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Additional Chapter Trapped Nerves…

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My mind went blank as soon as I felt his lips respond to mine. His tongue traced my bottom lip, begging me for entrance, which I more than willingly granted him.

The combination of his tender kissing, which turned into torturing passion, combined with loving explorations of his fingertips was much more breathtaking than I ever expected it to be.

Every area of my skin brushed his fingers was on fire, making it hard to concentrate on much more than the electrical feeling pulsating through my body and the burning desire boiling in the pit of my stomach.

Who would have thought, those lips were capable of turning me into mush in a mere few minutes?

Sensational overload- if something like that existed, I suffered from it.


Her sighs and moans urged me on to continue what Abby started, the sounds leaving her lips letting the reservations I still had, vanish from my mind. All that mattered the moment was the teasing touch of her tongue on my skin along with the exploring of her skin.

A trace of sweetness lingered still on her lips was still there even though the last Caf!Pow was drunken hours before, combined with Abby's unique taste and smell my senses were in overdrive.

I kissed the beautiful woman in my arms like I wanted to for god knows how many years.

Abby's hands moved upwards on my back at the same time I let my fingertips travel up her side.

While her right hand travelled over my back she used her fingertips to scratch over the skin causing my body involuntary to react with goosebumps and shivering.

Her left hand was at my neck, playing with my hair, while her lips responded in kind to mine, exploring each others mouth.


This is too good to be true. Maybe I had fallen asleep while Gibbs had massaged my back. Yeah, maybe his hot kisses and tender explorations were just vivid imaginations my mind came up with by the sheer feeling of his hands on my back.

His tongue tracing my bottom lip let me moan, as did his body pressing against mine.

Dream or no dream, it didn't matter whatever it was I didn't want it to end.

The urge to feel him closer increased by a thousand-fold.

Dream-Gibbs or real-Gibbs wore to damn many clothing-items for my taste. With a smirk against his moving lips I pulled his shirt further upwards, successfully freeing the rest of the still stubbornly stuck cotton made tee from his pants.

Just when my hand touched the skin of his back again, Jethro decided it was time to move his body into a kneeling position, getting rid of the shirt as he sat up.

I stayed where I was on my back, unashamedly staring at the skin in front of my eyes.

Before I knew it, I had to lick my lips as my eyes took in the sight in front of me.

I had felt his muscles against my body, but now as I saw them I was even more impressed. Lots of younger man could learn a thing or two from Gibbs when it came to working out.

When my eyes finally met his I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning. I never thought it was possible to see so much want, lust and desire in someone's gaze.

For the first time in all those years I knew Gibbs, I finally understood the fleeting expression I sometimes caught on his face when I watched his reflection in the window to my office.

Love and lust, a combination present on my features as well.

His mesmerizing eyes moved to my lips and further on to my collarbones before they found my breasts.

It was his turn to lick his lips and my turn to still a hunger I felt for years, and by the looks of it, so did he.

Before he could react I had pulled him back down finding his lips with mine again.


I had planed to put my pants off as well; before I could I was back in her arms. I'm not complaining. Especially since I felt her fingers unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and opening the zipper.

As her fingers found a way into my boxers, millions of stars exploded in front of my eyes, causing me to moan.

It took a while till I realized that the monosyllabic sounds came from my lips, caused by her hand around my sensitive flesh.

The more she moved her hand the more unlikely a slow love-making became.

Without realizing I grabbed the bed sheet we were resting on, and clenched my hand into a fist, holding onto the fabric, as if some of the tension would leave my body this way.

Before it was too late I closed my free hand around her wrist to stop her movements.

The last thing I wanted was ending it before it began.

Instead it was time to free her from the black pants she still wore and the black thong I had seen lurking out of them earlier.

The time I needed to unbutton her pants and pushing them off her beautiful legs would help me get a grip on myself. I hoped.

The opposite was the case. As soon as the fabric was off her body, the intoxicating smell of her arousal caused my mind to switch off.

The next thing I remember were Abby's legs around my hips urging me on to keep going, as she screamed and moaned into the room. It didn't take long till the end was near; too long did we wait for this to happen.

Judging by the last scream that left her beautiful lips, the nails digging into my back and the clutching muscles around my length before I blacked out on top of her, she had her fun as well.

The end

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