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She moaned.


His hands roamed over her body, lips nipping at her neck, mouth hovering above her skin. Teasing. Sucking. Her eyes closed, relishing the feeling, soaking in the worship of her body. His mouth was moving down her neck, down her collar bone, down to her breasts. Fingers played across her stomach as his tongue casually swirled over her mounds.

Ino bit her lip.

The warmth that had been brewing below her belly blossomed into fiery desire.

His touch ran up her thighs, circling across her skin and she shivered under him. Her hand snaked to his back, nails digging into his skin as skilled fingers played with her. Eyes opening, she could see his lips, switching from one light brown nipple to another, suckling and lathering them with attention. A hand ghosted across her hip and her breath caught. Fingers grasped her shapely bottom, pulling her closer to a lean and toned body. She could feel his bare length, throbbing and hard, pressed against her leg. She smirked, watching his member throb in anticipation. The smirk melted from her face as he pulled back, mouth leaving the comfort of her breasts and fingers leaving their wet confines.

At the loss of his touch, the desire in her exploded in a haze of carnal lust.

Her mouth leaned up to assault his, fingers darting down to grasp his length. They both met nothing but air. She looked up, surprised etched on her face before a snarl formed on her face. Ino glared at the blond on top of her, a reprimand on her lips.

"Naruto! I'm go-"

All protests died as Naruto's mouth went south and his tongue disappeared into her folds.


Ino's fingers latched onto Naruto's hair, gripping tightly as his tongue flickered. Her thighs trembled and her back arched, the feeling of his tongue, rough and wet, driving her crazy. Her eyes rolled up slightly as the blonde nestled between her legs quickened his pace, tongue flicking back and forth, lips nipping.

The lust coursing through her body took over.

She broke their kiss, pushing Naruto onto his back, fingers drifting down to grab his ready length. Her hand pressed against his chest and her legs trembled in eagerness. He was playing with her breast, lips latched onto her sensitive nipple while his hands massaged and worked her other mound. Ino lifted herself up, grip tightening around Naruto and her folds glistened.

"I'm going to take you Naruto. And I'm going to ride you until I can't anymore."

The blonde beneath her just smirked.

Ino readied herself to sink down…

…And her alarm rang.


The clock was swiped from its place on the nightstand.

A pair of light blue eyes snapped open as Ino awoke, a curse already making its way from her lips.


So close. So damn close. Ino growled, shifting, feeling the heat between her legs and the wetness seeping into her sheets. Rubbing her thighs together Ino propped herself up on her elbows, sliding to the side of her bed. Rolling out in the dim morning light, Ino huffed as she began to pull the sheets off the mattress, careful to avoid touching the wet spots. Pulling the last corner of the sheet off the bed, Ino tossed it into the hamper and stomped rather angrily to her door, wrenching it open and walking down the hallway.

Her footsteps echoed in the silence of the morning.

Clenching a fist, her hand gripped the door knob to the bathroom and she stalked in. Crossing the small space in a few steps, she slid open the glass doors of the shower and grabbed the faucet. Cold water rained down from the shower head and Ino slid the door back in place. Placing her hands against the edge of her sink, she leaned, taking a deep breath and closed her eyes.

This was the third night in a row. The third night she'd had a dream about Uzumaki freaking Naruto. It was driving her insane. Two days later and things were the same. It'd been less than a day when she'd had the first one. She'd gone home on kunoichi night out tired and confused and a complete hot mess. All she could do was think about what had happened all night and all she could do was think about him when she showered and all she could do was think about what they'd said as she slipped under her covers. And then, predictably, all she'd done was dream about Naruto towering over her, lips ghosting across her neck.

From there, things had snowballed. He'd plagued her thoughts the whole next day. The night following had been worse. The day after she'd nearly torn her hair out trying to find him, only to discover he was on a mission. That night she'd dreamed of him again and now she'd changed her sheets for a third time.

