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Naruto: The Demon Sage

Chapter 11: The Mission

Previously on Naruto: The Demon Sage…

"All personal matters aside, I have to explain the details of your next mission," she said. Naruto only looked on at her.

"And what would that be?" he asked. The Hokage only pointed to the window. Naruto tilted his head in confusion. He walked over to it and stuck his head out the window. Naruto was stunned to see who he saw.

"N-No way! I-is that you?" Naruto asked incredulously as he looked out the window. There stood two young male teenagers who looked to be 13-14 years of age. One wore a scarf with dark spikey brown hair and another one that looked a little dopey, wearing a navy blue vest.

"K-K-Konohamaru!" he said loudly then said boy smiled and laughed. Naruto then looked to the other boy and went deadly silent.

"Ugh…Who are you again?" he asked causing everyone to face fault.

"Naruto-niichan! You're so mean! It's me Udon!" he said desperately. Naruto then finally caught on and realised exactly who he was talking to.

"Oh, right! Yeah, I remember you now! You were the kid with snot dripping down his nose all the time!"

Udon sighed.

"I suppose it's better than not being remembered at all" he said aloud. Then something dawned on Naruto.

"Where's the other one?" he asked them., "Isn't there usually three of you?"

The other twos faces became solemn.

"She decided to leave the general corps and focus on becoming a medic. We're currently one team mate down," Konohamaru said.

"And that's exactly where you come in," said the blonde Hokage, "you're this teams temporary replacement."
"What?!" the three boys chorused together.

"Baa-Chan! What do you mean temporary replacement? I thought you said I had a mission!"
"Exactly. You're mission is to take these two to the bandit camp that has been disturbing the farmers on the outskirts of the village and make them realise how difficult a ninjas life can be," the blonde Hokage stated with a very neutral tone.

A silence filled the room. Naruto instantly knew what that had meant and from the serious look on Kurama's face, apparently the little fox knew as well.

"Baa-Chan…these two, they haven't…killed before, have they?" Naruto asked seriously.

"Indeed they haven't."

Naruto suddenly became very serious.

"I see…I do believe I understand my mission details. Even though that's the case though Hokage-sama, I want to know why you want me to do this. They are still very young."
Tsunade was taken aback by the formal speech that our usual hyperactive and boisterous blonde used but quickly composed herself.

"The reason is," she began "the Chuunin Exams are coming up soon and these two haven't done anything beyond a C rank. Their sensei has been off on temporary leave after a hard mission I sent him on, so as of now they have been doing solo D-rank missions and training as best as they can. You're mission will not only be the termination of the bandits but also the training of these two Genin in preparation of the Chuunin exams. If you succeed in this mission, you will receive your Jounin promotion and be paid the right amount for it. The reason for this is because you would've done what is required for a Jounin to do and I already know you have more than enough experience out on the field if your nickname is anything to go by, so all you need to do now is gain experience in leading a team. Which, I'm sure with these two, you will undoubtedly get."
"What about Chuunin Hokage-sama? You already filled out paper works and everything stating that I was participating the exam."
"Did I really? I must've had a really bad day that day then. I was meant to fill out a ninja reinstating form. Oh no matter, I'll fix it later on. And besides Jiriya would never let me hear the end of it. Imagine what he would say if his best student had to go through Chuunin first after his supposed 'Hokage Material' training," she said as she rolled her eyes.

Naruto chuckled and the fox gave a little understanding nod.

