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The music was pounding in the background as Ino's fingers found the smooth wood of the wall. She leaned heavily against it, her legs unsteady. What the hell had just happened? The redness that had blossomed from her cheeks was slowly receding, but for some damn reason she was still finding it hard to breathe.

She could still feel his fingertips brushing down her side, so soft, so gentle. And she could still feel his lips ghosting over her shoulder, lingering a little longer than they should have… And like he was right behind her now, she could feel his breath on her neck, so damn close…

Fuck. Ino shivered as she regained her bearings, heart thumping rapidly away. She walked to her seat, the blush still burning deep under her cheeks. People passed her, going to their own booths, the shadows of the room melding with small lanterns of light. The music faded in the background as she approached her own table and she unconsciously smoothed down her rumpled dress, heels clicking against the floor as she walked.

It was kunoichi night out. A day for them to relax, rest, rant and party. Hard. And this was their favorite spot, the new and upcoming Burning Lotus. The most premier club, restaurant and bar that Konoha had to offer. Bonus? It was a shinobi exclusive. And my my, had the turn out tonight been wonderful.

Hands drifting down her stomach…

Seven pairs of eyes looked up at Ino as she dropped into her seat.

"What took you so long Ino-pig? You said you just had to use the bathroom." Sakura commented, taking a sip of her drink. Ino glared at the pink haired girl, trying to think of a suitable response before she shrugged, her hand snaking out to grab a glass of whatever was on the table. She ignored the pointed looks she was getting from the rest of the booths occupants as she downed the glass, feeling the soft burn of sweet sake down her throat.

"Take it easy there Ino, we just got here, don't try to get drunk too quick!" quipped Tenten as she eyed Ino down another glass.

The woman sitting next to her snorted, "She can take care of herself; she's not a little girl anymore."

Alcohol sloshed around in Anko's glass as she eyed Ino up and down, grinning. "Besides, looks like little Ino-chaaan is a bit flustered, she probably was doing a little more in the bathroom than she was suppo-" A quick, subtle elbow nudged Anko in the ribs, causing her to stop.

"Nai-chan! What the hell?" Anko pouted, hands reaching to tickle her jounin friend. Kurenai, her red eyes dull in the dim light, swatted away the other woman's hands.

"Whatever Ino does in her own time probably pales in comparison to what you do Anko, don't tease her." Kurenai admonished. Anko just crossed her arms and pouted, grabbing another glass and drinking.

Ino internally let out a sigh of relief. No way she'd let them find out what just happened. No way. No fucking way. Sakura would be pissed and Hinata would try to kill her after she'd woken up from her fainting spell. She'd dodged a bullet, she mused, stirring her drink.

"But Anko has a point Ino, what's got you so flustered?" piped Shizune, curiosity piqued as she leaned across the table, a finger brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.


A hand on her hip, a finger running down the front of her dress…

"N-nothing!" Ino cursed at the stutter in her voice. Honestly, what was she, some teenager? She was a woman dammit. She didn't stutter over some guy. Some drop dead sexy, fucking intoxicating guy.

Fingers dipping lower, a hand caressing her thigh, lips hovering over her neck…

She quickly gulped down another drink, courtesy of Yugao. The older woman looked at her, a question on her lips.

"You sure you don't have anything to tell Ino? You wouldn't hold out on us would you?" Her voice was suspicious.

Ino drank another big gulp from her glass, looking at the other women from the corner of her eye. Setting the glass down, she slapped a hand to her forehead and let out a sigh,

Now or never.

"I swear! There is nothing to tell. I'm just not feeling too well." she said. No stutter or inflection in her voice at all. Damn she was good. Sakura gave her a sympathetic look.

"It must be all that time working with your father lately. I can understand that you're tired. It's probably the stress." Sakura commented, looking at Shizune for confirmation. The older woman nodded, voicing the same opinion as Sakura.

'Success!' thought Ino as the rest of the women nodded in understanding. Ino gave a nonchalant shrug, playing with the umbrella embedded in the ice of her drink.

"Gotta make daddy proud you know."

In the corner of the booth, Hinata made a sound of acknowledgement, giving Ino a warm smile. The blonde smiled back. 'Oh if only you knew…'

Yugao excused herself to grab some more drinks and the rest of the women began to chat idly about the latest news, sipping their drinks as they divided their attention between their conversations and their view of the dance floor farther inside the club. Ino zoned out of the conversation, eyes wandering toward the dark room, wondering if she'd catch a glance of long, blonde, spiky locks among the mass of people.

His body pressed against hers, his eyes looking down, lips so close…

"So, how's the love life for you girls?" questioned Kurenai, plucking the olive out of her newly arrived drink. Yugao sat next to her, sliding the remaining drinks across the table. All the women reached for theirs.

Hinata eeped and Anko just rolled her eyes. She scoffed, "You know, same shit, different day."

Yugao patter her shoulder in mock sympathy as Anko downed another drink. Kurenai gave an exasperated sigh, turning to the younger girls across from her.