Ino pushed off of the sink, noticing the steam begin to form on the clear glass of the shower. Ino quickly stripped down, shorts and tank top coming off as her fingers worked to unclasp her bra. Seconds later, her clothes were tossed haphazardly onto the floor around her, forgotten as she opened the glass door. Shivering as the air touched her skin, Ino slipped into the shower, the feeling of hot water caressing her skin a welcome one.

Body wash was shot into the palms of her hands, bubbly milky color spilling a bit into the water below. Lost in thought she began to lather, fingers drifting across her body, massaging the soap into her skin.

Three nights. And it was this bad. She hadn't seen him since then and she had no idea what she'd do when she did. She'd been outmatched, quite clearly, by Naruto. She'd thought it was going to be easy, that Naruto would just melt from her attentions. Remembering his commanding touch and tone, Ino knew she was very, very wrong. And it had surprised her a bit, knowing that Naruto could play too. And that startling revelation had made Ino realize Naruto had to have learned somewhere, had to have experience. Had to know what he was doing.

And that had prompted a very, very nice dream.

In the heat of the shower, Ino's light blush could be seen very clearly. She sighed, fingers dipping into the valley of her breasts and down her stomach, a soapy trail following close behind. The shower water beat a steady rhythm on her back. Things were bound to get complicated very quick.

Sakura wanted to have a little training session together with whoever was available from their two teams. And Ino knew Naruto was bound to be there. And knowing Naruto was bound to be there had sent a little shiver down her spine. But it had also raised a question in Ino's mind.

How would Naruto act around Ino and Sakura after what had happened? Would he still have eyes for only the pink haired kunoichi, or had his encounter with Ino broadened his perspective? Would he say anything? Had he said anything? Would he do anything?

Her hands dipped down her back and over her firm and smooth behind, rubbing in the bubbly soap. Her head was tilted in concentration as her hands worked.

Question after question rolled around in her head, but perhaps the most important one, the one that surged to the forefront of her thoughts was; how would Sakura feel about this if she found out? Or perhaps, when she found out. Ino had no intentions of letting Naruto slip away from her like this. Not after what had happened. Not after he'd made her look like an inexperienced little girl. Not after she'd lost.

Ino absently played with the hair plastered against her wet body, bending over to wash down her long legs. She spread them both apart, careful to wash each and every inch of her firm and toned flesh.

No one had ever done that to her before. Never in her history with boys had anyone been able to turn the tables on her so easily and so damn quickly. He'd made her a quivering mess. Made her a complete wreck for the past two days. Made her look like an inexperienced little girl. And there was no way she'd let that go. No way that she'd let him get away with that.

She straightened up, arms stretching toward the ceiling, turning toward the shower, letting the water run down her front side as she washed away the soap. She crossed her arms, letting the water pool beneath her breasts.

Moments passed as she pondered, steam drifting around her face, becoming thicker. Minutes ticked by and the water pounded her before Ino reached forward and shut it off. Sliding the door open and stepping out of the shower, Ino grabbed a towel, a grin beginning to stretch across her face. Naruto would learn.

She rubbed herself down, the towel catching the moisture off her body and the grin on her face widened second by second. She'd bring him to his knees, make him want it more than he'd ever wanted it before. She'd make him want her more than he'd ever wanted Sakura.

Not bothering to even wrap the towel around herself, Ino opened the bathroom door and stepped out of the steamy room into the hallway. Tying her hair into a knot as she walked, she reached her room and dropped the towel unceremoniously to the floor. All of his attention would be on her, her pink haired friend be damned. She'd had her chance and now Naruto was fair game.

Going straight to her drawer and closet, Ino began rummaging through her clothes, thongs, skirts, shorts and dresses tossed behind in her haste. The grin never left her face.

She'd get him back. And he'd beg her for more.

"Neh, Sakura-chan, I did good huh!" Naruto remarked, a cheeky grin on his face.

The pink haired kunoichi growled from where Naruto's clone was sitting on her.

"Narutooooo! Get off me right now so I can beat you properly damn it!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"And that's the reason I'm not letting you up" he quipped.

