Naruto: The Demon Sage

Chapter 1: A silent departure

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"I'm so in love with you I can't even stand it!" Sakura screamed out to Sasuke tears running down her eyes in the middle of the night.

"If only you would be with me...I promise, I'd never let you regret it. Everyday would be a joy. I could give you happiness. I'll do anything for you Sasuke. So please...I'm begging you...don't walk away! I'll even help you get your revenge; I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen I swear! So...stay here...with me..." Sakura said with tears still flowing down her face. Then a cloud that was covering the moon moved away bringing light to the two Genin like two spotlights on a stage.

"And if you can't stay...then take me with you...Sasuke..." Sakura finished, still sobbing.

During the whole confession Sasuke remained quite. Not moving or saying a word. The only sound that could be heard besides Sakura's tears and voice was the gentle wind blowing through the leaves of the tree's surrounding them. Then Sasuke turned around with a smirk on his face.

"You haven't changed at all...Your still annoying"

This caused Sakura to go wide eyed. Sasuke turned towards the gates again and slowly started to walk off without looking back but stopped when Sakura screamed out "Don't leave me!"

She ran towards him a few steps then said "If you I'll scream and..." She said in a final act to stop Sasuke from leaving. She was cut off because she was surprised that Sasuke disappeared then reappeared behind her. Suddenly she heard Sasuke speak to her in the softest voice she ever heard him talk in.

"Sakura...thank you for everything," Then she felt a pain in her neck and realised she was beginning to pass out.

"Sasuke..." she said before finally being consumed by the darkness.

Sasuke then looked at the village gates, then to the moon. He stood there just staring for a while, thinking whether it was really worth leaving the village and all those who he now called comrades just for the sake of killing his brother.

'If I leave the village now and get power from that weird snake guy, and kill my brother then what? What do I do with my life then? No. I'll stay. I'll get my own power and kill him with my own strength. And to make sure my revenge is even more sweet I'll get stronger and kill him without having to gain that cursed ability,' Sasuke thought to himself. He dropped his bag then turned around and looked at the now unconscious Sakura on the bench. He picked her up and disappeared into the night and dropped her off at her houses door step.

Unknown to the other two, another figure was at that scene at that same time. He watched the confession happen from one of the trees that were near them. His heart broke when he heard the love of his life saying she loved Sasuke more than anything. Hell she even said that she would even run away with him. After seeing, that Naruto started thinking. He looked at the stars that were slightly covered by the branches of the tree he was currently sitting under.

'Hmm...I guess I really am not wanted,' Naruto thought to himself sadly. After all he's done. The people that meant the most to him saw him as nothing. Naruto was broken and a single tear rolled down his face.

'I should leave. I should just get up and go. I mean it would be for the best. The village never wanted me, they always wanted me gone. Also now that the Akatsuki are after me I would be endangering the ones I cared about and the village I swore to protect. It also doesn't help that I'm not strong enough to myself let alone everyone else,' Naruto thought to himself. Suddenly he heard an evil cackle from deep within his mind.

'Bahahah Kit. Of course you're not wanted you never were, and it was all because of me! You're so weak it almost makes me pity you. ALMOST! You are nothing more than a brat wanting something you will never receive. People see you as a demon. So a demon you shall be!'

Naruto got angry.

'Just shut the hell up you stupid fur bull! You're in my mind so I control YOU! I'm no demon you are (the Kyuubi smiled at that taking it as a compliment). I will get stronger and protect everyone! Then I'll fight you and prove to you that I'm strong.'

'Ha! YOU fight ME? You're millennia too young to even think of fighting me!'

'Yeah and you see it's exactly that arrogance that got your ass handed by the fourth and then sealed in me.'

Naruto heard Kyuubi growl. Feeling triumphant Naruto got up and walked to the road where Sakura and Sasuke were standing.

Naruto realising he actually needed to get stronger he thought to himself.

'Ok...I'm going to leave the village and get stronger but I'm going to need a teacher.'

Naruto could only think of one person that fit the job description perfectly. Even though the person he was thinking of was such an idiot at times and the world's biggest pervert ever known he was a really good teacher and he was one of the few that could and would willingly teach Naruto. That one person was no other than Jiriya of the Sannin.

Naruto looked at the stars once more. He then put his hand into his ninja pouch and took out a scroll and a pen. Next he wrote on it and addressed it to Tsunade. After that he made shadow clone and told it to give the message to Tsunade. And with that Naruto picked up the bag Sasuke left on the road and then Naruto made his way towards the great gates of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

As Naruto neared the gates he saw the night guards and decided that he better do something about them. He quickly made a few shadow clones and made them appear behind them and knocked them out. Then he just casually walked through the gates. After getting to a certain point Naruto looked back and saw all of Konoha. He smiled sadly and then continued walking.

'I'll be back someday. It's a promise,' Naruto thought to himself as he continued on his journey into the still and motionless night.

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