The three baby shinobi

I do not own Naruto and even if I learn japanese and become a really good artist I probably never will. This story is for entertainment proposes only and is supposed to be funny. I hope I have not offended anyone by writing it.

Chapter 2

Sakura, Inu and Tenten watched as the ninja ran off before Hinata took them back home. She let them out of the stroller and put Tenten into the playpen but she left Inu and Sakura outside the cage like structure.

"I'm sorry; this isn't what I wanted to happen but my mother didn't take my opinion into account. I hope you can forgive me and we can still be friends." She said to them. Sakura nodded but Inu didn't respond. Hinata looked at her sadly before walking off. Sakura turned to Inu.

"You can still understand her right?" Sakura asked, Inu nodded. "It's just your voice that has been taken away?" Inu nodded again. "SO WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Sakura yelled and leaped at Inu. Inu fell to the floor and her and Sakura began to fight. "IT ISNT HER FAULT WE'RE LIKE THIS SO WHY HOD IT AGAINST HER?" Suddenly there was a sound from above them and the girls stopped fighting to find a very angry looking Hinata looking down at them.

"I may be your friend but this is unacceptable. Who started this fight?" Hinata asked. Inu pointed to Sakura who was staring at the ground. "I'm sorry Sakura but my mother told me that I must punish you if you are bad." Said Hinata. She then placed her hands together and said: "Hypnosis no jutsu".

Sakura knew what was happening even before Hinata had finished. Sakura's legs began to feel like jelly and gave way. She fell over and couldn't get up again. Hinata had made her forget how to use her legs to walk. Sakura was ashamed she had let her anger get the better of her and she knew she deserved whatever she got. Hinata picked Sakura up.

"Now you will have to be carried everywhere. You will have no choice but to go where you are taken." Hinata explained. Sakura was about to say something but Hinata shoved a pacifier in her mouth and strapped it to her head so she could not remove it. "Don't make me punish you even more missy. Now, let's get some food in you." said Hinata. And she put Sakura and Inu in the playpen with Tenten, who was sucking her thumb, and walked out of the room.

Sakura was feeling horrible. She grabbed one of the stuffed toys and hugged it tightly. Sakura sucked on the pacifier and found it surprisingly comforting in this moment of need. Soon Hinata walked in with a large bowl of baby food and put Sakura in the highchair to be fed. The pacifier was removed from her mouth and a bib was tied around her neck. But surprisingly Hinata did not try and force the mush down Sakura's throat. Instead she put the bowl on the platform attached to the highchair with a spoon.

You may feed yourself if you like." Hinata said. Sakura enjoyed this small chance to be a "Big girl" again and ate her share. But she ate very little before feeling full. Then Hinata picked Sakura up and placed one arm along her back with the hand holding up Sakura's diapered bottom. A bottle was held to Sakura's mouth but Sakura did not want to drink knowing if she did she would not be able to hold it in later. Hinata frowned and forced the bottle into Sakura's mouth. Sakura was then forced to drink the milk. Then Sakura was laid in the cot while Hinata fed Tenten. But when it was Inu's turn she would not drink from the bottle either. After swatting the bottle aside a few times Hinata placed Inu on the ground and put her hands together. "Hypnosis no Jutsu."

There was a hissing sound and Sakura knew that Inu was now unable to control her own bladder. Hinata picked Inu up again and this time there were no complaints when the bottle was shoved into her mouth. She would regret it later but she didn't want to be punished again.

When the feeding was finished Inu was placed in the crib with the others and Hinata left the room. The light was turned off and, even though it was still light outside Sakura was able to get to sleep anyway.

Sakura woke up. It was morning. She tried to sit up but her legs were still not obeying her. She looked down and saw that she had indeed wet the diaper. She looked next to her and saw that Inu was also awake and wet. Suddenly Sakura felt pressure near her waist. She needed to go. But this time urine was not what escaped from her body. A foul smell wafted up from Sakura's rear. She was ashamed of what she had just done but she knew she couldn't have stopped it even if she had been able to control it. But the shame of having soiled her diaper and the moistness and smell were to much and Sakura burst into tears. Hinata rushed into the room and went straight over to Sakura. She lifted her out of the cot and over to the changing table. The diaper was removed from Sakura's waist and she was cleaned. Then Sakura was brought out of the room and into a bathroom. Hinata put Sakura in the bath and turned on the tap.

Very little water was needed before Sakura was almost completely immersed in water. Hinata then washed Sakura. Sakura was dried and brought back into the nursery were Hinata laid her back on the changing table. A fresh diaper was placed under her and baby powder was rubbed into her genitals. The scent soothed Sakura and she didn't struggle as Hinata pulled the diaper up and taped it up.

Sakura was put back in the cot but she felt incomplete.

"H-Hinata?" Sakura said softly.

"Yes Sakura?"

"I-I was wondering if I could maybe have the p-pacifier to suck on?" Sakura asked nervously. Hinata nodded and went to get it. She came back and put the small piece of plastic in Sakura's mouth. Sakura sucked on it feeling secure in her warm diaper lying in a crib. It was a feeling she would later question but for now she enjoyed it.

