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Naruto tugged at the edges of his shirt, fingers playing absently with the fine silk. It was night in Konoha now, the moon shining bright above the hidden village. The silver light was peeking through the window, small beams playing against his clothing, glancing off his polished black shoes.

It'd been a gift from Jiraiya long ago, the old pervert insisting that he have a set of nice clothes when they went to high class, public settings. The Toad Sannin wouldn't have his apprentice dressing like an idiot, in orange no less. Naruto had resisted of course, but arguing with the hermit was useless. It was a dark, dark blue dress shirt, a new fashion that was all the rage across the elemental countries. It had grown on him, and he now owned several in various shades of grey, black and white, much to Jiraiya's approval. It had been a much needed makeover. Orange, while he loved the color to death, had seriously hampered his shinobi and social life. He'd discovered that on the road with Jiraiya.

Naruto gazed out the window, the sound of music loud but yet dim in the background, muffled by the closed doors of the building. He ran a hand through his loose blonde hair. What a ridiculously crazy week it'd been. And what an even crazier day.

That girl… She'd taken him on a wild ride…

His fingers slipped into the pockets of his black slacks, and he tilted his head back, lost in his thoughts. It'd been a hell of a night, between dinner and then the club. Burning Lotus had been as packed as ever and the normal shinobi crew had been there, as usual. And my, had sparks flown. The looks on people's faces when Ino had shown up, her arm wrapped around his...well, it had been amusing at first, but quickly turned alarming. Sakura hadn't been there, still in holding and being reprimanded by the Hokage, but that hadn't been all. He thought there'd be another fight right then and there between the anger that was clear on Hinata's face, the jealous looks he'd seen from the others and the look and feel of lust radiating off Anko. Thankfully, they'd avoided a massive kunoichi brawl. Suffice to say, if they hadn't, Burning Lotus would probably be just that, burning.

Naruto turned, cracking his neck, massaging his stiff muscles. The sound of the club roared to life behind him as a door opened. The noise snapped Naruto from his thoughts and he turned to the doorway. Music and chatter rolled its way out the door and his blue eyes were drawn to the entrance.

Long, slender legs. A slim waist. Firm breasts. All hidden yet flaunted by a short, body hugging dark blue dress. Blonde locks hanging casually, framing her face. Her neck and jaw so tantalizing and defined in the dim light.

Yamanaka Ino.

She turned to him, smiling brilliantly, white teeth flashing in the dark. She was breathless, the door closing behind her as she waved a goodbye, her heels clicking against the floor.

"Ready?" she said, locking eyes with the other blonde as she neared.

Naruto stood, pushing himself off the leather seat, eyes slowly roaming over her body one last time before flashing his own smile, holding his hand out.

"Of course."

She took his hand, fingers curling around his larger ones, giving them a firm squeeze. The two of them stepped out of the lobby of the club, ignoring looks from some of the patrons. The doors closed behind them, the noise fading as it did. The two stepped out into the night, strolling down the road under the moonlight, a comfortable silence between them. Ino stole a glance at the blonde, who seemed lost in thought. It was understandable. It'd been an eventful day, starting that morning. But the night had come and would soon be gone and Ino intended to make the most of it.

"You know, I'm not really sure why I was surprised…" said Ino, gripping Naruto's hand a little tighter. He looked over at her, a question on his lips. Ino just waved him off.

"No, no, it's nothing bad. You did what I wanted Naruto…you showed me a good time. I shouldn't be surprised. ", she said after a few more moments. Naruto nodded, smiling a bit.

"There's just one more thing I want you to do…"

Ino beckoned him to lean down and come closer. She leaned over, mouth arching up to his ear. Her hot breath sent shivers down his body. Her whisper, low and sexy brushed over his neck.

"Take me home…take me…"

And Naruto did. He slid an arm around her waist, snaking around her taut stomach. The wind picked up, the moon light wavered and the sky rippled and after a moment, the two blondes were gone.

