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"But why is someone creating an army again?" I asked quickly, literally shaking his arms for information. He dropped his hand from my cheek and sent me a soothing smile.

"Nothing will happen to your father," said Alec. "But we need to get rid of them, even if we don't know why someone's creating them. Though we're pretty sure they're not using them for some of that big Broadway shows," He chuckled at his own joke but I didn't. I didn't find it funny. The only reason I started laughing was when he had a sad-puppy-look on his face, making me throw my head back and giggle. Alec rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me to him.

Aro spoke. "Now that everyone has been fed, the lower-guard shall stay with our Felix and Jane and continue the wedding planning. Everything is to be done as they say, no matter the cost, or you will be punished," He said and then turned towards us. "Now, if Alec,Bella, Chelsea, Corin, Edward, Demetri and my brothers will kindly retire," He said and Corin opened the door, exciting first and turning right.

I turned around and waited with Alec for everyone else to leave, and Alec wrapped his arms around me from behind. His teeth nipped playfully at my neck and he grinned.

"Now, about that new bed you got while I was gone..."

Ch2: Gifts & Other (Extra)Ordinary Stuff

After a night of sweet love-making, Alec had left to prepare the Main Training Chambers. This was Felix's idea.

Since there hadn't been any wars for over a century, some vampire's and their skills became rather rusty. Aro and his brothers had agreed and decided to open up the chambers that hadn't been open for decades. The upper and lower guard had been ordered to wear light but tight clothing with no open cuts, to not cause any harm during training.

Bella put her hair up in a messy bun, and a tight black hair-band kept the lone hair out of her eyes. Black leggings, A Black tank-top along with black canvas shoes, and she was done. He grabbed some bottled blood along the way, and her midnight cloak. Bella put on the cloak and exited her's and Alec's chambers. She was currently on the 2nd floor, (all the upper-guard and king's chambers were on the highest floor, while the lower-guard and guest chambers were on the 1st floor) so she had to use the elevator. She hated seeing the 2nd floor secretary, Olive Hopkins, as she was a snobby little princess, who was determined to be turned in the near future. To make matters worse, she requested that Alec changed her. Of course, it shouldn't have bothered Bella, as Alec had mentored many vampires before her, but something about this woman just bothered her.

When she had finally reached the first floor, she ran in vampire speed to the Training Chambers, from which she could hear cries of triumphs and cries of misery. The guards opened the door for her and she stepped in, closing it after her.

Alec, Corin and Edward were standing on the other side of the room, observing and noting carefully. Santiago and Demetri were currently taking on Caius and Heidi while Jane and Chelsea were mentoring the lower-guard. Felix 'skipped' up towards Bella and grinned.

"Hey Bellsy-Boo, how was last night?" He asked and waggled his eyebrows, gathering Alec's smug attention. He winked quickly and resumed his conversation with Corin. Bella faced Felix again and punched him in the gut, gathering the lower-guards attention. Some laughed as Felix fell to the floor and some looked absolutely terrified.

"And that, is exactly what will happen when you mess with a newborn," She said to them and smiled, walking towards her adopted father and Aro.

Aro embraced her and chuckled dryly. "Lovely," He complimented and sent Felix a mocking wink. He pulled away and faced everyone. "Everyone get into their places and do what we have been teaching you to,"

Bella took her place beside Alec and across from Jane, who sent her a small wave. Bella nodded and began the battle. With a cry, she pounced gracefully onto Felix who fell to the floor. Her hand closed around it's throat and she made a cooing noise when he tried to get her off of himself. "Now-now Felix, be a good boy!"

Felix threw her off him and lunged at Caius, who he caught by the arm and threw him onto the floor, again. Bella rolled her eyes and tried to focus on her hunt. Nearly everyone stayed out of her way. But then, as clear as day, she felt her behind her. The Blonde lower-guard blonde tried to catch her around the throat but an invisible wall stopped her.