"How about you girls hmm? Anything interesting happening in your lives?" she asked.

Tenten sighed and all at once, all of the girls knew what was coming. They had heard this every other week for the last two months. And now was no different.

"Neji is still acting like we aren't anything. It's starting to frustrate me."

The other women gave Tenten sympathetic looks, launching into advice for the younger girl. Minutes passed and then ten, and then even Ino began offering her own advice, her dilemma forgotten. After a while Tenten had it somewhat sorted out, earning nods of approval from the older jounin and the attention turned.

"How about you Sakura?" Kurenai questioned, noting her silence.

The young medic looked up, surprised. After a moment, she gave a shrug.

"Oh…Well, Naruto-baka-"

She didn't notice Hinata clench the table. Hard.

"-asked me on another date today. I turned him down", she remarked in a 'matter of fact' manner. The other women nodded. Same old news.

Sakura didn't notice Hinata's small sigh of relief or the twitch of Ino's eyebrow. Anko finished her drink, a smirk on her face as she spoke up.

"Speaking of Naruto, I saw that kid earlier. Talk about a stud." Her grin widened.

Hinata blushed.

Sakura gawked.

Ino choked on her drink.

They all turned to stare at her.

"It's nothing, nothing! I'm fine!" Ino gasped, taking another drink, "I'm just surprised you'd say that about Naruto."

Shit that has been close. Sakura gave her a weird look and then turned back to the conversation. Yugao had just finished talking.

"Well, he is pretty good looking… I'll admit that."

Kurenai interjected, "Sure he's good looking, but he's not an Adonis by any means" said the red eyed jounin. Anko snorted, pointing a finger at her friend.

"Ahh shut up Nai-chain, you're taken. You can't give your opinion, seeing as it's biased-"

Hinata nodded in agreement.

"-Plus Ino! Why wouldn't I say that about him? Have any of you even seen him? Training with Jiraiya did him good!"

Inwardly, Ino nodded in agreement. Damn right she'd seen him

Shadows playing across his arms, the shirt clinging tightly to his shoulders…

Sakura just laughed. "No! Naruto's isn't that good looking! I've seen him and it's not that impressive. Come on, be real about this" she scoffed. Anko just gave Sakura an incredulous look.

"You're kidding me right? Who's hotter than Naruto right now? This kids looks like a young Yondaime. The Yondaime of all people! I'm going to get my hands on that sexy ass of his…"

Hinata turned bright red and Sakura had a look of indignation on her face and launched into an argument with the special jounin. Ino just stared at her drink, musing.


What a guy…

He was the only one that had never looked. Never looked at her. Granted they'd been young… But all the other boys had known she was pretty, even Sasuke when he was still in the village had noticed her. Naruto never had. He'd only had eyes for Sakura. Only Sakura. And never anyone else. She'd seen the looks, even if Sakura didn't. And when he'd come back after three long years, when she and Sakura had saw him at the gate…she still could. Could see the burning, passionate look he would give her pink haired friend. Could see the longing and the desire hidden in his eyes. Could see the lust and the want barely veiled as his gaze would wander over his teammate. And Ino wondered if he was mentally undressing her, if in his mind he was ravaging her…

And looking at Naruto, at how his hair hung barely over his face and how his muscles coiled and bunched beneath his shirt and how his smile was so disarming…she knew what she wanted. That look. On her. All over her.

She'd just wanted to catch his interest. Just wanted him to notice. Just wanted someone like him to notice her…

Her hands drifted up her long, smooth legs, dress hiking up as she walked toward him... She could see him in the dim light, standing alone, gazing out into grinding, writhing mass of people…

And he had.

His eyes wandered, finally spotting her as she walked across the wide dance floor. She saw him look, saw the recognition in his eyes and she ran a hand almost casually down her neck, fingers spreading out as they brushed across her breasts…

And the image of him, gazing at her in the shadows had made her burn with excitement.

She could see his eyes trace her form, lingering on her toned legs. She smirked a little and put a little more sway in her hips... His eyes followed…

She'd relished the feeling, the feeling of his eyes all over her body. And she'd basked in his gaze.

He'd pushed off the wall, walking toward her. Ino smiled and 'slipped' a bit on the wood floor. Faking a frown, she bent, slowly reaching down to fix a heel, her dress sliding up her legs, barely covering her shapely bottom... She straightened, looking up and she could see him staring…

And the hungry, lustful look of wanting in his eyes had sparked a fire inside her. She loved it. And she had been determined to have more.

She made eye contact, coming to stand before him. Ino gave a coy grin.

"Well hey Uzumaki, good…view?"

There was a pause and Ino watched as Naruto blatantly looked her up and down, a smirk forming on his lips.

"Very, Ino-chan."

And there'd been that look in his eyes again. And that burning in her body. And before she knew it, Ino couldn't control herself.

Her hand pressed against his chest, fingers splaying out against him, forcing him against the wall.