"You owe me, Uzumaki Naruto", she'd whispered, her hands sliding up his chest. Her breath was hot on his neck, and he felt a tingle go down his spine.

That morning he'd woken in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar house. Women's perfume, sweet and subtle had wafted across his senses. That alone had made Naruto extremely nervous. The last thing he'd remembered was Sakura's chakra powered fist decking him and the smell of knockout gas. But this wasn't Sakura's place. Nor was it his and for a moment, Naruto had feared the worst. He had to stop waking up in random places.

"Take me out…" she'd said huskily, lips nipping his ear, teasing, licking, "…show me what I've been missing…"

And then the door had opened and she'd walked in and after a few seconds drinking in her intoxicating beauty, the blonde quickly took his previous thought back. If waking up in random places led to this…well…he could handle that. Long, luscious, platinum blonde hair, tied up into a bun, stray strands falling casually around her sharp features… Naruto could only stare.

Her fingers ran through his long and spiky hair, and he tilted his head back, her lips trailing kisses down his neck. "…Think you can do that…lover boy?"

She'd walked in, long toned legs looking so damn tantalizing in the soft white light of the midmorning. She'd been in those short, short, short shorts that showed off all of her legs and thighs and more, and he just hadn't been able to tear his eyes away from that smooth, creamy skin…

"Think you can make me want you more that I already do…? Think you can make me yours…?" She licked him, tongue flicking out, running over his skin.

She smirked, looking down at him, noticing the lust and desire in his blue eyes. She came around, coming to stand by the edge of the bed, throwing a shirt onto the covers. Naruto sat, looking down at himself, quirking an eyebrow at his shirtless frame.

"So, this your place then Ino-san?" he'd said.

The blonde only let out a laugh.

"Why yes it is Uzumaki, why? Nervous?"

Naruto scoffed, pulling the shirt toward him. Ino's eyes watched his muscle ripple, taut and toned chest catching her gaze, and she'd unconsciously slid a soft, pink tongue over her lips. Naruto just smiled.

"No, no, not at all Yamanaka…"

"…Because you know that's what I want… I want to be yours… I want you to…" Her hands trailed back down his chest, down his abs, fingers lingering over his thighs, fluttering.

He shrugged the shirt on, looking up at his fellow blonde. Ino just stared back at him and he could see the passion dancing behind her eyes. Naruto leaned back against the pillows.

"So…thanks for bailing me out. I didn't think Sakura would go that far…"

Ino just laughed.

"Forehead is crazy. She wanted you pretty bad. You should've known that."

"…take me…" Her finger nails ran over his skin, and he hissed in pleasure. She smirked behind him.

Naruto gave a frown.

"I made it pretty clear that whatever I had for her was done. She should've gotten over it. But I know that's not how it is."

Ino nodded, coming to sit by the other blonde, noting with satisfaction as his eyes roamed over her body.

"…ravage me…" Her teeth dragged over his ear, hands wandering farther down. She turned to face him.

"You know", Naruto started, "It's kind of funny, after all the years I pined after her, when I finally was done with it, she wanted me."

Ino looked at Naruto. This was it. This was what she wanted to know. The question spilled from her lips.

"Do you regret not waiting for her?"

"…But you have to earn it…" She stopped, smiling at the groan of disappointment from the blonde. She ran her tongue over his lips.

"Not at all", was Naruto's swift reply. "If I'd waited any longer, well, I probably would have been waiting for an eternity."

He laughed and Ino joined him. They were silent for a few moments.

"So, yeah, if there's any way I can repay for helping me out…just let me know."

Ino glanced at the blonde. He had this innocent little look on his face, and she could see the smirk threatening to break out. He knew dammit. Oh he knew. But she was going to draw this out and make him wait.

"Well…I don't know. I rather like having you in my debt."

