adoptive parents and she is the right child and all the legal stuff." The woman leads the two men back down the hallways. Ducky lets the young girl grab a hold of his finger he looks to Jethro.

"She is the right one." He smiles. Jethro takes care of the paperwork with ease and soon they are released with their new baby girl. Ducky gets into the back of the Challenger with the girl and straps her into the car seat. He stays back with her, letting her take in her surroundings. Jethro smiles as he focuses the rear view mirror in his car to perfectly frame his lover and his new baby. He takes off for home; carefully making sure that his new little girl is safe.

When they get home the baby is asleep soundly in Ducky's arms. The two new parents look at their new baby girl sleeping and sucking on her pacifier.

"We have to give her a name" Jethro says to Ducky with surprise, this was something he didn't even think of yet.

"Well, I have a few ideas." Ducky states. "But first let's put her to bed." Jethro follows his husband to the nursery he's been working on for the past three months. The dresser, changing table, crib and bookshelves are all hand carved by Jethro himself. Ducky painted the pink walls and the little animals on them.

Ducky sets the baby in the crib and Jethro turns on the baby monitor. The new parents leave the room; Jethro holding the monitor like it's something from "Star Trek".

"Wine?" Ducky asks, going into the kitchen of their quaint little home.

"Bourbon" Jethro states siting on the couch all the while watching the baby monitor intently like it will suddenly burst into flames. Ducky joins Jethro on the couch and hands him his glass of bourbon.

"Names." Ducky states, sipping his red wine.

"What are your ideas?" Jethro asks, still watching the baby monitor intently for any squeaks coming from the girl.

"She's fine" Ducky places a hand over the monitor and this focuses Jethro' attention to his lover. "And yes, I do have some ideas for names."

"I'm sorry but please not your mothers name. I don't want to call our baby Vickie." Jethro states. Ducky laughs a bit.

"That wasn't what I was thinking at all. What about your mother's name?" He looks at Jethro with his eyes shining.

"Abigail?" Jethro says aloud.

"I think it has a nice ring to it." Ducky states, sipping more of his wine. "And we can call her Abby"

"Abby" Jethro let's the name roll off of his tongue. "I like that." Just then the baby monitor springs to life as the baby's cries can be heard from both the device, and down the hall where her room is. Jethro leaps to his feet as if he has a new murder investigation.

"I'll go see what's wrong with Abby" Jethro races down the hall. Ducky sips more of his wine and chuckles to himself a bit. They will make great parents.