This is a new thing Im doing its about a girl named Victoria...if that's your name...well awesome!I hope you enjoy this!

I lay under my aqua silk sheets. I had gotten them for christmas. Last year. It had seemed like that had been only yesterday! Where had the time gone? A stream of light poked itself through my blinds and a bird chirped somewhere nearby. I threw the covers off and stood up to slip on a shirt, a jacket, and a pair of jeans.

As I arrived into the kitchen I grabbed a pencil and paper to write a note. Out. I don't know when I'll be back, when I'm on my way back, I'll call. Don't be mad I'll be safe and back soon. It said. I grabbed a bottle of coke and walked out the door.

Since it was winter, the grass was dead and brown. It crackled under me as I walked. As I sat down in my car a blue ribbon attracted my attention. It was tied beautifully around a small box. I unwrapped it and inside was a golden ring with a sapphire jewl nestled in the middle of its frame. I slid it on my finger and popped open the coke and took a long swig. It slightly burned my throat as it went down but I liked the taste.

I started the car and headed to the marine. It was a place where my family kept our boats for the summer. I could drive the boat to my favorite spot to be alone. Our boat was the most expensive one on the docks. It was white with a streak of red on the side. I parked the car and jumped into the boat. I shoved the keys into the ignition and started the engine to humming. I accelerated and was gone in a flash.

I arrived to a small island. I had always come here since I could learn to drive the boat. I looked at the teal water. It looked inviting but I knew it was ice cold. I looked to the sky and saw snow clouds gathering. It made everything look grey and magical at the same time.

I felt my phone vibrate as I sat down on one of the comfy chairs on the boat. I opened it. "Hello?" I asked. "Victoria! Honey where are you?" It was my mom and she sounded frantic. I sighed and told her I would call when I was on my way home and I snapped the phone shut without hearing her reply. She called a few more times but I didn't pick them up I just pulled out a notebook and began to draw.

It started with a line. An ended with a masterpiece. It was heron in tall grass during the spring time. He seemed to be looking into the future. I had no inspiration, it just came to me and I drew it.

After a few minutes, I started the boat again and drove to the docks. I locked everything up and got back into my car. I got a text on my phone. Hey, miss you, meet me at the mall. kay? It was my boyfriend, Cyrus, he and I had been dating for a few years and I really did like him. I replied that I would and started the car toward the mall.

As I arrived I saw him sitting on one of the cement benches, talking to a girl. She laughed and then he threw his head back as well. I sat there for a moment and stared. Pulling into the parking lot now, see you soon. I texted him. He looked down at his phone and motioned for the girl to leave. She waved and ran off. I felt a pang of jelousy hit me hard.

As I slid out of my car the wind hit me. It made me shiver to my bones. I walked to meet him. He hugged me but I felt aqward, as if he were not mine anymore. "Want to hit up Old Navy?" he asked. I nodded and we started walking.

We stalked the clothing as if we were going to make a big deal in the store. I watched him laugh at some goofy things I did but I never joined in. He walked to a dress rack. He picked one that was long and indigo. He passed it to me and motioned towards the dressing rooms. I smiled, shyly and went to change. I peeked out of the curtians to see if he was ready but found him entangled with the girl before. They were holding a kissing session in the middle of the store. I felt a tear slide from my eyes. I quickly changed my clothes and shoved the dress between the happy couple on my way out. Cyrus looked at me, confused.

I walked quickly out of the mall with my heart hurting and feeling as if the pain would never stop. I heard Cyrus calling my name down the mall but I never did turn around to see what he was doing. It was over and I knew it.

I jumped into the car and drove to the nearest resturaunt. I ordered a quick meal, ate, then I left. I drove for a while, not knowing where I was going. Then I glanced at the clock, realizing it was midnight. I drove back home.

I walked in quietly and took a shower. After I was done, I ended up back under my sheets, looking at the ceiling, crying. I drifted into dreamless sleep.