Naruto looked a bit surprised, before quirking a small smile. Ino could see the wheels turning in his head.

"Oh? Is that so, Ino-chan? Well then, I should probably take my leave soon, before you decide to call in my debt."

He pushed the covers away, legs swinging over to the edge of the bed. He sat by her, feet on the ground, ready to stand up.

"Well…I think there is something you can do to repay me…"

She smirked. Naruto turned to the girl, eyes running over the loose fitting shirt around her body, a deep v leaving her breasts almost bare…

"…You have to work for it…" She caught his lip between her teeth, suckling.

"And what would that"

"Well, I'd like date."

Naruto cocked his head.

"A date?"

Ino nodded, "Yeah, a date. I want you to take me out, show me a good time, show me how Uzumaki Naruto treats a woman."

Naruto laughed, "If you insist, Ino-chan. Is that all?"

Ino tilted her head, putting a finger to her lips as if thinking.

"Well…I'll tell you the rest if you show me a good enough time, haven't earned it yet, have you now?"

Naruto chuckled again, standing up, stretching as he did.

"I'll be by later tonight then, I hope you're ready."

The blonde girl smiled.

"More than you know, Naruto, oh, and one more thing."

Naruto turned, a questioning look on his face.


Ino just smirked, pulling him back down.


A pair of full, soft, supple lips met his, a hand wrapping around his neck, snaking into his hair. His own hands danced down her sides, tracing her body, running over her skin, touching…

"…Can you do that…lover boy…?" She kissed him.




God, this, fuck, he was driving her crazy.

And they hadn't even got through the door yet.

Ino's fingers buried themselves in his blonde hair, gripping the wild locks hard as her body pressed against him, grinding. Her dress was hiked up over her thighs and every time his bare skin touched her the heat deep within the beautiful blonde blossomed into an uncontrollable fire. Her hands traveled down his body, fingers gripped onto his blue shirt, fumbling with the white buttons as her back was slammed roughly into her door.

He was over her, engulfing, covering, and she melted against him. Their lips were locked, tongues fighting for dominance and she could feel him smirk in satisfaction as his hands found their way under her skirt

'Oh. Sweet. Kami.'

His touch was like electricity, sending a million little, tiny, tiny, shocks coursing through her body, making her so fucking excited. Ino bit her lip. She couldn't take it anymore. At this rate she'd be a quivering, wet, mess before they even hit the bed. If they ever got to the bed. They needed to get inside.

Her breath hitched as Naruto's hands slid up her legs, .slowly. She fumbled with her keys, pulling them out of her purse as Naruto suckled on her neck, kisses and bites trailing down her skin.

"S-stop Naruto. Inside. Now."

The door was open and the two, lips once again crashed against each other's, stumbled blindly into Ino's dark apartment. His hands lifted her dress, pulling the blue fabric up around her waist, exposing her tone and taut thighs. His fingers felt like fire as they sprinted up her legs. And now his hands were around her thighs. And then they were under her ass, digging into firm, but soft flesh, gripping it, kneading it. Ino moaned in his mouth, her hands frantically removing the remaining buttons on Naruto's shirt.

Dark blue fabric fluttered to the ground. And Ino couldn't even begin to describe the fire that exploded inside her and the want and lust and desire that filled her as she gazed upon tight, unblemished, sinewy muscle. Her blue eyes could barely pull themselves away in time to see the outline of his member straining against his slacks before she was in the air, her smooth legs wrapping around Naruto's waist.

Her hips bucked against him, making Naruto stumble back with their force. And suddenly Naruto was falling into a loveseat, on his back as the platinum blonde in his lap ran her fingers across his skin.

God this was so fucking hot.

Her lips were against his. Kissing. Nipping. And now her teeth were dragging across his skin, light marks trailing over his neck. Down. Down. Down her lips went, her silky tongue sliding down his chest and his chiseled abs, hovering around the waistband of his pants. His head tilted back and he moaned aloud as her hot breath met his bare skin. Under the confines of his slacks, his hardened member twitched in anticipation.