"Ok Baa-Chan," Naruto said getting his goofy grin back on his face, "I'll do it!"
"However," she started her gaze turning serious, "should you fail this mission I will make you go through the Chuunin exam regardless of what my stupid teammate has to say."
Naruto gulped.
"No worries Hokage-sama! This will be a complete success!"
The Hokage smiled and gave a nod. Naruto then turned around to the two other Genin and smiled.
"Ok!" he said enthusiastically, "I want you both battle ready in three hours at the northern gate! Until then, ciao!" and with that he and the fox disappeared in a burst of flame leaving the two young Genin to prepare for their first C-rank mission.

~~~TIME SKIP: Three Hours Later~~~

Naruto and Kurama stood at the northern gate waiting for the rest of Naruto's team to arrive.

'Do you remember your first kill Naruto?' Kurama asked

'Yes, I do believe it was when we were helping that girl near grass country and I beheaded the man and had nightmares for eight months about it,' he said with a bit of disgust in his voice.

'Ahh yes, good times indeed,' Kurama said as if remembering a happy memory.

After that and a little bit more conversation the two Genin came running into view.

"Are you two ready for your first C-ranked mission?" Naruto asked enthusiastically

"Yes Naruto-sensei!" they cried out together.

"Hmm…Naruto-sensei eh? I could get used to that," he said whilst putting on a thinking pose. "It's decided then, from now on whenever we have missions you shall refer to me as Naruto-sensei."
"Yes Naruto-sensei!" the two cried out again.

"Excellent! Well then, lets get things moving along, I want this mission done before nightfall," and with that the team took off onto the road.

After a little while of the walking Udon asked Naruto

"Sensei, why does that fox follow you?"

Naruto simply turned his head and replied.

"It's my companion. His name is Kurama. We battle together, train together, and live together. We share a bond similar to that of an Inuzuka has with their ninja hounds," he said whilst scratching the fox that was walking along side him on the back of the ears.

"Then what about your sword Naruto-sensei," Konohamaru asked this time. "You never had one before, and I didn't think you were the sword type."
Naruto looked to the sky.

"Yes well, you see the way I obtained this sword was a rather bloody incident. My sensei, Kurama, and I were travelling around grass country and we ran into some trouble after helping out a girl escape from some bad people. My sensei had disappeared, I had lost Kurama and the girl and I were both exhausted and in a corner. Our attacker wielded this blade and as he sent a slash to kill us, I just managed kick him away, making him fall to the ground. I then kicked the sword out of his hand, picked it up, and cut the man's head off. It was pretty disgusting," Naruto said rather casually.

He looked at the two younger boys and the face of absolute disgust was etched upon their face. Udon looked like he was about to vomit.

"W-will we have to do something like that to a person?" Konohamaru stuttered.

"Well, we are ninja after all. It is our duty to kill for our country and our nation. But, don't think of it like that. Think of it as we are doing what we must to protect the people we care about. We are the guardians of the village. I would rather kill the enemies of the village now, than rather when they are already in the village and killing everyone I care about," Naruto said rather wisely.

The two boys were stunned for a moment being presented with that out look on life. There was a pause.

"To protect everything," Konohamaru said slowly "That's my ninja way too!" he exclaimed proudly. Udon catching on to what he said also stammered.

"T-That's mine as well!"

Naruto could only smile as the three of them kept walking.

'The village is in good hands,' Naruto thought. His fox companion could only nod as he trotted along on the side.

The four continued travelling for another hour or so before they saw the bandit camp. Naruto stopped and took the two into the woods to discuss their plan of attack.

"Ok, this is a complete and utter demolition mission. We leave nothing alive," Naruto stated coldly. The two Genin started to get nervous. They hadn't seen Naruto so serious and dark before. They knew this was going to impact their lives drastically. Naruto tried consoling them.

"It's ok, it's always hard. Remember what we talked about on the way here. They are a threat to our village and our precious people. This must be done. You're ninja and considered as adults. This is your responsibility as well."

The two were still shaking but gave a determined nod anyway.

"My clones will run in and do the heavy destruction at the front gate with Kurama here," Naruto said pointing to his fox.

"Uhh…sensei, how can a little fox do damage to a fortress gate?" Konohamaru asked.

