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Naruto is 10 in the beginning

*Naruto's POV*


I stared at the girl that stood before me. She had red, waist length hair, dull green eyes, and pale skin. She wore a pink knee length dress, a white hoodie with bunny ears on it, and sandals.

Her face showed no emotion.

She looked like a doll.

"What's your name?" she suddenly asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You?" I said.

"Noemi Kurosaki." she said with her head tilted to the side.

"Noemi." I said. I like how her name rolled off my tongue. I grabbed her hand, pulling it toward me.

"Noemi, now we're friends." I said. Then the wind blew her hair into her face as cherry blossom petals swirled around us while she stared at me.

-Ninja Academy-

It's been a year since I've known Noemi. Now we're in the Ninja Academy.

She hasn't really changed since the day we met under the cherry blossom trees. Her hair has gotten longer, now it's down to her thighs. Her dull eyes show a little more life. And her skin has a slight tan, which will most likely disappear soon.

But one thing hasn't changed.

She still looks like a doll.

"Naruto, look." Nagi said pointing out the window.

I looked and saw a black haired guy, his hair was shaped like a duck's butt. He stopped by the school gates and looked at us. I gave him a grin that most people found stupid, except Noemi.

That guy is Sasuke Uchiha, my rival.

-Years Later-

Everyone's all grown up now.

Sasuke's back in the village.

Orochimaru's dead.

The Akatsuki's gone.

And Noemi is still at my side. She has never left me and never will. Even as I'm hokage, she's still there.

Her physical appearance has changed slightly. Her hair has been cut to her shoulders. Her green eyes have gained even more life. And she no longer has any baby fat.

But still that one thing about her that has never changed.

And never will.

Is that she looks like a doll.

But that's alright.

She's my doll.

*Noemi means 'My Delight, My Pleasantness'

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