"Mmm, you want it huh…?"

Her voice was husky, laced with passion and lust and Naruto couldn't even deny it. Her fingers were playing with his belt, slowly, so, so slowly pulling it off. He bucked against her, hardening even more as she ran a finger lightly down his still confined length.

"Oh yeah…you want it don't you Naru-kun?"

The belt was off, tossed haphazardly onto the floor and now Ino's one hand was carefully unbuttoning his pants.

"You want it so…so bad…you're so…hard aren't you?"

Naruto looked down with a moan as his member was pulled free, hard flesh pulsing as Ino's long fingers wrapped around him. Her blue eyes were locked on his own, hand slowly running up and down his throbbing rod.

"Tell me."

Naruto's breath hitched as Ino's tongue ghosted over his tip, her eyes never pulling away. Her hand quickened pace, fingers thrusting him up and down in quick, deft motions.

"Tell me you want it."

Her mouth was over it, lips pressing against the rigid cock. She pumped him harder. Faster. One hand reached to caress his balls, fingers gliding over them slowly. So close dammit. So fucking close. It, she was driving him crazy.

"Tell me you want me to lick it. And suck it. And run my tongue .it."

Naruto just moaned as her tongue ran across the base of his length, head tilting back once again.

"Yesss da-"

Her hand stopped and his gaze snapped back to her at the loss of touch.

His eyes widened, head throwing back once more, hissing as Ino's mouth engulfed his rock hard flesh in one smooth motion. Hot. Wet. Smooth. Up. Her supple lips were pressed against the head. Naruto's fingers snaked into the blonde's hair. Down. They parted, tongue caressing the underside of his shaft, stiff in the wet confines of her mouth. Oh god. His grip on her hair tightened. Up. Her tongue swirled around him, playing. Down. Her saliva dripped down his flesh. Down. Naruto moaned, more and more of his pulsating cock disappearing into Ino's mouth. Down. The tip touched the back of her throat and Naruto gripped the side of the couch, knuckles white as he let out a low moan of pleasure.

She kept going. And going. And going. And going.

The pressure within him was peaking, building to a crescendo. Up. Ino's mouth pulled off his shaft with a soft pop. Her lips pursed together and as Naruto watched, she gently blew on his now exposed, saliva covered length. Naruto shivered, the feeling hitting him and making his spine tingle. The girl between his legs looked up at him, fingers once again curling around his member.

"Are you…close Naru-kun?"

Her tongue ran over him, silky skin running from the base to the tip in a long, smooth motion. Her hand pumped him while she carefully began to pull her dress off.

"You wanna release huh…?"

Up. Down. Up. Down. Over and over and over. Her lips fell to the base of his rigid flesh again, fingers caressing his balls. Naruto grit his teeth. God he was so close…


Her dress fell to the floor. Naruto's eyes watched its fall. The black bra she had went with it, but Naruto didn't follow that one's descent.

Ino's breasts hung free, round mounds with light pink areolas. Her nipples were hard, creamy skin glistening in the dim light. Naruto gulped at the sight and his cock in Ino's hand throbbed with renewed intensity.


'Oh god.'

She pumped him harder, faster, her eyes never leaving his. He twitched, once, twice.

"I-Ino…I'm gonna come!"

Naruto's fingers gripped the love seat hard. His seed spurted, thick, long coils spraying out onto Ino's breasts. His breath shuddered, shaft twitching, cum leaking from the tip. His release dripping down Ino's firm breasts, trickling slowly down her smooth flesh.

The platinum blonde just smirked, thrusting hand coming to a stop around Naruto's cock. Her fingers unwrapped and she slowly got to her feet in front of the spiky haired boy. Naruto couldn't pull his gaze away from her nearly naked form, eyes roaming over every inch of rich, smooth skin. His gaze just made the desire in Ino burn even more.

