Perfection, Chapter One

Carlisle POV Twenty Years ago….

Esme and I waited with our two sons. Emmett six and Jasper five. They were both excited for the new baby. Edward. I held Esme's hand in anticipation. Emmett and Jasper were staring into the large fish tank. Emmett was trying to get Jasper to reach his hand in and grab the large koi to take home.

He was taunting his younger brother quietly, even though we've punished him many times for it.

I sighed and reached forward, smacking his bottom sharply. He turned to me surprised and held his butt.

"I said to stop taunting stop now or when we get home I'll spank you. Understand?" He nodded and went to sit by his mother who held his head tenderly. She always caved into him, even though I've told her many times not to. He wont learn anything.

Jasper crawled back under my legs, quietly playing with his hot wheels. I could hear the small tired scrapping against the tile.

The nurse in the white dress came out and called for the Cullens. Our family walked into the white room and waited for the doctor.

The boys played with the toys in the yellow basket, only Jasper had really caught onto our struggle and frustration. We were both scared for our newest son. This morning during the boy's breakfast we received a call. Edward's surrogate mother had got into labor, and she was only seven months along.

We were waiting for the news.

Doctor Snow walked in holding another clipboard shaking his head.

"Okay Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, Edward is going to fine. His breathing and heart rate were off but we got him back on track. His breathing will be a little irregular. It'll still be irregular for a while. He'll need breathing treatments at night, and medication for his heart. He's a little underdeveloped and very tiny. But you'll be able to take him home tonight." Esme sighed with relief, and patted my leg. But I knew better, we weren't in the clear just yet. "But later along down the road there might be some complications. So just be warned." We nodded and walked down to the maternity ward. With all the babies displayed in a glass window.

Edward was in a blue bassinet, he had red hair and jade green eyes. He was a handsome boy, I picked up Emmett to get a closer look. I tried to pick up Jasper but he was staring at another baby. A little girl with black wispy hair, and big black eyes. His face was pressed up against the glass, she was staring at him.

Esme pried him away from the baby girl to see Edward.

"But mom that baby-" He began

"I know sweetheart but I want you to see your little brother." He sighed and followed her to see Edward. They boys weren't really impressed, Emmett only laughed when he yawned.

"Wow! His mouth is so big! I bet I could fit a whole orange in there!" I laughed at his childish remark. The same nurse picked him up and brought him out to us. Esme held him gently. Then kissed his forehead.

"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen."

Three Years Later Carlisle POV

I was on call to the G.F (Girls Facility.) to deliver I.67.8, I standing for Isabella. .67.8 is her number, she wont have a last name until she's mated. .67.8 is her brand number, that will be humanely branded on her bottom. When she's mated they'll take the number off.

I put on my coat and gloves then walked into the room. Her surrogate mother was asleep with a curtain covering her belly. We put them to sleep because it's easier to take them away.

I grabbed the scalpel and cut a surgical line over the faded scar. This was her third pregnancy, one more and then she'll be done. Its really nice the life they get to live after their done being surrogates. Their taken to a special place where they can relax, lounge, have nice sex and do whatever they want. Its quite nice.

After a few minutes a rearranging her internal organs, I found I.67.8 face first. I pulled her out and cut the cord. She started crying as I cleaned her tiny body, then I picked up the branding tool and stuck her little bottom. She cried loudly, I wrapped her up in a pink blanket and sent her off with Connie.

I never thought about I.67.8 again, that was until Edward changed.