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Bella has been brought to Volterra by two of the most powerful Volturi guards; not screaming and/or kicking on the way. She faced many ups and down, fell out, and back in love again. She found out that Jane was just like Alice; a hyper pixie who thrived on fashion, that Felix and Demetri were just like Emmett; brotherly yet complete pranksters, that Heidi, Chelsea, Athendora and Sulpicia were the most amazing sisters and aunties Bella could have ever received, and that Alec; was the only person who's soul would forever remain hers, and vice-versa. They have faced jealous ex's and a disastourous birthday party. Bella thought that she had finally gotten her happy ending, but that had only been the beginning.

The Volturi Saga; Chasing Midnight

Ch1; A law is a law

Two weeks after Bella's transformation.

11 days.

11 Days since I said goodbye to my human life.

Just as I expected, I loved being a vampire. I loved the freedom outside of the castle walls, the pure thrill of running like the wind left me breathless.

Life was amazing.

I put on the new black Gucci dress and my black cloak.

Ever since I have been turned, every guard and family member stopped treating me like I would break any given moment, and instead, challenged me to duels and treated me like I was one of them. It was horrifying at how wrong you could be about people.

I mean, once upon a time, I was convinced that the Volturi were nothing but a group of unfair and evil demons that killed any given opportunity. Boy, how wrong I had been.

The black ballet flats slipped from my hands and onto my feet. I walked over to the vanity in Mine and Alec's bedroom and quickly brushed my hair, letting it fall down in soft waves down my back.

The transformation treated my body well. It hadn't given me much curves, and my breasts were still the boring C-cup, but my butt looked rounder and my fingers looked more lady-like. My features were slightly sharper and my bottom lip finally became fuller to match the upper one.

And my lousy brown eyes became a brilliant, bright red.

I smiled into my reflection as I put on soft black eye-liner to my lower lid. I didn't put any other make-up on and decided to leave to the throne room.

On the way there, Heidi caught me by my arm. The brunette dragged me into a dark corner.

"Bella, we are holding an execution today because of the new law, if you find it hard, leave," She said softly. I nodded, but the lump that formed in my throat suddenly made it hard to speak.

The New Law.

Ever since I have been robbed of my innocence in that dark alley by Mike, any vampire who had been caught hurting a woman in such a way, had been killed without a second chance.

"I know Heidi, thank you," I finally answered.

She nodded and pecked my cheek. "Okay, I'll see you there," She said and walked away. I took a deep breath and unknowingly steadied myself. A loud roar from the throne room shook me out of my trance. I quickly walked towards the high, wooden doors and pushed them open. The first thing my new eyes caught, was the mad man in the middle of the throne room- obviously a vampire.

Then, my eyes met those of my adoptive father, Marcus. He smiled in acknowledgement, and I smiled back.

"Bella, il mio prezioso," Aro spoke from the centre of the room. My smile widened and I let my hood fall from my head. I walked through the centre of the room and into his waiting arms. I stole a peek at the man that was kneeling before us and looked back up at Aro.

"Zio?" I asked meekly.

Aro only nodded and let his arms break the embrace. Next, I decided to greet my second uncle, Caius. He winked at me and I gave him a cheeky smile. Then, I decided to greet my adoptive father.

"Padre," I spoke and pecked him on the cheek.

"Mio figlia," He answered. I looked to his right and my dead heart skipped a non-beat.

Jane and Alec.

I walked over to little Jane and hugged her tightly. And then, my vision was absolutely clouded and the only thing I saw was him


His emotionless face immediately brightened and he grinned at me. He took me into his arms and buried his nose in my hair.

"We gathered here today, to decide the faith of this man," Aro spoke, as everyone began to listen.

The man from the middle of the room started laughing like a maniac.

"I am about to be executed just because I was having fun with some human filth?" The man spoke. My eye twitched with annoyance.

"Do not interrupt your master," I said in a cold tone.

"What are you supposed to be? His little slut?" The man shouted and I could feel Alec's chest tense beneath my hand. I fisted his cloak in my hand and he relaxed.

To my left, I saw Jane raise an eyebrow. Suddenly, the mad man's screeches filled the room and Jane smirked.

Aro held up a hand towards her and the man fell to the floor, shouting no more. Then, Aro turned to me.

"Would you, dear Bella?" He asked kindly and clapped once for Demetri and Felix to hold the man still.

I slowly made my way towards the man, taking my time. My cloak fell to the floor precisely three metres from the man. My head rose higher and I raised my arm, keeping my hand looking sharp and straight. I then swung my hand backwards and it cut through his granite neck, like a knife through butter. His stone-like head fell to the floor, and almost a second later, he was on fire.

"That'll teach you, you filthy dog," I whispered as I heard him scream through the smoke and flames. As soon as admiring voices and sighs were heard in the hallway, Heidi tidied up the throne room.

I looked to my right and saw Edward watching me, completely emotionless.