"I'm going to go clean up…" she said, fingers hooking under her thong as she turned on her heel. "When I get back, I hope you'll show me that your legendary stamina is good for something else besides training…alright lover boy?"

Naruto could only nod, watching as the blonde walked away, her round, full bottom swaying as she did. Naruto, half hardened, returned to full mast in an instant, thoughts of what she would to him and what he would do to that sexy fucking body when she came back flying through his head. He watched her go, watched her drop her ridiculously small thong at the entrance to her room.

Fuck it. He wasn't going to wait.

He kicked his clothes into a pile, standing as he did. He trailed Ino's footsteps to her bedroom, brushing past her discarded clothing. The sounds of water running came from the bathroom that was joined to the side and Naruto wasted no time.

Naruto's fingers silently pushed the door open, eyes fixing on Ino's luscious, sexy, breathtaking form, running a washcloth over breasts. She turned to him, a bit of surprise on her face.


His lips crashed down into hers, pulling her into an electrifying kiss. His arms wrapped around her, pulling the lithe and curvy girl against him, hands running over her naked body, still dripping with a little water.

"Bed." he growled shortly, nipping at her neck.

A few strides from the door, Ino in his arms and then she was on the bed, naked body on display against the red covers. Naruto drank in the view hungrily. Her breasts were firm and perky, heaving slightly as she breathed and her slim stomach was defined, leading to a toned waist, connected to the most jaw dropping legs Naruto had ever laid eyes on.

He was looking as a goddess. A real life goddess.

And he told her so, trailing kisses down her body as she writhed under his touch. One kiss.


Another kiss. Lick. Bite. His hot breath against her skin. Ino was on fire.


Another kiss. His lips ghosting over her skin, suckling on tender flesh. His fingers ran up her inner thighs, fluttering around her womanhood. She squeezed her legs together, the heat building within.


Another kiss. Her firm breast taken softly in his mouth. She gasped at the warmth and the wetness, fingers burying themselves in his hair as her head tilted back.


Another kiss. His lips trailed down her stomach and now his hands were wrapped around her legs. He licked, his tongue flicking out, gliding on the outer edge of Ino's folds. The blonde couldn't help the high pitched moan that slipped from her lips. Another kiss around her inner thighs.

"Q-quit teasing me N-Naruto!" she gasped. He didn't stop, tongue playing around her womanhood, licking, teasing.

"Qu-quit licking!" she moaned. "And just fuck me dammit. Fuck me hard."

The blonde simply began to kiss up again; trailing back up her stomach and to her neck, until his long, hard shaft was barely pressing against Ino's soaking wet pussy. The tip was flush against her and Ino tried to force herself upon it, tried to feel his rock hard cock inside her, but Naruto simply pulled back and the blonde let out a groan of disappointment. The fire inside her needed to be put out…Her desire needed to be quenched…It was getting so hard to control herself…

"Pleeaase…" Ino moaned, licking her lips.

Her breath hitched as Naruto entered her in one, long, smooth motion, every inch of his length plunging deep inside Ino's wet, tight folds. She squeezed around him reflexively as he continued slowly, earning a low moan from the blond Adonis. A second. Another. And then Naruto was sheathed fully inside her. She could feel him throbbing, pulsing inside, so, so hard.

He was thrusting, a slow, slow movement as Ino wrapped her long, beautiful legs around him. Bit by bit the blonde girl lost herself in pleasure. Naruto built a rhythm, sliding easily, smoothly, slowly too slowly into her.

"…f..faster…" she moaned.

Gasping. His pace quickened. The sounds of his breathing in her ear, the slow, low 'schlick' as he entered into her over and over and over again. She clenched around him, savoring the feeling of his rigid flesh deep within her.

Her hips rocked against his thrusts as she tried to match his pace, her head tilted back, neck exposed to Naruto's talented, talented lips. Suckling. Kissing. The sounds of their skin smacking together, slick with her growing arousal.

