Hey everybody, this is my first release in a long while, and after a while of reading the stories on here, finding which ones I love ("Of Science and Magics" by Stormwolfex = 3) and which were good I decided, "Hey, why don't I write one of these? It's been too long since I have written something, and I do love Mikoto x Touma, so I've got myself a topic already." This whole shindig is set after the world war III arc and after the current New Testament book, I hope I haven't screwed up grammatically or anything down below, I'm pretty tired right now. New TAMNI NT book in 3 days!

Happy Ending

The days for Kamijou had finally become that of a regular student. His days fighting in Russia during World War III made these days seem mundane, but he was fine with it. Touma was reintroduced relatively quickly into the community after being lost in the aftermath of the war, however his bad luck would still trail him. Index vowed to bite him until she could forgive him for worrying her so bad. Kamijou's wallet would also have money mysteriously vanish as fast food wrappers piled in the trash bin. Rather than going next door to pay a visit to Tsuchimikado Maika, Index would seem to take trips to Fast food restaurants and spend as much of Touma's meager budget as she could.

On his first day back to school, Touma was greeted with a mountain of homework, he would ask a certain electric princess for help, it would take the two of them most of the school year to finish the assignments which piled up quicker than they could finish the papers, all the while Mikoto called him stupid the entire time. Into the third quarter of the year, the work became manageable for Touma by himself, now he was truly a regular student; no dependency on a middle schooler for him,

he just wanted to talk to the rest of his friends freely for the time being until everyone would worry about entrance exams. The day was at end and Kamijou was walking home with the rest of Delta Force. Aogami was just in his own little world speaking of his favorite animes and more importantly all of the girls within them. Tsuchimikado and Touma were trying to hold a conversation over him.

"So, Kami-yan... when are you going to get yourself a girlfriend?"

-Well, Touma thought it was going to be a regular conversation anyway.

"C'mon, It's getting close to the end of our high school career Kami-yan, and the lord knows there are so many options for you, I've seen how many people are after you, personally I would go after that Kanzaki, man she has got some weight up front! You know, I bet you a two-day shopping spree with a credit card that you couldn't find one by the end of the year!" Touma was keeping silent this whole time, but the thought of a shopping spree at the supermarket was enticing. He looked around for a bit when he noticed a familiar face, Mikoto's. Touma knew he would come to regret this later, but right now he wanted some food to replenish the amount he has been losing through Index.

"Hah! Looks like you owe me a shopping spree then! I see her over there, let me bring her over here for you." Touma said, stopping the other members of Delta Force while pointing to the oblivious Mikoto. Tsuchimikado stood in awe as Kamijou ran towards the girl, he thought he could drive Kamijou broke with a online Maid outfit shopping spree, getting a better glance at the girl Kamijou had stopped. This was bad, he had seen them together before, and that outfit was from Tokiwadai, what was his plan? Marry rich so as to not have to worry about buying the eggs on sale anymore?

"Hey, Misaka, you need to help me with this one, think about it as repayment for when I helped you last August." Kamijou hastily said, in attempt to hurry back to his friends waiting in awe.

"Last August? Wait! Wasn't that when..." Mikoto mumbled the rest as she began to blush furiously.

"Yeah, that's when you requested my help on a fake date, and now I need you to do the same for me. Just take my hand and act all lovey-dovey and the sort for a few minutes." Touma said rather nonchalantly.

Mikoto tugged on his hand lightly, "Umm... okay... but you, er you also have to help me again. I was on my way to talk to my friends about what it is like to have a boyfriend, but I didn't have the heart to tell them that I've never had anyone of that sort. So I was going to lie and tell them that my nonexistent boyfriend couldn't make it." Mikoto's blush was so over the top now that one might be able to feel the air temperature rise in the vicinity of her cheeks.

Touma, However was still unaffected. Without a single thought he said, "Alright, this shouldn't take too long anyway, I'm doing this to win a bet for a shopping spree."

Mikoto felt a little saddened after hearing his explanation, 'I guess I should have expected that from him.' she thought. Okay, lovey-dovey... how was she going to do this? Maybe she could act like a character from one of the romance books that Maika had requested she pick up from the convenience store she frequents to stand and read from. That's what she'd do. Absolutely flawless. She looked up to the boy who was now holding her hand, bringing her to his two friends to get a shopping spree. She resumed her furious blushing. Who was she kidding? She was in deep now, so there was no backing out. Time to get used to it, she would be doing the same before too long in front of people she knew next. The "couple" now approached Kamijou's friends. Showtime.

"Oh! So these are the friends you wanted me to meet, Touma-kun?" Mikoto said as she moved in beside him, shifting her arm in close to interlock at the elbow with him. On the outside she was holding a good poker face, but on the inside she was lit up like a cherry, she had never called him by his first name until just now.

"Yup, Miko-chan! They're the guys I hang around most." He looked up slyly at Tsuchimikado, 'You owe me one shopping spree.' written on the smirk across his face. Tsuchimikado responded with a sly look of his own, 'Challenge accepted.'