In the silence of the training ground, Sakura's increased struggles could be heard quite clearly. Naruto summoned another shadow clone and it too sat on the pink haired kunoichi. And this continued on for minutes, Sakura struggling in vain, threatening to beat Naruto to a pulp and Naruto quietly explaining there was a reason she was still face down against the ground, all the while summoning more clones to do his bidding.

"Damn Naruto, I didn't know you were into the kinky stuff!"

Naruto and Sakura quit bickering and shut their mouths as a voice rang out over the training ground. Two pairs of eyes, one with a glare and one with an amused glint, swiveled to the newcomer.

Dressed in a short skirt with a slit in the side, a tight fitting tank top that hugged her body and absolutely no wrappings, Yamanaka Ino knew she looked good. She took long strides toward the two other shinobi, basking in the pair of eyes she could feel burning into her, taking in her whole body. Naruto certainly didn't bother to hide the hungry gaze that tended to roam, from her eyes down her to long, smooth legs.

Something stirred…

Sakura didn't notice Naruto's gaze, too focused on how Ino's interruption. The glare in her eyes was apparent and she mentally cursed Ino as she saw what the blonde haired girl was wearing.

"What do you want Ino-pig! We're trying to train here, your team already left!" she shouted. The blonde girl neared, looking a bit thoughtful.

"Well, I want to train too. You don't mind that I train with you right…Naruto?"

Sakura opened her mouth to retort but Naruto, snapping his gaze away, responded first.

"It would be a good team exercise."

The clone sitting on Sakura dispelled, leaving the girl speechless for a second. She got to her feet, a surprised look on her face and an incredulous tone seeping into her voice.

"You're kidding right? What could Ino-pig here have to offer to help?"

Naruto merely bend down, saying nothing as he stretched. He began slowly.

"Well, I was thinking we could work on tracking. We do have to get Sasuke back right? You could practice now by tracking me. And to give you more incentive, you can compete against Ino-chan here."

He motioned to the blonde girl, ignoring the look in her eyes, ignoring the lust he could feel rolling off her in waves, ignoring the pure desire he could sense from her body…

Naruto swept his gaze past her, trying not to look. Trying not to see how the swell of her bust was so much more prominent. And how the muscle in her legs rippled as she shifted and how the nape of her neck looked so damn inviting.

"Compete against forehead huh? I think I can do that. Think you can keep up, eh Sakura?"

The pink haired girl just glared at Ino.

"I can do more than keep up Ino-pig" she growled, tightening the gloves on her hands. Naruto glanced between the two of them, reaching into his pocket. His hand fumbled about a bit before he pulled out a small stop watch.

"When this goes off, you can both begin. I'm getting a head start. The boundaries are this training ground and the surrounding forest. Good luck."

With that, he ran into the trees. And as he ran, Ino couldn't help but notice the sheen of sweat against his neck, glistening, or the way his hair framed his angular face, drooping down over his forehead...

And all the while Sakura stared at Ino, suspicion beginning to worm its way into her head, as she wondered what exactly was going on with her blonde haired rival.

The shadows of the trees played across his face, falling over his eyes and his mouth. In the dark of the forest, Naruto's keen eyes traced the path of one Yamanaka Ino as she made her way deeper into the myriad of trees.

He watched her, noting how lithe she was, how she flowed down the path. How she was so damn graceful. How every inch of her body just…moved. Naruto leaned against a tree, blue eyes running over the blonde's form, taking in the contours of her slim frame. For such a petite girl, one who constantly took care of her figure, Ino had a surprising amount of curve and just the right amount of muscle. Shaking his head, Naruto tore his gaze away for a moment, blinking as a shadow clone exploded far away, telling him that Sakura had gone the opposite direction of Ino in search of him. Good. He'd deal with her later. The almost infinite amount of clones he had at his disposal would keep Sakura busy while he dealt with…this.

Yamanaka Ino.

A complete fucking mystery.

