My Idol

Pairing: Tawni/Sonny

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Rating: M

Chapter 1

Dreams Come True

"Wait? You seriously expect me to meet this "Sumony" person?" The blonde asked with a disgusted look written all across her face, blue eyes shimmering with agitation.

Sure, she had set up this little competition, but it was only because her manager had informed her it would help with publicity. She did not actually care to meet some crazed fan who knew most about her on some quiz show. She was Tawni Hart and she didn't have time for such things, not when she could be doing something more beneficial for herself.

"Well of course dear. What did you expect?" Her mother questioned.

"Publicity!" She stated in an excited voice. "Which I already have thanks to this little competition thing, so why do I have to actually meet this girl?"

Sighing loudly her mother placed a hand on her shoulder, keeping quite a bit of distance between the two of them. She believed that being her mother came second to being her manager and she had to keep things business-like. "Let me break this down for you. You spend a horrible week with some crazy girl from Wisconsin with creepy sayings on her shirts and a sick obsession over you; you take her to all of these popular places in Los Angeles." She paused for a moment to allow it to sink in.

Complete horror was the reaction that Tawni gave the older blonde at this admittance. "That sounds like torture!" Her voice came out whiney, which it usually did when the diva was told to do something she did not want to.

"Then you will get seen with this girl, people will take pictures of you at all of these places and then you will get even more publicity! People will think you are so much nicer than you really are!"

Tammie smirked as she watched her daughter's face contort in confusion.

"No offence." She added quickly which did not erase the expression. "Now come on and get ready, we have to meet her at the airport in forty minutes and you look terrible."

Tawni did nothing to defend herself to her mother. Instead she let out a sigh and started toward her closet to search for something else to wear. In all honesty she had thought that she looked really cute, but her mother always knew best when it came to appearance so she never found a reason to fight with her.


"I can't believe we are on our way to meet Tawni Hart! She has been my favorite actress for the last four years! She is the funniest and prettiest girl on So Random, maybe even in the world! I bet she is so nice too!" Sonny rambled on excitedly as her smile seemed to widen even more so across her face. It nearly stretched from ear to ear.

Hearing her mother let out a sigh large brown eyes glanced over at her bashfully, a blush forming on her cheeks. She had been talking about it the entire way to the airport. "Sorry mom." She laughed nervously.

"It's alright sweetie, I just wish you wouldn't get your hopes up. I don't want you to be disappointed." Connie said worriedly.

"I know mom." Sonny understood why her mother was worried about her. She often got into things with a certain mindset only to be disappointed.

Looking back out the front window she caught sight of the airport and tried her hardest to suppress a squeal of excitement, but she couldn't. Tawni Hart was her biggest idol. She had watched every interview and episode of So Random almost to a stalker-extent and now she was finally going to get to meet the amazing woman. Once more she glanced over at her mother who was laughing and shaking her head at her. "Sorry." She said in a high and squeaky voice.


'I can't believe I have to spend an entire week with this girl… at least she doesn't have to stay at my house… I hate sharing.' Tawni thought as she lifted the sign that read Sonny Munroe, waiting impatiently for the passengers to exit the flight. 'Not that I need a stupid sign anyway… she already knows what I look like I'm sure.'

One by one blue eyes watched as people from the flight came down the hallway. Honestly she had no idea what to expect, she had never cared to look at anyone aside from a cute guy here and there and she certainly never cared to look at some country girl from Wisconsin.

'She's probably not even pretty at—' Her thoughts were interrupted as she caught large and excited brown eyes with her own, immediately she knew that was the girl. The large smile she wore nearly made her want to vomit, but she did notice one thing, one thing that made her feel even sicker to her stomach. '—SHE IS PRETTY! Not prettier than me, but she is definitely not what I expected…' This was not startling for her to think. She always looked at other women it was the only way to find her competition. Still, there was something different about this girl.

This Sumony girl was not the kind of beautiful that you witnessed every hour of the day in California. Her hair was not bleached blonde, her eyes were not blue, and no part of her appeared to be fake. Even the dorky smile added to her charm. Tawni had never noticed a girl in this way before and it absolutely infuriated her and made her want to hate the other all the more.

As Sonny started to run toward the woman she had always idolized her smile felt like it would consume her completely. Her heart was pounding away and she had never felt so happy in her entire life. "Oh my gosh! You're Tawni Hart!"

"Obviously." The blonde diva stated in an annoyed voice as she flipped her hair over her shoulder, handed the sign to one of her body guards and started to walk out of the airport.

It hurt the innocent girl's feelings being treated in such a manner from someone who she had always looked up to. Tawni had not even cared to introduce herself or ask anything about Sonny, hell she had not even invited her to join her. Running to catch up she again smiled hoping that maybe the star was simply having a bad day. "So, what are we going to do first?"

"We?" She let out a loud and high-pitched laugh. "You are going to go to your hotel and I am going to enjoy a week of silence."


"But what? You are lucky you even got to meet me."

Brown eyes started to water as her idol continued to hurt her with insensitive and uncaring words. How could anyone be so cold hearted? "I thought that we were going to hang out." She whispered her voice raising and squeaking as she tried to hide how badly she wanted to cry.

For whatever reason she hesitated. Why? She could not answer that truthfully for she had no idea. Tawni had no reason to care about this random and slightly strange girl's feelings. She had no reason to care if she fell off the face of the earth tomorrow and she never saw her again. Yet, seeing her large smile fall and the way that her eyes filled with tears simply because she would not spend time with her caused her to feel something she had never felt before. She cared. "Uh…"

"I came all this way for nothing… My mom was right about you all along; I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up…" She mumbled to herself sincerely, looking down at her shoes.

"Fine! We can hang out or whatever! But we are not doing whatever you people call entertainment in Wisconsin." Tawni groaned out in annoyance as she balled her hands in fists at her sides and started to once again head toward the exit of the airport.

"I can't wait! I brought a whole lot of fun things! I even brought puppets!" She said the word puppets with a little too much enthusiasm for anyone over the age of seven.

"Puppets?" Tawni whispered to herself with a disgusted look on her face.

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