Hurricane – Chapter 9

He greeted her at the front door wearing red swim trunks reminiscent of the LA lifeguard uniforms on Baywatch. Crews missed the Baywatch fad entirely due to his stint in prison and any jokes at his expense would have been senseless. Instead she just smirked at him.

He had a thick white towel hung around his neck. If he wasn't shockingly pale skinned he could have been a lifeguard. His physique showed evidence of muscular cuts that some men spent hours in the gym carefully cultivating. She knew from his stories there was little for him to do but work out for those twelve long years and he came by his six-pack abs through boredom rather than vanity.

"You coming in?" he wondered while the corners of his mouth twitched in amusement. He knew she was checking him out and he kinda liked it.

"Sorry, I've just never seen anyone that white who didn't burst into flames in direct sunlight," she joked and brushed past him. The vampire thing he got.

He gave her a polite smile and an extended formal bow with flourish. "Welcome to Casa de Crews," he bordered on theatrical. "Would you like something to drink? I have orange juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, lychee juice and my personal favorite – mango juice. We're all out of blood this week."

"I'll have whatever you're having and a bathroom to change in," she answered hurriedly. "Where's Ted?"

"Visiting his daughter and grandson," he replied pointing, "you can change in there."

He refreshed his drink and poured her a tall glass of the rich orange nectar before retreating to the patio to give her space. He was just beginning to worry when the French door leading from the house opened and she emerged wearing a very nice yellow bikini and his mouth turned to cotton.

Charlie knew his partner was attractive. He knew she was virtually irresistible to him. He knew other men found her desirable, but he'd never actually used the word "hot" towards anyone until that moment. He knew instantly what they now meant by that word. She sizzled. His eyes watered from just looking. She was stunning.

"Stop staring," she whispered as she took her drink, "it's impolite." Her eyes let him know she knew the effect her body had on him and a sly seductive smile graced her lips.

He blinked twice and then closed his eyes to calm himself. When he regained control she was gone, having slid into the pool.

"Are you going to swim with me?" she asked coyly.

"Absolutely," he dropped the towel on a chaise and stopped briefly at a table to deposit his drink.

They made it back and forth, the length of the pool twice, before touching limbs gave way to caresses and he pinned her against the wall in the shallows. "Tell me you didn't just come here to swim," he said breathlessly.

"I didn't just come here to swim," she replied.

His eyes contained a mixture of confusion, awe and excitement. "You said this was a mistake," he argued her previous objection.

"Everything I do is a mistake," she brushed her leg against his.

His arms bent covering her with his shadow and then flexed again withdrawing, "I don't want to be something you regret."

"Then don't be," she countered with a saucy pout.

"Tell me what you want," he leaned close blocking the sun again.

"I want you to kiss me," she told him plainly.

If she was expecting the gentle man who held her in the hours after her father's funeral, she'd come to the wrong house. He did not live here – not today. Charlie left one hand on the rim of the pool, but the other encircled her waist and pulled her to him as he stepped towards her. He locked her in a searing kiss that threatened to make the water in that pool boil. He backed her against the wall of the pool and kissed her until she begged for air.

"Charlie," she was breathless.

"Too much," he questioned in a far deeper voice than she recalled him having.

"I can't breath," she whispered as he moved to her neck and jaw line.

"Now you know how I feel," he mumbled across her throat. "What were you thinking wearing that bikini here? God, you look so good in that," he rambled, as was his fashion.

"I look better out of it," she taunted.

He drew back and pulled on the strings holding her top together at the neck and back. He tugged and the top came away in his hand revealing her breast glistening with pool water. Charlie groaned, "I think we need to go inside."

"I like it out here," she teased.

"I have neighbors," he responded. "You'll start a flash mob."

"I don't think a flash mob is what you think it is," she giggled. He reached under her in the water and picked her up. "You need to put me down right now Crews," she demanded laughing.

"I'll put you down when we're safely in my bedroom," he instructed, "where I can have my way with you without an audience." The distinctly bedroom timbre of his voice gave her chills.

They made it halfway up the stairs before the things she was doing to his neck and ears made him put her down and pin her to the wall both hands above her head.

"Stop doing that," he growled as he rubbed against her.

"You don't seriously expect me to do anything you say," she teased.

"Dammit, Dani," he growled. "Don't make me take you right here in this stairwell," he threatened releasing her hands and kissing her hard.