"Use your gifts!" Aro shouted from the side-lines and Bella, unknowingly wished for the wall to expand. She closed her eyes shut and focused on a box expanding. A squeal and a few shouts were heard as some invisible force pushed everyone against the wall. Alec, Jane and Marcus were the only ones unaffected, and even though he was hurt, Aro still stared at her in amazement. "Amazing!".

Bella looked at him in surprise and confusion and looked at Alec. Everyone dropped onto the ground suddenly and Alec ran to embrace her. "You were amazing," He whispered and kissed her ear. Bella smiled and faced her leader again who stared at her in wonder.

"A mental shield along with a physical one, absolutely wonderful!" He said and clapped. The rest of the audience followed him and Bella hid her face in Alec's shirt, who chuckled at her shyness.

"She's not usually that shy in bed, now is she, Alec?" Felix said and smirked smugly, embarassing Bella further. Alec rolled his eyes and Caius sent Felix a disapproving look. When Felix met Bella's eye again, she made a slashing motion with her finger across her throat.


Reading a good book once in a while, was rapidly becoming Bella's favourite habit. Usually, she would wait until Alec would finish his 'chores', then he would finally find her in the large library and they would proceed to shag behind a book-case.

Tonight though, was not the case. She was far too interested in her gift as she sat on the sofa with Demetri, who dabbled on and on his battles during the Russian Vampire Invasion. Bella rolled her eyes but still paid rapt attention to his speech and read Pride&Prejudice quickly, flipping pages ever five seconds.

"What do you think?" Bella asked suddenly.

"About what?"

"About my gift, is it satisfactory? Or..."

He turned towards her and rolled his amused eyes. "Bella, you threw most of the people against the walls today, and you're asking me if your gift is satisfactory?" He shook his head and continued on the RVI.

Bella nodded and looked down. Her emotions had been sky-rocketing ever since her transformation. Her human qualities and foul emotions stayed with her, yet some magnified more than others.

Bella's thoughts went out the window the second she felt his arms around her. The strong hold picked her up from behind and Bella allowed him that much comfort. Everyone was worried about the up-coming battles, some more than others, but Alec has been especially worried, as he didn't want Bella to deal with the loss of her father.

"Only a couple of more days, and you'll see your father again," He whispered in her ear and Bella shivered. She could very well control herself around humans, she just didn't want any slip-ups.

And what about the Cullens? Are they back in Forks? And Jacob? And her human friends? What would they do if they found out she was back? What would her father do?

"You're thinking too much, Bella, stop beating yourself up over the past," Demetri said from beside her as he finished his speech and greeted Alec. Alec agreed and Bella sighed.

"I'm not beating myself up-"

"You are. You are because you think you hurt him when you left,"

"Whatever Demetri," She mumbled and put the book down. He sent her an apologetic smile and she rolled her eyes. "I did what I had to do, I protected him, he's probably better off without me anyway,"

Alec shook his head. "Don't say that," he muttered and sat down on the coffee table. Demetri agreed and gave her thigh a friendly slap.

"Now, it's Friday and I'm single, bored and hungry, I'm off to a club," Demetri said and stood up, giving Alec and Bella teasing smirks. "Don't be naughty, and don't stay up late kids," He mocked them and Alec sent him a glare.

"I'm older than you, child," He said and shook his head, taking a place beside Bella. "I just choose to keep my girlfriend company, while you choose to hook-up with any willing woman every week," He said defensively and Bella hid a smug smile.

Demetri laughed as he exited. "Technically, you're 18 and I'm 23, so I'm older, kiddo,"

Alec flipped him the middle finger and Bella giggled. "Brotherly love," She said between her giggles and Alec proceeded to tickle her.

This is exactly what she loved about him. He was her boyfriend, and to be honest, their relationship was bordering on serious. But the difference with their relationship was that he still managed to be a friend to her, they still hang-out and went to the movies or other places which amused them, and they didn't need show their affection between each other every moment they were together.

She smiled and pulled the love of her life into a steamy kiss.


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