Ino's fingers ran down Naruto's back, nails digging into his skin, her breath hitching as his mouth caught her firm breast, tongue swirling around her swollen nipple.

A high moan. She squeezed and a guttural grunt escaped from his lips. Minutes passed, the two lost in the swirling pleasure and sounds of their frantic love making. Ino tried to think, tried to form coherent thoughts as she stared into his blue eyes that were half closed. But she couldn't. How long had it been? God was he still going….? It was just so much, it just felt sooooogoood and she couldn't help it oh god.

Long thrusts. Her own fluids dripping down her thighs. Her body quivered, heat blossoming as his hard length penetrated further. Rougher. Faster. His hips rammed into her and her eyes rolled back, mind lost in all the pleasure.

Sweat dripped from his forehead, sliding down his face. His free blonde hair was matted to his face and his arms shook as he kept thrusting into the blonde bombshell beneath him. Her breasts shook with each movement of his hips, bouncing up and down. A high pitched moan. Her head was rolling back. She was clenching around him, her already tight and wet womanhood clamping down over his cock. His length came full out, glistening in the dim light, only his tip still buried inside the girl. He thrust back into her, a long, quick motion into her slick pussy.

The sheen of his sweat glinted off his toned body. Through the haze of pleasure and the pressure that was building quickly within her, Ino idly noted that his thrusts were getting quicker. Faster. Harder. More shallow. The entirety of his length sheathing inside her and then back out in a quick moment. Over and over and over. His hips pistoned in and out and Ino couldn't hold it back anymore. He was turning her into a quivering, wet mess, pounding into her relentlessly and it .good.


Harder. Harder. Harder.


Her body quivered and his breath was short, shallow, harsh gasps ripping from his lips.

"I'm close…Ino…come for me…"

Her fingernails dug into his skin, legs wrapping harder around him. She clenched.

"….o..oh….I wi…will….I am….I'm coming Naruto…I'm coming!"

The pressure inside her was unbearable, pleasure overloading her senses and her body. She shook, moaning high and loud as her orgasm hit, ripping through her body in long pulses, sending her into ecstasy.

"…I…Ino…I'm coming..!"

Naruto thrust once, twice. His kissed her, lips devouring her own as he bottomed out, cock twitching as he released. They both rode out their orgasms, moments passing as the pleasure assaulted them. Seconds. Minutes. Moaning. Gasping.

Finally, after an eternity of bliss, Naruto slumped against his fellow blonde, a grin spread wide across his lips. His eyes were still half closed, eyelids hovering over his blue orbs. Ino's head was tilted back and her breasts heaved as she took in deep breaths.

"…God damn…you sure know what you're doing…"

Naruto smirked.

"…So I take it you enjoyed that…?"

The girl next him scoffed, one sky blue eye cracking open to glance at him, a teasing smile sneaking upon her lips.

"I hope that's not all you've got, lover boy."

The smirk on Naruto's face only widened.

The rest of the night passed in a whirlwind of passion.

When Ino awoke in the morning, the first thing she felt was soreness. A lazy feeling throughout her whole body that made her slump against the sheets with a sigh.

When Ino awoke in the morning, the first thing she remembered was being bent over the bed and being taken over and over again by a sexy, blonde haired god, his length pulsing inside her.

When Ino awoke in the morning, the first thing she noticed was that she was alone; her own naked body the only occupant in her bed.

When Ino awoke in the morning, the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was a small note lying on her pillow, along with a single, long red rose.

And the first thing Ino did in the morning was read the almost illegible scrawl penned across the paper.

'Catch me if you can.'

Ino's loud scream of frustration could be heard for blocks.

As he heard a loud, indignant yell from his perch on a neighboring rooftop, Naruto smiled, letting out a light laugh.

Oh, it'd be fun.

After all, it was all a game and he never lost.


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