"Hey Kami-yan, why don't you show us a kiss with your girlfriend? Surely you two lovebirds must have already done at least that?" This was make or break for them, if they refused to kiss, then Tsuchimikado would have essentially won this competition and would be able to swim in all the maid outfits he could buy with Touma's life savings.

"Um. Uh, we only really started-" Mikoto began to refuse. "Alright, that's okay." interrupted Touma, looking in to Mikoto's now nervous eyes, with a look that read, 'I'm sorry in advance for this, this will mean we're even after the rest of today.' He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers. Somehow Mikoto's poker face was still on, only blushing a tiny bit, but on the inside she was melting on Cloud Nine. After the longest , best, two and a half seconds of her life, the couple split apart, Mikoto almost trailing in for another before realizing what she was about to do. 'Wow, Misaka, way to put on an act!' thought Touma.

Touma looked back at his comrades, Tsuchimikado being in complete shock. 'Maybe Kami-yan has actually found himself a girlfriend after all.' "Damn it." uttered Tsuchimikado as he handed over his credit card and part of his pride.

"What's that Touma-kun?" asked Mikoto, pretending not to know.

"Oh, it's just the card I use to buy things with, he needed to borrow it for a while, that's all." Replied Touma, almost mockingly towards Tsuchimikado. "Alright, guys, I'm going to leave to hang out with my Miko-chan. See you!" He said, walking away with his hand in Mikoto's

"Damn, Kamijou just wiped the floor with you, Tsuchimikado." Remarked Aogami. That's all that needed to be said.

After walking down about a block and turning to go to Joseph's Coffee and Restaurant, Touma released hands with Mikoto, "I'm sorry about what happened back there, Tsuchimikado just wanted proof that we were supposedly a couple."

"Er, it's- it's okay... I guess that if- if you had to prove it, then it was a m-must." Her voice was trembling, after holding a poker face for so long, Mikoto could not take the overload any more, now she was letting her blush free, her entire face as red as a firetruck.

"Hopefully your friends don't request the same, you don't look like you could take much more of this." Kamijou pointed out jokingly, trying to get Mikoto to recover.


Mikoto led Touma into Joseph's, it was a decent walk, so Mikoto had plenty of time to cool down, all to blush furiously on the inside again, she wasn't sure if by the end of the day she could ever stop blushing. "Oh! Saten, look! That must be Misaka and her boyfriend!" said Uiharu Kazari while waving over to them. "Just the same plan, except maybe a bit toned down. These girls' knowledge are just from romance novels." muttered Mikoto to Touma. The couple sat in the bench across from Ruiko and Kazari. After a brief introduction, Kazari asked how the two had met.

Touma turned his head towards Mikoto and said with a smile,"Why don't you take it this time, Darling? You always make me tell it." 'You bastard...' mumbled Mikoto, "Uh, well, I was being hit on by some random thugs when this random guy steps in, and gets rid of them, he holds out his hand and says, 'I'm Kamijou Touma, you better come with me, it's too dangerous for a cute girl like you to wander around here at this time.' as I walk towards him, I trip over one of the thugs and land in his arms."

The two girls were completely absorbed with the story. Kazari's eyes are almost sparkling when she asks, "You sure are a romantic aren't you Mr. Kamijou?" "Apparently I am." responds Touma. "Ooh, so humble!" adds Ruiko. Touma leans towards Mikoto and whispers, "Looks like they bought it hook, line, and sinker. I like the artistic changes, by the way." After the group ate their meals, Kamijou placed Tsuchimikado's card on the card tray for the bill, "I've got this one, ladies." Kazari almost melted where she sat, he even garnered a blush out of Ruiko, but Mikoto giggled, knowing the truth about the card. After another five minutes of chatting, Touma stood out of the bench seat, "Well, Miko-chan and I are going to get out of you girls' hair. Mikoto looked to her friends as she slid to the edge of the bench. Kazari was giving her a thumbs-up, and Ruiko was giving a nod of approval, the kind a father would give to a groom-to-be after requesting permission for marriage. Mikoto smiled back and waved goodbye as they walked for the exit.

Along the way to the Tokiwadai Dorms, Touma looked Mikoto in the eyes and smirked, "It's too dangerous for a cute girl like you to go alone, let me guide you home." She chuckled at Touma, "Hey... You are going to the supermarket, aren't you? I could help take some more stuff home, i-if it's okay, that is."

"My, my. Look at how bold biri-biri has become, asking me out on a date." Touma remarked, trying to evoke something in Mikoto.

"AH! It's nothing like that. I- I just wanted to help you some, that's all!" Touma got the desired reaction, she was blushing again.

"Ah~, but I wanted to go on a shopping date with my Miko-chan soooo bad. But if she insists it's not, then, oh well." He was pushing it with this one.

" Do you want my help or not?"

"Alright, so a shopping date it is."

"GAH! Why do you insist on calling it that!"

"Haha, I'm just messing with you, Misaka. Don't get your pantie- err... shorts in a wad."

"Ah, Just shut up and let's go!"

So, What did you people think? I know the title is a little confusing right now, but you'll find out it's meaning later. If all goes well, this should end up being something up to 4 chapters, and maybe an Omake, who knows? I'll bring in more of the characters come the next few chapters.