Sakura woke up again. Had she really drifted off to sleep so easily. Inu was no longer in the cot but Tenten still was. Sakura used her arms to prop herself up against the side of the cot. She was not wet. She sucked on the pacifier. Suddenly Sakura herd a crash from outside the room. Hinata ran in to the room.

"Where's Inu?" she asked. Sakura hardly had time to answer before she was lifted out of the cot and carried out of the room. Inu was in the dining room. She had climbed onto the shelves and was throwing expensive looking china onto the floor and smashing it. Hinata put Sakura on the table and grabbed Inu.

"Inu, you have gone too far. Now I have no choice but to punish you." said Hinata putting Inu on the table. Hinata put her hands together. "Hypnosis no Jutsu." Inu's eyes went blank and she let out a small giggle. Hinata picked Inu and Sakura up. Inu yawned and went to sleep in her arms. Inu was placed back in the cot with Tenten and Sakura was put in the playpen. Sakura sat there for a while with nothing to do. After a while Hinata walked back in and told Sakura that she needed to go into town and that a babysitter was coming. Sakura nodded and Hinata left the room. Sakura wondered who the babysitter would be. Shiikimaru? Chojii? Nejii?

"Hi there Hinata." Came a voice from outside the room. Sakura put her head in her hands. It was Naruto.

The second Hinata had told Sakura about the baby sitter she knew she would need to act like a baby in order to disguise that she was actually Sakura. But if Naruto was babysitting then Sakura would have to be extra carefull. Naruto cane into the room and went over to the Playpen. Sakura tried to get away but her legs still weren't working. Naruto picked her up.

"Hey there little one!" Naruto said with a goofy grin on his face. Sakura felt uncomfortable with Naruto holding her and if she told him to put her down he would know she wasn't an average baby. So Sakura went with her only option. She started to cry hoping this would make Naruto put her down. But he didn't. Instead he brought her over to the changing table. Sakura was laid on the changing table wondering what Naruto was about to do. Suddenly Naruto started tickling her.

"Coochicoochicoo." Naruto said while his fingers crawled over Sakura's belly. Sakura tried to resist but her baby body was to sensitive and she giggled uncontrollably. Suddenly Sakura felt a tingling sensation. She looked down just in time to see a patch of yellow spread across her diaper. Naruto looked at the now stained diaper before flashing his signature grin.

"Lucky we're already over here isn't it Baby?" He said. Then he removed Sakura's diaper and placed a new one underneath her. Then baby powder was rubbed into her private area before a the diaper was taped up. Naruto poked the front of the diaper still grinning.

"Not too bad for my first try eh?" he said sounding proud of himself. But Sakura was laying there trying not to scream. Naruto had done the diaper up to tight. And her hips were now aching from the strain. Naruto picked Sakura up and put her in the crib with Tenten and Inu. Then Naruto pulled out a pink pacifier and put it in Sakura's mouth. Sakura spat it out but Naruto caught it and put it back in. this time strapping it to her head.

"Aww. Dosen't the widdle baby look cute." Naruto said in a babyish voice. Sakura closed her eyes and sucked on the pacifier hoping too trick Naruto into thinking she was asleep but she didn't hear him leave the room. She opened one eye to see Naruto standing beside the cot still. By the time he left Sakura really was asleep.

Sakura woke up for the third time that day. It disturbed her how easily she was able to get to sleep. She was hungry but she knew she couldn't call Naruto without giving herself away so after giving it some consideration she let out a wail. Naruto walked into the room and picked up Sakura.

"What's wrong little one?" Naruto asked. Sakura's belly chose that moment to growl loudly. "Ah, I see." Naruto said poking Sakura's stomach. He brought her into the kitchen and sat her in a highchair. Then he started feeding her the baby food. Sakura swallowed it greedily. Then Naruto held her and gave her a bottle. Sakura finished the bottle quickly and Naruto went on to burping her. Then she was put into the small dress with the teddy bear print that she had worn before. Naruto then put her in the playpen and went to feed the others. A while later all three girls were in the playpen. Tenten and Inu were playing with the plushies and giggling but Sakura was just sitting there trying to avoid childish action as much as possible. Naruto eventually noticed and picked her up

"Why aren't you playing two?" Naruto asked rocking her gently. "Are you tired?" He said still rocking her. then he sighed "I envy you little one. Not a care in the world. You don't even have to worry about going to the toilet. Everything is done for you." Naruto said. Sakura stared at Naruto. She had no idea he felt that way.

Naruto was asleep when Hinata and her mother finally came home. Hinata came into the room and went straight over to the playpen.

"Hi girls. How are you?" she asked the three girls. Tenten and Inu made some gurgling noises.

"Hinata. Wait till you hear this." Sakura whispered. Then a heated conversation began.

Naruto woke up. He was lying on something soft. He looked down and saw blankets covering his body. He looked around and saw that he was lying next to two of the babies he had been babysitting. But they looked bigger than before. He moved the covers off his body and saw that he was wearing a diaper. He tried to take it off but the Kanji for seal appeared on the diaper and his hand was zapped. He tried to cry out but there was a pacifier in his mouth. Sakura and Hinata watched through the keyhole. This punishment had just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

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