Chapter 9 This is a detailed part.I'm not sure I'm very good at it,but I'll try I find a single negative review,I will stop typing and you will have to face the mob of ppl who did like have been warned!

Nico moans as Damian slides his tongue into Nico's grips Damian's shirt tightly,pressing close to break from kissing."Nico." Damian pushes Nico onto his

bed."Damian,um,I'm-" Damian stops him."I'll make sure you enjoy it." He says,leaning in and kissing Nico's neck."All of it." Damian's hands started at the top of Nico's shirt and travels down as he

unbuttoned it,trailing kisses as he gasps as Damian stops at the bottom of Nico's bites Nico there and then begins to unzip Nico's pants,still kissing the 's head falls back

and he gives a shaky tugs down Nico's pants and boxers,moving his lips down the rest of Nico."Damian,I..." Nico starts. Damian stops and looks up at Nico.""Nico says

smiles and goes to kiss Nico,but Nico beats him to it and presses his lips frimly to Damian's fall back and Damian sits up and pulls off his slips his off the rest of the kiss

again as Damian slides off his pants and throws both of their cloths to one then lifts Nico's legs up to his hip and lowers his-self into gasps loudly,gripping the sheets tightly as Damian

goes deeper."D-Damian!"Nico says in a rough kisses Nico,hips moving each thrust is made,Nico begins to presses his face into Nico's neck,his movements picking up

speed."Nico!" Damian gasps,digging his nails into Nico's presses his face into Damian's hair,breathing him in as Damian's hips move 's movements holds Damian tightly

and Damian grips the sheets as both boys climax together.

"Damian..?" Nico says."Yes,Nico."Damian looks down at the teenage boy pressed to his side."Um,...t-thank you...for everything.." Nico blinks at him."Who was it?"He looks up

at him."Huh?" "Who died in your life?"Damian asks 's eyes widen and he pulls away,sitting up."Sorry.I didn't-" "No...its fine.."Nico takes a deep breath."She was my sister."He tells

Damian,who's eyes widen."Nico...I'm so sorry." "Its not like you killed her."Nico says."But still..."Damian 's eyes filled with tears,but they don't ,he lays back down on the pillows and

turns his back to Damian' pulls Nico into his arms."'s Saturday,so we have things to do."He kisses Nico's neck slowly,as if putting him at 's eyes slowly began to


Nico opens his eyes to talking outside his sits up to find he's not in his room at the House of night,but in his room at camp is day time and voices came from all around him,

just like they always sighs."Just a dream."He says. Wait! Does that mean Damian was a dream as well? Nico bite his didn't like was calling from outside,so Nico jumps out of bed

and gets was talking about our next training thoughts trailed off back to Damian and the others,when Travis snaps his fingers at him."You awake,dude?"He asks.

Nico shakes his head."Yea,I'm fine." Travis nods and walks stands there,shocked."What? No smart ass comment?"Nico turns and looks at him funny."Why would I do that?"Nico's eyebrows

go up."Where's Conner?"Nico turns serious."Hell if I know.I don't care if that ass gets himself in trouble."Then he walks away,leaving Nico confused as tackles Nico from behind and

he turns to see Annabeth smiling at him."Hey,Nikki."She glares at her."Hey,Ann."She laughs and walks on."What the hell? You always get mad when I call you that."Annabeth stops."Hmm,must

have gotten over it."She says she's drops to his knees. What the Hades is going on here? Voices begin all around him and Nico covers his ears,trying to drown them out. "Given into

the Darkness within you,Nico."Says a looks up to see a white bull standing in front of falls back,eyes bull steps forward."Stay where you are!"Nico looks for a weapon,but

what he sees next stops his is standing at the lakes edge,smiling water polluted with blood at her looks at Nico."Come,give into the Darkness inside you and this

won't happen."She 's head begins to shake as the bull and Nerferet get swallowed by the shadows. lake and grass fade as their devoured and Nico leans against a tree,watching as his home

disappears around him."This isn't happening."Nico pulls his feet to his chest and hugs shadows slither across the ground in front of him and just as they begin to feast on him,Nico

hears Bianca scream.