"Don't worry. He can take on fully fledged ninja by himself so he'll do fine against a gate won't you Kurama?" Naruto said smiling to the fox. The fox responded with a nod.

"Then, whilst they're focused on the gate, we'll infiltrate the sides of the fortress wall and barrage the bandits inside with shuriken, kunai, and thrown paper bombs. After that, Kurama and the clones should've broken through the gate and we move in to secure the fortress centre. From there, we flood out with my clones and take out any other targets. Once everything is terminated we will search the camp and see if there's anything worth of value to take back to the village. If things go wrong, you'll definitely know the signal to pull back. It'll be hard to miss, his eyes moving towards Kurama who only smiled.

"However, I doubt it'll come to that," Naruto said smiling to them. He became serious once more.

"Prepare everything you need. We move at sundown. I'm going to scout the area," and with that he left the two boys with Kurama to prepare their equipment.

When sundown came, he saw the two boys all geared up and ready. They looked a lot more focused and determined than they did before.

"Are you ready?" he asked seriously.

"Yes sensei!" they shouted back.

"Good. Let's move."

The four of them ran through the forest surround the band it camp. They got near the gate and from there Naruto made his signature hand sign and fifty Naruto's appeared without a single bit of smoke.

"You all know the plan, get to it. Kurama is leading," Naruto ordered. All of them gave a nod and ran to the gate following the fox. Naruto then looked to the other boys.

"Let's move."

The two boys nodded and the three of them started making their way up the fortress wall whilst the commotion at the front gate was happening. When they reached the top they saw all the bandits rushing into the centre to help protect against the current threat that was a horse size of a fox and fifty different Akumas. Naruto suddenly got very serious.

"The operation has begun, it's time to get serious guys." The boys nodded. Konohamaru and Udon both took out kunai and shuriken with paper bombs attached to them at the same time Naruto did.

"Now," he ordered. The three of them threw their respective weapons at their targets that were currently flooding the gate. A chain of explosions and screams followed as soon as their projectiles were thrown. Plumes of dust and smoke appeared near the gate but through it Naruto could see Kurama as well as his clones rushing through the gate and making their way through the centre.

"Get ready," Naruto said to the boys as he took out some smoke bombs from his pouch and drew his blade. He threw the bombs directly in the centre of all the fighting and caused a massive smoke cloud.

"Let's go," he told them and he jumped down from where he was standing followed by his two current teammates.

They landed on the ground, using chakra to break their fall and jumped straight into the fray. Naruto made a number of clones to help assist his two Genin companions before running in and facing the first wave of bandits that came towards him. They rushed him with their war hammers, axes and swords like barbarians. Naruto ducked under the first swing of a hammer that was attempting to smash his face open. As he ducked, he swiped his attackers foot causing him to fall on his face. Naruto quickly got back up and stabbed the man in the back ending him. Naruto then pivoted slightly and brought a slash cutting down a man from the shoulder to the waist.

His onslaught with a sword continued for a little while longer stabbing, cutting, slicing, and just decimating his opponents. He took down at least thirty-five with his sword before he saw Udon and Konohamaru back to back. One using his uncle's signature fire jutsu whilst the other was using Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu. However, they were being surrounded. Naruto acted quickly, he sheathed his blade and dashed in faster than the eye could follow. He slammed a mans face - who was attempting to stab - Udon into the ground with so much force that the ground cracked. Obviously, ending the mans life. Naruto then went through a flurry of hand seals and slammed his palms into the ground.

"Earth Style: Four Wall Pillar!" Naruto shouted out. Four massive walls attached to pillars surrounded the three man team.

"How are you two holding up?" he asked them not really breaking into a sweat. His team wasn't doing so well. They were panting and obviously low on chakra.

"W-we're doing fine sensei, we could've handled them," Konohamaru said a little annoyed. Naruto sighed.

"Konohamaru, it's ok if you need help in battle. It's what we do and what makes our village the strongest. We work as a team."
"But you don't sensei! You're Akuma!"

"H-How?" Naruto asked stunned. The two boys gave him an are-you-kidding-me look.

"I-it's not that hard to tell N-Naruto-sensei," Udon said, "Plus the rumour going around the Village is that Akuma's in town. Also, Lady Fifth said we would be getting Akuma as our next team member and so when we saw it was you we were ecstatic." Naruto sighed again.