The Ino of old would have never voluntarily come out to train. This Ino had all but insisted that they train together. The Ino of old would have never tried to do what she had done. She would have never come after him, of all people. He'd had no delusions of the chances he'd had with girls and women before he'd left. And now that he'd come back, now that he'd matured and grown with Jiraiya, the one girl he'd never thought would stoop so…low, had.

The blonde quirked an eyebrow as he watched Ino stop and hop down onto the path.

Naruto knew this had to be about that night. This had to be about how he'd completely turned the tables on her. He knew that a girl like Yamanaka wouldn't let something like that slide. He knew that she'd be back to get even with him. She was too proud. Too confident in her own abilities with men.

The blue eyed shinobi watched, pondering Ino's motivations. What was she trying to do? This was hardly the type of place where she'd be able to beat him, much less make him look like a fool. This was something more than that. Naruto hunched forward as Ino scanned the area before leaning against a nearby tree, curious as to what was about to happened.

The blonde watched as she pressed her back against the tree, stretching against the hard bark. And Naruto couldn't help but notice the curve of her neck and how the small beams of light lancing through the trees made it glisten just a bit. He couldn't help but notice the way the shadows played off her bust, accentuating the already generous curves… He couldn't help but notice, as Ino ran a tongue over her lips, how those lips were plump and moist... And Naruto, lost in his thoughts, couldn't help but wonder how those lips would feel all over him…

Ino legs were spread now, hands running down her toned flesh, her back pressed against a tree, arching. Her hands were drifting to her skirt, tugging at the edges of the cloth, slowing slipping it up, showing more of her thighs. And Naruto couldn't help but notice how toned they were. How long. How slender. How perfect.

Her hands moved up her body, so slow, so sensual. And Naruto's eyes followed. They traced the outline of her stomach, drifting up her sides, until they were below the swell of her breasts. He could see her bite her lower lip, could see her tilt her head back as she grabbed her own mounds, touching them, fondling them, squeezing them…

Naruto licked his lips, aware now that there was a growing desire kindling inside him, aware now of how hard she was making him…

And Ino continued. Her fingers played with her nipples as one hand drifted across her neck, a finger slowly dragging down her collar bone... Slowly drifting back down her stomach… Down her skirt… Stopping just short of slipping underneath the flimsy fabric… And Naruto couldn't help but imagine that those were his fingers slipping underneath her skirt...

And Naruto felt like he was being teased… Like this was just a game all over again…

And he was lost. Lost as he watched pure perfection play in front of him. Lost as he watched a complete bombshell. A complete goddess.

And in the back of Naruto's mind, far, far behind the lust and the desire that clouded his head, a little voice asked him if maybe, maybe this was all just a dream…?

And then a pair of arms were snaking over his shoulders, looping around his neck. And then hot breath was brushing over his ear, a moist tongue flicking out on his flesh. And then a voice was talking to him, whispering to him.

"Looks like I got you all hot and flustered and caught you off guard..."

'Genjutsu!' that little voice yelled in the back of his head as he watched the image of Ino in front of him fade away. But the voice didn't register and it was far too late.

"…I win, Naruto."

And then he was spun around and a pair of lips were crashing into his, hunger and passion so apparent. And then hands were trailing down his chest, drifting down, down, down…

And then he was pressed against the ground, a hand running through his hair as another ran down to the waistband of his pants. Her hand slipped beneath the cloth, hovering there as Naruto shivered from the touch…

He returned the favor and his hands found their way under her shirt, gripping, fondling, playing with her breasts through the fabric of her thin bra. She moaned in his mouth, the feeling of his fingers making her whole body tingle, the electricity of his touch mind blowing. His burning touch moved under her skirt, gripping her upper thigh…sliding against her behind…

Ino shuddered as his thumb brushed over her, taking a sharp breath at each soft caress. Her hand inched down his thigh for a second before she could feel the heat pulsing from his length. The blonde girl tenderly gripped it and she could feel the veins throb as she worked her hand up and down…

A twig snapped.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprised and Ino's head whipped to the side.

And there, mouth opened wide in shock, gaping at them, stood Sakura.

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