"Yeah Uzumaki? You enjoying it?"

She'd just wanted to tease him… Just wanted to make him want it… To look at her again like that…

Her body was close to his and her hand began to float lower, a finger running ever so slowly down, down, down… Her other hand was raised, tilting his head back and her lips hovered near his neck...

It was just supposed to be a little game.

In the roar of the club, Ino couldn't make out Naruto's whisper in her ear. She didn't even have time to fully appreciate the shiver that ran down her spine before a hand touched her shoulder and moved toward her breasts. Ino gasped at the touch…

His fingers dipped down below her breasts, lingering on the thin fabric. Ino could feel her nipples harden…could feel his other arm snake around her, touching the small of her back.

And suddenly their positions had been reversed.

Ino's head was tilted back and Naruto was standing. Over her. Taller. Engulfing. And she could smell his scent. He was so close…and his lips ghosted across the skin of her shoulder. And with every movement, Ino could feel her heart hammering into her chest. His hand wandered down from her back and inwardly Ino begged him to grab, begged him to run a hand over her firm behind… But he didn't, his hand hovering just barely over the fabric of her dress. And as his lips brushed over her neck, as Ino made a nearly inaudible moan, she swore she could feel him smirk.

Things had changed. And suddenly it seemed like Ino wasn't the one playing a game.

His hand drifted under her breasts again...and in her mind Ino yelled at him to cup them, to play with them. But he never did. His hand ran down her toned stomach, teasing her, touching her… They lingered on the hem of her dress, threatening to slip under it, threatening to touch her bare upper thighs… He was so close… And the heat that burned in Ino just intensified.

His mouth moved from her neck, across her jawline, lips barely brushing against them.

His lips were so close and Ino waited with baited breath. But nothing ever came and Naruto's lips drifted to her ear, his hands slowly leaving Ino's body, the rush of electricity from his body vanishing.

"Definitely enjoying the view. I'll see you around, Ino-chan", he'd whispered.

And then she'd watched him go, legs shaking and heart thumping against her ribcage. Damn it had been so hard to breathe after that.

Ino stirred her drink, glancing up at the still ensuing argument between the other women.


When did he become…?


How did he…?


Why did he…? Why did she…?



Ino sipped the red drink in front of her, lost in a myriad of thoughts.

Naruto huh…

From his seat in the corner of the bar, Naruto watched Ino walk shakily back to her booth in the dining area. Taking a sip of his drink his gaze drifted to her swaying hips and down her legs, taking in every inch of her.

Damn. Three years had made Ino amazing he mused. A complete and total bombshell. Perhaps one of the prettiest he'd ever seen and on his trips with Jiraiya, he'd seen a lot of women. Afterall, where else do you go with the most perverted man in the world? Strip clubs. Brothels. Onsens. Bars. Clubs. Anywhere where pretty girls were. Jiraiya needed inspiration after all. And on his trips with the sannin, Naruto had finally come to appreciate the work the man had to put in to write his damn books.

There were so many pretty girls. But the amazing ones were so few and far in between.

And he was almost certain he'd just seen one.

At first he hadn't recognized her. She'd been dressed in her ninja gear earlier that day when he'd met with Sakura, her flak jacket covering her upper body and those legging wraps all over. He'd never seen her dress in civilian clothes. At first he'd just noticed a blonde in a short black dress with long legs walking purposely toward him. Only when he'd seen her smirk, only when she'd bent over, teasing him, that he'd know it was Yamanaka Ino.

He chuckled, putting his drink down on the bar table.

She'd tried to play with him. Tried to tease him and touch him and make him want her... Tried to seduce him…

And it had backfired horribly.

Naruto had learned a few things with Jiraiya. The art of seduction. How to touch…to tease…how to bring someone to their knees with pleasure. At first he'd been forced to do it by Jiraiya and he'd resisted. But the sannin had hammered into his head that seduction, and everything that came in a package with it, were the things that made up shinobi. That was their job. And as an added bonus, he was around beautiful women all the time and as they say, practice makes perfect.

At first he'd been a little surprised that Ino would be so bold, so daring in such a public place. It wasn't something he was used to from Konoha kunoichi, save maybe Anko. But in three years everyone changes. And Ino it seemed was no exception.

He'd seen the way she looked at him earlier that day with Sakura. He could sense the want rolling off her in waves. It had been so obvious.

So he'd turned it on her. Switched their positions. And Ino had melted in his touch. But he knew she wouldn't be content with that. Naruto drank the rest of his glass. Ino would be back for him… A girl like her wouldn't lose. Not like that.

He smiled to himself, turning back to the bar table, the image of a girl in her short black dress burned into his head.

Ino huh…

AN: Just a little idea I had. Something I wanted to make sensual and sexy, yet at the same time a bit teasing. Hopefully I got that across well enough. Something of an experiment to see what I can do with Ino and Naruto (the 2nd best only to Anko and Naruto in my opinion.) Good? Bad? Tell me.