8 Days a Week: Children

There were only seven prompts for Zutarotica Smutweek, so what's this eighth one doing here? Well, see, when I glanced over the list and started thinking of drabble ideas, for some reason I thought I saw the word "Children" on the list. I thought in dismay, "How can I incorporate children into a smutty Zutara drabble without either stopping all the sex cold or traumatizing the poor kiddies?" But while driving to work, I figured it out, then drafted and redrafted the drabble to get the word count perfect…and then got home and found out I'd read the list of prompts wrong. But after all the time I spent on this one, I'm including it anyway!


Zuko and Katara were careful when conceiving their daughter on their wedding night, and their son two years later. Then they were patient…

And after both children were confirmed firebenders, they left kids and country in Iroh's care and vacationed at the South Pole.

Inside a specially-built igloo, Zuko grinned as Katara took control, pushing him onto the furs. She hissed in triumph as she rode him hard, and he shouted for joy as his seed erupted inside her.

They had provided heirs for the Fire throne; now Water could dominate at last, and give them waterbending children as well.