"Just because I'm Akuma it doesn't mean I don't rely on teamwork. My team may be smaller or can increase to larger than yours but it is still a team. I have Kurama and my clones and sometimes other companions. It is not always JUST me. Now, get a grip. You're exhaustion and the fact that we are outnumbered is getting to you. Shinobi keep calm, cool and collected in battle.

The two boys finally got what he was trying to say and they both took a deep breath in and exhaled.

"Ok sensei, we're ready," Konohamaru said with a fire in his eyes. Udon looked ready as well. Naruto nodded then released his jutsu. A swarm of bandits circled them. Naruto leaped high into the air whilst Konohamaru and Udon used fireballs and water balls to keep the enemy at bay. Naruto – whilst in mid air – did hand seals. He then inhaled greatly and thought 'Wind Style: Air Cannon Barrage!'

Very large air bullets came slamming into the enemy, crushing and cutting them up. As Naruto landed he drew his blade and cut down two more bandits before going to go find Kyuubi. He knew the two Genin and his clones could handle the rest near the gate. He had to help push the centre a bit more.

When he arrived to where Kurama and his clones were fighting he saw a bear sized man taking out the last of his clones. Kyuubi had become the size of a medium sized horse and his fur had gotten darker.

"You doin' ok Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"Splendid. I was just about to commence attacking but you showed up. Your little Genin are here now as well so looks like I can't show him my parlour tricks today without getting caught," the fox stated in Naruto's mind a little annoyed as the two Genin came running into view.

"Oh well," Naruto said as he took something out of his pouch, "Maybe another time. I love your parlour tricks," He said teasingly, the fox only snorted.

"Sensei!" The two Genin cried out as they came running up next to him.

"The gate and first half of the centre is cleared. All enemies have been…terminated," Udon said, as he had to swallow the bile that he could feel coming up near the end of his sentence. Konohamaru looked like he was about to throw up as well after looking at all the bodies around them. Naruto gave a nod.

"Excellent, keep focused, we're not done yet. We still have another enemy," Naruto stated indicating to the man that was slowly making their way towards them. The two got into a stance.

"Sensei what do we do?" Konohamaru asked.

"You, Udon, and Kurama stay back," He told them simply as he pulled out his sword. The two gave a nod and finally realised that the little fox from earlier was this massive beast now.

"That's that little mutt?!" Konohamaru said stunned. He received a very low growl as his reply. The boy instantly shut up then.

"I told you not to underestimate him. Kurama is crazy strong!" Naruto stated energetically. He looked up at his new target becoming serious once more.

"I suppose I should deal with this."

He slowly started walking towards the giant man. He read the piece of paper he took out from his pouch a moment earlier out loud.

Name: Ursa, The Bear King.

Wanted for killing the nephew of the land of waters Daimyo.

Bounty: 250,000,000 ryo.
Skill: Expert in the bear style taijutsu.

Notable characteristics: Has big bear palms…

Everyone sweat dropped at the end.

"Well Mr. Bear King, I suppose it's time I end your rule," Naruto said casually. Ursa could only scoff. He got into a fighting stance and shouted out "Ninja Art, Beast Mimickery: Bear Palm Jutsu!"
He smirked.

"Let me see you tr-"

He never got to finish his sentence. The mans head came shooting off once Naruto's blade cut clean straight through it off. Naruto had dashed straight into him, cut his head of and was now currently walking towards the rest of the bandits that were hiding behind their leader. Ursa's head rolled onto the ground whilst the body crumpled in heap on the floor with an audible thud. Naruto looked at the bandits directly in front of them emitting a strange red and black aura. It was fair to say that the bandits were terrified. Naruto's eyes had gone a shining crimson. His hair had overshadowed his eyes casting a greater effect. One of the bandits had enough and decided to act out of fear.

"Die demon!"

He came charging in with a blade attempting to decapitate our hero. He never got the opportunity. A massive phantom hand that appeared to come out of nowhere had slammed the petty man into the ground as if he were merely a fly.

"Demon you say?" Naruto asked chuckling darkly. The two boys were too far from Naruto to hear what he was saying.

"You have no idea," he said darkly.

"Demonic Art: Medusas Gaze!"
All the bandits had suddenly stood frozen where they stood. They were still alive and breathing but unable to move. Naruto turned on his heels and walked back to the Genin. As he did so, he said one sentence that made the bandits scream for mercy and a certain fox to jump up in glee.

