My Idol

Pairing: Tawni/Sonny

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Rating: M

Chapter 3


Her head was dizzy, she could not find the strength to pry her eyes open, she felt sick to her stomach, and worst of all she was in an unfamiliar bed. Normally when she was sick she would lay in her bed and her mother would take care of her, this bed was more cushioned then her bed and though she felt fingers running along her face she could tell that they did not belong to her mother. Her mother did not get manicures after all. Suddenly a thought crossed her mind 'Tawni,' and with that simple thought the entire night flashed through her mind. Brown eyes slowly opened.

What she saw shocked her, blue worry filled eyes caught hers and the blonde whom which had been treating her like a plague earlier let out a sigh of relief. Perhaps it was because she cared about Sonny and didn't want her to be hurt, but the brunette could not help but think it was more than likely her being worried about herself and what troubles this would cause her and her precious career.

"Don't worry, I'm not dead so you can go back to not caring." She stated dejectedly as she sat up in the rather large bed which she now recognized was pink. 'She actually took me to her room? Why not just take me to the hotel?'

"Silly girl, that is not what I was worried about." Tawni stated in an uncharacteristically nice tone of voice, though it still seemed to carry slight sarcasm. "If you even tried to sue me I would kill you myself." She laughed in a high-pitched voice and brown eyes widened and filled with worry of their own as the optimistic brunette backed away from the super star. Moving closer to Sonny she placed a hand on her shoulder squeezing it gently. "I'm just glad you're okay."

Now the brunette could not help but laugh a little too loudly, as if she had just been told a joke. 'That definitely sounded like a joke to me.' When blue eyes transformed from oddly caring to upset her laughter was silenced and in a high-pitched squeaky voice she asked. "Who are you? And what did you do with Tawni?"

The scowl on the blonde's features only intensified as she squeezed down on Sonny's shoulder a little too hard. "Sweetie, I am the one and only Tawni Hart." She said this with spunk and attitude that under different circumstances the brunette would have found adorable. She had always loved the other girl's confidence on television, but not she knew a darker side of her. A side that nearly got her raped and possibly worse earlier that evening, and that side completely erased anything she once found cute.

"Tawni, I want to go home." She stated in a monotone voice, brown eyes glancing away from blue. She felt guilty for asking someone so famous to simply leave.

"You what?" She asked her voice heightening and her eye twitching, no one ever asked to leave her.

"I want to go home." Sonny whispered standing to her feet and heading toward the door. "Take me back to my hotel and I will get my stuff and book a flight out tonight."

Standing to her heel-clad feet the blonde rushed across the room toward the shorter girl who was hastily trying to get out of the pink room with hundreds of pictures of Tawni all over the walls. "Wait, Sonny, why would you want to go home?" She asked as she reached out grabbing ahold of the brunette by her arm and halting her. "I thought we were going to have fun."

Pulling her arm away she tried to keep her resolve. Sonny had a tendency of giving in and doing whatever other people wanted her to do, because for some reason if she didn't she would start to feel guilty. She kept telling herself that in this case she would have no reason to feel guilty. She was not abandoning the other girl, she hardly knew her and from what she had gathered the blonde did not care at all about her. She had no reason to feel guilty for leaving someone who almost got her raped, someone who gave her the headache pounding away at her temples, and yet she did feel a little guilty.

"You're idea of fun is very different than my idea of fun."

"We can find some-"

"I'm not really in the mood to do anything illegal or get raped today so I think I'll pass, now take me to my hotel." Surprising both of them she started out of the door and down the stairs toward the front door of the house. The brunette had never told anyone off like that and she could already feel the weight of guilt on her shoulders for being so mean, but she would not turn around and apologize. She would not let the blonde see her tears either, she just wanted to go home and cry alone with her mother.

"Sonny wait, we can do whatever you want!" Tawni pleaded as she chased the other down the stairs at surprising speed. 'She definitely wears heels a lot.'

"Why? Why the heck do you suddenly care?" She asked, her voice a little louder than she had hoped it would be. Brown eyes full of tears that rolled down her flush cheeks. She was dizzy and felt sick undoubtedly because of whatever had been slipped to her. Turning she stared directly into blue eyes, surprised to see sincerity and caring behind them.

"Sonny, I'm sorry about what happened to you… I know what it's like." She choked out. "I was once young and innocent and taken advantage of, kept out of the crowd, looked down upon. So I guess I built some tough skin and became part of the cruel world of show business. I don't even remember what a park looks like." She laughed a little as tears welled up in her eyes, tears that she batted away quickly. She would never allow herself to look vulnerable, that is what made people hurt you.

Now the guilt that she had been feeling intensified but she was not going to forgive just yet, she had to see that Tawni was willing to make a sacrifice. That large and rather creepy smile, in Tawni's opinion, started to consume the brunette's face as she moved closer to her idol. "Would you like to see a park again? I love them."

Shaking her head at the way that Sonny's emotions switched she raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Do I have a choice?"

"No, I don't think so." She laughed like a mad-man before dragging the blonde toward the pink convertible in the driveway. Maybe she would be able to savor this vacation, and despite Tawni's incessant complaining she could tell that she wanted to go to the park and that she actually did care in some way.


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