Since I had decided on drinking human blood, he hadn't treated me differently. We haven't spoken at all for the first few days after my transformation but he hadn't given me the cold-shoulder either.

It had always been like this, I would look at Alec and he would either kiss me on the lips or on my forehead, and then a nagging feeling told me to look at Edward. And I did. Every single time. He didn't look heartbroken anymore, but there was an eerie kind of depression about him. Then, I would watch as Alec drank from a red-head and then I would get a blonde guy with baby blue eyes. If there wasn't any, I would just go for anything unless it was a woman. If there weren't any red-heads for Alec, we would share.

I had heard a bunch of stories about my family's newborn phase, but none of that applied to me. So far, I only had one slip-up, and that was a child, which I regretted immediately. Since then, two new laws had been introduced.

No raping.

No child murder (under the age of 15).

I was pretty keen on setting new rules, but I thought that maybe waiting a while after the two other ones, I would get a better reaction from our vampire population.

I then looked at Jane and Felix, who were interacting with Marcus and Caius while Aro was talking to Heidi, Chelsea, the wives and some of the rest of the guards, something about the new fighting sessions.

Jane's and Felix' wedding was to take place in less than two weeks, and they were already setting stuff up in the large ballroom upstairs. The doors opened and I dropped my cloak again, smiling gently at Alec. The guiltiness had eased down a great deal, and all I thought about was Mike's face while I drank.

"Oh my, look at that! Look!" The voices kept going on and on until everyone went silent. Edward had closed the door. A blonde man was starting to look around, panicking.

Aro smiled comically and winked at Edward who stepped forward, making the crowd rush towards us. His ruby eyes had a tinge of hunger in them.

"Welcome to Volterra!" Aro shouted and dropped his hands, clapping like a happy child. I rushed forward the panicking man and everyone else followed, grabbing a prey.

The blood tasted like fine wine, and I resisted the urge to spit as I imagined Mike's body crumpling in my hands. The Man's eyes found mine and fear was evident, but he didn't move.

"What's your name?" My bell-like voice sang to him.

"L-L-Li-Liam-m," He stuttered, watching as my mouth parted again and closed around his throat. I pulled away and 'sshed' in his ear, making him relax.

"I'll make it quick, Liam, just relax," I murmured to him, smiling at the way way he felt in my hands. Like Jelly.

Too soon, I felt his heartbeat stop and I dropped his life-less body onto the ground. I grabbed a tissue from inside my cloak and wiped the blood off my face, watching as Alec dropped a blonde bimbo. He swallowed again and faced me, smiling slightly. I then turned to my right again and saw Edward feeding from two women, so pre-occupied that he didn't even realise the mess he was making. Pig.

I ran towards Alec in vampire speed and pulled him into a passionate kiss, tasting the sweet blood on my lips again. He pulled away just as the lower guard came in to tidy up. The blood off his lip was swept away by his sleeve.

"Aro gave us a mission," He said, chuckling at my quick excitement. I haven't been on a mission yet, and Alec had just arrived in the morning. "Demetri, Chelsea, Corin, You and I are to go and retrieve all the Cullen's for the coronation,"He said. "And a couple of other things," He added, sighing. "Or people, vampire's mainly,"

"What do you mean?"

"There had been a strain of disappearances around the Seattle area,"


Alec shook his head and sighed again, resting his hand on my cheek. "The bodies haven't been found. Aro and Caius think that someone has started the Southern Wars again, only this time, around the Washington state,"

Bella nodded but began to panic. "I- Forks?"

Alec bit his perfect bottom lip and nodded carefully.

"Charlie!" I yelled out quickly, my eyes watering.

"No, NO!" He said quickly, hushing me. "Your father is fine. He's been put under our protection,"

"But why is someone creating an army again?" I asked quickly, literally shaking his arms for information. He dropped his hand from my cheek and sent me a soothing smile.

"Nothing will happen to your father," said Alec. "But we need to get rid of them, even if we don't know why someone's creating them. Though we're pretty sure they're not using them for some of that big Broadway shows," He chuckled at his own joke but I didn't. I didn't find it funny. The only reason I started laughing was when he had a sad-puppy-look on his face, making me throw my head back and giggle. Alec rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me to him.

Aro spoke. "Now that everyone has been fed, the lower-guard shall stay with our Felix and Jane and continue the wedding planning. Everything is to be done as they say, no matter the cost, or you will be punished," He said and then turned towards us. "Now, if Alec,Bella, Chelsea, Corin, Edward, Demetri and my brothers will kindly retire," He said and Corin opened the door, exciting first and turning right.

I turned around and waited with Alec for everyone else to leave, and Alec wrapped his arms around me from behind. His teeth nipped playfully at my neck and he grinned.

"Now, about that new bed you got while I was gone..."

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il mio prezioso; my precious

Zio; uncle

Padre; father

Mio figlia; my daughter