A love between two stories

Nico Di Angelo sat down on a tree stump with a eye-twitched expression on his face. Damnit, He thought. His lightish- brown hair blew slowly in the steady breeze that swepped through Camp Half-Blood. He sighs and lays on the ground, draping one arm over his eyes. "Hey, Nico!" Yells a female voice, making him jump. After catching his breath, He turns to see a grinning Annabeth. Nico glares at her. "Don't do that!" He snaps at her. Annabeth laughs."I just wanted to know why you where looking so down." She says gently.

Nico raises an eyebrow. "What? Has the daughter of Athena lost her ability to be a know-it-all?" He asks. Annabeth glares at him. "Well sorry for being concerned."She says and stalks off. Nico watches her go, wanting to call her back and apologize. Instead, a splitting headache slices across his forehead. With a screech of pain, Nico crawls towards the lake edge and gazes into the water. "What the-"He gasps. Right in the middle of his forehead was a sapphire outline of a crescent moon."What the Hades!"He yells. Voices come from behind him and before he can get a second thought in, Annabeth, Clarisse and the Stoll brothers appear from behind the bushes.

"Is everything okay?" Clarisse asks Nico. He doesn't turn around."Um, y-yea." He mumbles. Travis laughs."Well don't look now but I think you're about to hurl." His brother, Conner, slaps him a high-five. Clarisse glares at them, but focus back on Nico. "You sure you're alright?" She rests a hand on his shoulder. Nico nods. Annabeth walks over. "Sorry about earlier, Ann." Annabeth flick his ear."You may look like you're in pain, but call me that again and you'll be in more than just pain, Nickey." Nico growls and looks up at her. "Fine."

They all gasp. Nico cocks his head to the side."What?" Annabeth points to his forehead. Nico touches it and winces. "Oh, that." Clarisse moves to touch it. Nico lets her. "Is that a real tattoo or ink?" She asks. Nico shrugs. "It just appeared out of nowhere. With a headache." Conner snorts."So what now? Athena's gonna come out of your head now?" Travis and Conner burst out laughing. Clarisse growls at them. "One more word from ether of you and you'll be missing your toes." Both Stoll brothers close their mouths. Nico smiles and stands with a throaty cough. "Uh oh!" Annabeth and Clarisse say at the same time. "What now?" Nico asks. The girls look at each other. "Maybe we should tell him."Clarisse says. Annabeth nods. "It would be wise." Nico raises an eyebrow. Huddling together, both girls talk in whispers. Nico strains to hear what their saying. He gasps, catching one word."No! I will not!" He yells. Annabeth turns back to him."You have to." Clarisse nods."It would be fun."

Nico rolls his eyes. "Who are you? My Mother?" Clarisse smiles."Why not, she's pretty." "Ha-ha! Try hot as hell, Clarisse."Conner says with a playboy grin. Nico gaps at him. "You better watch it or else." Conner laughs. "What you gonna do? Tattoo me to death?" Travis snorts. Nico crosses his arms over his chest. "I'll get my Dad on you." The Stoll brothers share at look before falling over sideway with laughter. "Oh! I'm so scared!" Conner gasps. There was a cough from behind him. Everyone looked to find Chiron glaring down at them. "When you're both quite finished giggling like girls, I want you both to be at the training clearing. Now." The brothers stop laughing and take off towards the clearing. Chiron looks back at the girls, who were both, smiling at him. Chiron shakes his head. "Girls, make sure Nico gets to the House of Night safely."