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Trapped Nerves


Warm hands with rough skin were wandering along my spine, massaging my muscles, starting at my neck downwards to the middle of my back.

Wisely enough I had freed my neck from my hair by pulling it into a messy bun.

My face wore a Grand Canyon wide smile, as I rested on top of the covers of my bed, the star of my fantasies kneeling next to me.

Oh boy, this evening was fuel for returning dreams and fantasies and I indented to save as much as I could to memory, before the night was over.

My sighs accompanied his fingers as he found every kink on my back.

Even though I wished I could see his face, watch his reactions, when another sigh escaped my lips I didn't dare turn my face, because I knew it would give me away and that could easily lead to a very awkward time ahead.

With my goofy grin still on my face, eyes closed, I relaxed under his touch, further and further until his talented hands brushed the very point which caused my misery.

The pain jolted through my body from the point where Gibbs' thumb was currently drawing circles, up to my temple.

My body reacted without my permission, looking for a more comfortable position without moving away from his touch. In the end my upper body had drifted a little to the side, barely a centimeter and my face was turned toward the wall with the window of my bedroom.

Additional to that I couldn't suppress the moan or the spoken words that left my lips.

"God, Gibbs…" Well aware how it sounded I still couldn't help but moan again and again as he worked his magic.

I felt his hands tremble a little as he tried to concentrate on the task at hand and not the noises I made. Yet I had to wonder if this affected him more than I ever hoped it would.


When I entered the bedroom Abby already was resting on her bed, face pressed into the pillow, showing me her bare back.

I couldn't help but notice just how sexy she looked in the dimly illuminated room.

Dangerous territory. Both the thoughts and the room.

I looked away from her body to the closed window only to see her body reflected in the translucent surface.

I changed my line of sight a little to find myself looking into the mirror on the wall next to the window.

Great.I forced my eyes away from the mirror and stared at her back.

Somehow I was happy she couldn't see my face right now, in fact I was glad no one could see my face right now. Well aware that I probably would have hit Tony or Tim over the back of their heads for pretty much the same facial expression and the accompanying thoughts.

With a sigh I crossed the room and stopped next to her bed, got rid of my jacket and my shoes before I kneeled down next to her.

Wondering what the hell I was doing here as I let my thumb and the heel of my hand wander in circles down her back.

As her sighs continued to dominate the room I more and more prayed for my cell phone to save me from the embarrassment that I might have to face if she would turn her head.

All conscious thoughts were banned from my mind as I heard her moan my name…

Blood rushed south. I'm just a man. God I wished she would moan my name while I made love to her.

As soon as that thought came to mind I inwardly hit myself over the back of my head. I would deserve it.

Abby was my friend. I shouldn't be having improper thoughts about my Abs.

My Abs.Where did that come from?

Not knowing if she noticed my tensing up I swallowed and turned my head to look at anything else but the naked skin beneath my fingers.

Bad move as I got caught up with her reflection in the mirror.

Abby's movement had brought her face in my line of sight.

Her closed eyes, her tongue licking over her slightly parted lips.

How did I get myself into the situation I was in now?

Only one step away of breaking the most important rule in my life… Keep Abby safe, even from myself.


With the Caf!Pow container in my hand I rounded the corner of Abby's lab.

The music was softer compared to her usual standards and Abby was resting flat on her back in the middle of the floor.

I stopped at her feet and stared down into her green mind-blowing eyes.

"Oh hey Gibbs."

Raising an eyebrow I shook the container in my hand letting the ice-cubes rattling against the plastic.

"What have you got?"

"A trapped nerve."


"I meant the case."

She lifted her hand indicating she wanted my help to get into a standing position.

After her usual babbling way of telling me what she had found I placed the cup next to her keyboard and kissed her soft cheek.

"Good job." The highlight of my day, before I stood back up I added, "I can help you with that nerve."

She turned around slowly her huge amazing smile on her face.

"You would?"

"Pick you up later."


I know when it comes to Abby I do things I would not do for a lot of people in my life and yet I have no idea what lead to the decision to offer her that kind of help… fully aware that I was jeopardizing our friendship.

Clearly not thinking with the right head.


Even though it was one painful day, the reward now was worth it, who thought it would have been this easy to get Gibbs talented fingers working on my bare back instead of the other times (which I highly enjoy as well) on my clad shoulders.

Somehow I couldn't wait for the next trapped nerve to come… In a so not masochistic way, only the thought of him helping me again would make it worth the pain.

Something changed; his fingers were barely touching my back.

My mind could only name those touches as sensual and erotic and somehow I didn't think it was Gibbs' intention.

A shiver ran along my spine and I opened my eyes only to find him watching my face by looking in the mirror. The words I wanted to speak didn't come; instead another shiver ran through my body as my eyes locked with his.


I might have succeeded, I might have had developed enough will power to walk away, if…yeah if Abby hadn't opened her eyes. Hell maybe even then but when our eyes locked and a shiver ran through her body I couldn't bring my mind to come up with a reason why I should not let things happen as they developed right that moment.

I had no idea if she shivered because of my touch changed or if I changed my touch because she shivered.

I didn't matter; all I remember before I felt her lips on mine was her turning body beneath my hands and her hand that pulled me down, causing me to land on top of her frame.

It seemed she didn't mind as her hands pulled out my shirt, making room for her fingertips to brush over my back.

As I felt her fingertips on my bare skin I decided to stop the fight against the inevitable.

I brought my hands to her face, framing it by placing my palms on her cheeks and looked straight into her lust-filled eyes.

"Are you absolutely sure Abs? Because if this goes any further, there is no turning back."

Not bothering to answer me she pulled me down for a breath-taking kiss.


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