"I want you inside me Crews. I don't want to wait another twenty seconds," she urged pulling at the shorts tented around his erection. She reached into his shorts and grabbed him tightly. "Take me now, Charlie." She demanded dragging her fingernails up his bare thighs lightly.

He pressed her against the wall with another deep kiss as he undid the ties on her bikini bottoms. When he drew back it was to wrap his arms around her and hoist her over his waist. "Here honey? You want it here?"

"Don't call me honey," she complained in frustration just before she bit the sensitive joining between his shoulder and neck and he slammed them against the wall in his own expression of frustration. He softened the blow with his forearms but she could feel his strength and his restraint.

"I want you here," she teased gyrating her hot center against him. She was carefully shredding his control and she knew it.

She wrapped both arms around his neck and hoisted herself higher as he used his right hand to free himself from his shorts. She sank onto his tip and he moaned in anticipation. She felt every twitch of him before his restraint snapped and he slammed into her with a sharp sting. They both groaned in pleasure as he filled her and they began a rhythm that rocked her back against the sheet rock.

Her elbows were over his shoulders and her hand sunk deep in his red hair. She was screaming she knew it, but couldn't help it as he plunged deeper and deeper with each stroke. He was beyond control as his orgasm ripped through him and she shredded any attempt he could make at an orderly withdrawal by kissing his temple and licking his lips before kissing him again. She drew his breath away and as he released her they both leaned against the wall for support.

He looked deeply into her eyes and begged her to not regret them again. "Come to bed with me and stay til morning?"

"Only if you promise to do that again," she smiled at him.

"As often as I can manage," he promised. His hand found hers and they walked to the bed together. "Which side do you like to sleep on?" he asked shyly.

"The side with the big red headed guy on it," she teased.

He pulled her onto the bed with him. She lay atop him and he stroked her naked body with his warm palm and fingers. They lay still exploring one another for a long time. Then he kissed her and it was simple, sweet and honest, "Will you stay?" She consented and it showed in her eyes.

"I tried to stay away," she confessed. "You burn through me like a fever."

"This did not go at all as I envisioned," he confessed. "I watched the movies, read the books. I'm supposed to win you over with flowers and candy and romantic gestures," he explained.

"Turns out all you needed was a pool," she joked.

"Why did you change your mind?" he became suddenly serious. "You have changed your mind right?"

"I was wrong," she admitted.

"About us?"

"About me. I thought I needed to be alone. I thought I deserved to be alone. I thought I wanted to be alone," she gave him her truth, "and I still think that I'll need that some times," she cautioned. "But when I don't want to be alone, the only person I want to be with is you."

"You know that means you love me, right?" he smiled brightly.

"Don't push your luck," she warned but her smile let him know her warning was a gentle one. "Maybe I just love your pool," she mocked him.

"Just to be sure - I'll be keeping that bikini," he goaded, "maybe even having it framed or mounted," he joked.

"I got your mounted, Mister," she slid down the length of his body rubbing against every inch of him along the way.

"Dani," he warned.

"Don't move," she edged closer to his pulsating member. She straddled him and eased herself onto his erection. He reached for her but she intercepted his hands and pinned them over his head bending to kiss him. He slipped from her opening, but when she sat up again she reseated him inside her slowly raising her hips to piston him in and out at an agonizingly leisurely pace.

"Oh, god, Dani," he moaned grabbing her buttocks to pull her tightly against him.

"No," she wagged her finger at him. She took both his hands and placed them on her breasts and patiently explained. "My turn to drive," she rode up and down the length of his shaft and his head dropped back and he groaned again. His hands tightened and he had to force himself not to hurt her as he tried not to hold her too tightly. In his head he knew her body would bear marks from his fingertips in the morning.

She picked up the pace and his breath hitched. His chest rose and fell in erratic breaths. "How badly do you want me now Charlie?"

He couldn't answer save to flip them over on her back pinning her to the mattress. His eyes were a deep electric blue as he told her. "Worse than any drug, worse than any fruit, worse than anyone ever – I want you Dani." He thrust wildly, deeper, harder and faster and was rewarded with his mumbled name from her lips. He grunted as he reached his climax and collapsed against her. "I want you, Dani. I'll always want you, only you, honey. I love you."

He braced for her recoil even as the words slipped from his lips, but she simply stroked his back and ran her fingers through his short hair. She kissed his temple and shushed him and the world faded from view as blackness overtook him.