"Kurama, feast," Naruto said in a deathly cold tone that promised death upon the bandits before the fox leaped over him and started tearing a part the bandits flesh with his razor like teeth.

Naruto walked up to the stunned Genin.

"Don't worry. The mission is over now. Kurama is just having some fun," he told them as he put a hand on each of their shoulder.

"Let's go home. I'll have my clones seal Ursas head and any other valuables that are found. Kurama can just follow my scent home but he'll be done soon and catch up with us soon anyway. So, lets go home," he told them as he gave them his kindest smile. The other two could only smile back and turn their backs on the current massacre that was happening just a few metres away from them.

Naruto and his team were slowly coming towards the gate. They were covered in dirt, soot, and scratches showing obvious signs of a battle. Naruto was walking into the gate with a big goofy grin but still holding a powerful gaze followed by his now normal sized fox companion who was looking quite cheery even though he had just slaughtered quite a number of people. The two Genins he was charged with were looking pretty happy as well. They were tired and sore but happy nonetheless. They had just got back from their first higher ranked mission and were feeling really pleased. They even succeeded in not only their first kills but multiple ones. On the way back, Naruto consoled them again about the fact that they had taken a life and gave them quite a speech on how that as shinobi, they could only ever keep going, but never forget what the past has taught us.

As the group walked into the gates, they were asked to stop by the two gate guards.

"You have been summoned immediately by Lady Fifth, Akuma-san," Izumo said. Naruto gave a nod. He looked at his two Genin and said

"You're dismissed. I have to go give our mission report now. Have a day off or something. Go see how Moegi is doing, I bet she misses you," and with that Naruto disappeared in a swirl of crimson flames along with Kurama. The two Genin smiled and ran off to go see their friend.

"We'll get Moegi to heal us up!" Konohamaru shouted as they ran through the village. Udon gave a nod of agreement.

Naruto reappeared in the Hokages office. He gave his usual goofy grin at the blonde Hokage who merely stared back on him with judgemental eyes.

"I'm assuming everything went well then?" She asked hinting some form of punishment if it didn't. Naruto's smile never faltered. He simply walked up to her desk, pulled out two scrolls from his cloak and placed them down.

"One's the mission report, the other are all the valuables we found," he said. The Hokage gave a nod.

"Well done Naruto, a job well done. You and your team will be paid accordingly," she said in a lighter tone. "Now, on to more pressing matters."

Naruto instantly got serious. The Hokage only chuckled when she noticed his body action.

"Relax, it's good news," she started leaning back into her chair a bit. "We have to organise your promotion," she said simply. Naruto's grin only grew wider.

"Finally, seeing my awesomeness aye Baa-chan?" he asked her. She rolled her eyes.

"The day I see your 'awesomeness' is the day I retire," she said sarcastically.

'Although, the way you're going Naruto, I think that day may come sooner rather than later,' she thought to herself as she let a smile grace her face as Naruto laughed at her little jab.

"Anyway, as I was saying. You will be getting you're promotion later this afternoon not as Akuma, but as Naruto Uzumaki…Namikaze," she said hesitating on the last part of her sentence. Naruto looked stunned for a moment before looking back down at his feet.

"If you don't mind Baa-chan, I'd prefer if no one were to know me by that name yet," he said. "I don't mind having it on my record because it is not open to the public but I don't want it to be officially announced that that is my name. I don't think I'm ready," he said. The female Hokage gave a simple nod.

"Very well then. Be on top of the Hokage tower later this afternoon. I will have an ANBU member get you. Go get some rest. You deserve it. By the way, during your promotion, I will announce that you are Akuma. Not that it's needed of course. You have the worst counterpart disguise in history," she deadpanned. Naruto's face scrunched up into a frown.

"Why does everyone say that!" he asked exasperated "It is badass, no one can recognise me in my travellers cloak.

"Of course not Naruto, of course not," she said sarcastically. "Ok, whatever, you're dismissed so get out of my office," she said shooing him away with her hands. Naruto only smiled then ran at her window and jumped through it laughing as he ran along the rooftops after he landed whilst his mother figure shouted at him across the village.

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