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The mediator is one of my favourite books.

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This story has both Susannah's POV and Jesse's POV.


Two years ago.

"Susannah wait, please let's talk about this." Jesse pleaded as he pulled on his jeans. "I'm not saying that I don't love you. I do, but..."

"But what?" I snapped as I pulled on my boots and stood up.

"I don't think we should have rushed in to this. We didn't even use protection, I mean what if you get pregnant. I want to have children with you but I think that we should get married before we have children and I also think that you should graduate from high school."

"News flash, Jesse." I said as I turned to see him laying on his bed half naked, his six pack was showing. His hands were covering his eyes. If I wasn't so embarrassed and angry right now I would have jumped him.

"This is the twenty first century some couples have children and they are not married." I pointed out.

"Susannah-" I stopped Jesse from finishing that sentence because I knew what he was going to say.

"Another news flash Jesse, my virginity is mine to give away. I always planned on giving it to the man I love. And that man is you. Remember Hector De Silver, you are not in the year 1840's where you treat women like glass, you are in the year 20004. Giving to hunger for your boyfriend's or girlfriend's body if normal for youngsters like us."

"We shouldn't have rushed it."

I stopped at the door and sighed. "You are going away for weeks and weeks and the only time we can talk is by phone. And you don't like phones." Jesse is being transferred to another museum since he got promoted. I am proud of him. But he will be on the other side of the flipping country. And this is his last night in California with me.

When he didn't speak. I went on. "I wanted to give you a night to remember, a going away present..." I couldn't continue because my anger reached it's limits.

"You know what I've had enough of this. You can't tell me that I'm not ready only I can." Every time we got hot and heavy he would pull away and say, "your not ready, Susannah."

"Go to the other side of the flipping country. I don't care." I yelled as I rushed out the door. Slamming it as I left the building.


"Where is she?" I sighed, tapping my foot. I was waiting for my best friend Gina. Gina's parents have arranged with mine for Gina to finish year 12 here in California with me. She is also coming for the beaches and summer holidays and to flirt with my step brothers Jake and Brad. I want to throw up my lunch just by thinking about it. Gina and other girls in my school think that they are hot. I don't think so because they are my step brothers. I like David who is fourteen now and still a geek. But he doesn't look like one any more...

"Hey, Suze!" Gina's voice called out. I looked around and saw her running towards me. When she reached me we hugged and laughed. "Where's Jake?" Oh I almost forgot. Since Brad is going out with Debby Jake has become Gina's new crush.

"He doesn't know. I want to see the look on his face when he sees you." I could be evil some times.

"Lets dump my stuff and hit the beach." Gina said.

We got home, Gina said hello to my folks and we changed in to our bikinis. When we got to down stairs and we were about to get in to my car when Andy called out. "Suze, can you take Jacob with you and Gina please I have some work to finish and I need to concentrate."

Gina looked at me with a confused look on her face. "Who is Jacob?" She asked. I sighed and went to get him.

Jacob is two years old with sandy hair and green eyes like mine but lighter. Jacob Ackerman is my little brother. My mother gave birth to Jacob on the 22 of July 2004.

He is cute. He has all of his father's features except for his hair. My mum's father had blonde hair. When I reached his room and Jacob was ready for a day in the sun. He had a pair of swimming trunks and a shirt on and a hat. He had a bucket and a spade in his hand.

Okay scratch the cute part off...

He is adorable. My little brother. "Ready sport?" I asked him. He lifted his arms up, wanting me to pick him up. I picked him up and went down to my car.

Gina gasped in shock. "Gina, meet my little brother Jacob."

"How old is he?"

"He is two years old." I replied nuzzling his stomach, making him giggle.

Gina pulled a funny face and Jacob laugh. She won his heart. Make Jacob laugh you win his heart.

When we got to the beach we found a shady spot and I put sunscreen on Jacob and he played in the sand. Later Gina and I took Jacob to the water where he splashed in the water. Then Jacob looked up and squealed. Gina and I looked up in the same direction and saw Jake running towards us. When he reached us he scooped up Jacob and swirled him up in the air. Then Jake noticed Gina laughing at him and Jacob.

"Gina, when did you get here?" He asked as he hugged her. "About a couple of hours a go." Gina replied. "I'll be staying here for the whole year. I'm going to do year 12 with Suze."

"Suze didn't tell me." Jake said looking at me. I shrugged and took Jacob from him.

"She wanted to surprise her big brother." Gina said, clearly flirting.

"No, I just wanted to see his face when he saw you here in California." I said. And his expression was priceless. It looked like some popped a balloon in his ear while he was asleep. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

When they didn't take their eyes off each other I said to Jacob, "why don't we get some thing to drink?" I didn't get a reply.

As I walked to the shops I looked over my shoulder to see Gina and Jake sitting at our spot. Jake moved his towel and other stuff on the other side of Gina.

I got to the shop and got three cokes and a milk for Jacob then I went to the counter. I wasn't watching where I was going because I was to busy paying attention to Jacob and not watching where I was going I pumped in to the last person in the line for the check out.

"I'm so sorry, I-"


That voice... It sounds familiar. I looked up and saw the one face I thought that I was never going to see again.

Hector De Silver.

Also known as Jesse.

My ex boyfriend.

He wasn't looking at me he was looking at Jacob who was clinging to me.

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