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Chapter 3

He looked to his right. Nestled gently in his arm was a beautiful young girl, who looked back and smiled. She rested her head against the side of his shoulder, He proceeded to return the favor by setting his head on hers. They were walking through the town together. Nothing much was happening, some people would glance at the two, the older ladies conversed in admiration, "My, what a brave, romantic boy."

"I wish my grandson would find a nice young woman like that." She buried her head in tighter, blush evident on her face. They arrived, the comfortable meeting place for her friends, Joseph's. Her friends had already arrived, they waved her on as she pulled away from him, still holding his hand, dragging him along. He and she chatted with her friends for a while, they asked he and she when they would finally tie the knot. She blushed and looked to him, "Touma?" He looked back at her and smiled, "One day, I promise you." She leaned in for a peck when his phone began to ring. A dream...

Sunlight beamed in through the windows, the hanging futon visible from the inside of small apartment of a spiky haired boy. It has been three years, nothing too far out of the ordinary has happened. As ordinary as it gets dating a girl who can discharge volts by the millions, anyway. Our protagonist was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, mouth wide open. He was unable to use the futon due to an accident with his water heater. It seems that even after three years of peace, he was as unlucky as ever, although every once in a while he would tell Mikoto that she made him feel like the luckiest person in the world, just to see her blush.

The phone began to ring. The first two times woke Touma up, around the third time, he stumbled around as quick as he could to find the phone. He did not do so delicately, slamming his hand onto the grip of the phone, trying to recover from his stumble.

"Hello!" he said rather loudly, breathing heavier from his near accident.

"Oh my, did I interrupt something?" asked a familiar voice.

"Huh? Gah-No! I just stumbled on my way to grab the phone. What is it that you want this fine day, Misuzu?" Touma answered hastily

"Oh, come, call me Mother in law, everyone knows that you and Miko-chan will end up getting married." Misuzu said with a slight inflection of pride, as if she knew the fate of her daughter. "Seriously, when are you going to ask her the big question?"

"Ah- well... I have yet to talk to Tabikake-san." He said sheepishly

"BAH! That's no reason! Plus, I've talked to him numerous times regarding that. He's completely fine with it." She retorted.

"I'm sure that he's fine with it, I just need to as a formality." Touma replied.

"Fine, I'll bring him down this weekend, no backing down now." She forced upon him.

"But wait, I still need a ring and all that stuff!"

"This weekend, show up at his office, we'll be waiting." She reaffirmed, clicking the phone down into its holster.

He set the phone down quietly, not sure of what to do now. He looked over at the calender, a date circled in the most urgent of colors, red. Written inside of the circle was, "Mikoto's final high school concert. 7:00PM." Marked for next Tuesday. He leaned against the wall, and slid down until he was sitting on the floor, and exhaled deeply.

"Has it really been three years?" He said to his audience of none, staring down at his hands. He wasn't quite sure how long he was sitting there. He heard a knocking from the door, naturally, he checked who it was. He began to open the door when the source of the knocking came bursting in through the door.

"Touma! I heard everything from Mikoto's mother! I came over as soon as I could!"

Touma pushed himself up from being knocked down so violently. "Mom, did you have to knock the door down? That could have put a hole in the wall and I only lease this place!"

"This is more urgent!" Yelled Shiina as she dropped tons of outdated marriage planning pamphlets, catalogs, and the such. "This could be the rest of your life, a hole in the stupid wall can be patched!" She continued, slamming her palm on her marriage planning material.

Touma, borrowing Mikoto's style of blushing began speaking,"Marriage planning? Mom! I haven't even proposed ye-"

Shiina put her finger up to his mouth, stopping him, "I know, I said Misuzu filled me in." her other hand came up, holding a box, and opened it up, impressively with her one hand. "This is the one that your dad gave me. Now you don't have the ring problem, do you know how you will ask her?"

"Sometime after I talk to her father, as a formality." Touma said, sitting near the table where his mother was sitting.

"Fair enough, What about that Tuesday with the concert?" She said, having sniped the date from across the room, looking at it with eagle eyes.

"Wha?" Touma turned briefly and turned back, having noticed what she could see from her location, "How did you see that?"

"Your stupid father demands a sharp eye, how about it though?" Still asking whether or not the night of the concert would work.

"Alright, fine, but don't talk to me about all the planning, that's her decision."

Shiina sighed in relief. "How nice, you already understand how marriage works."

"Fine, Fine, just let's make this quick, I promised her I'd meet her today." Touma said hastily.

"By the way, how has the girl who used to stay here been doing?" Shiina asked.

"Oh, I just got a letter from her, she went back a year ago to continue work with the Church, she's planning to become a Deacon. She said she was well on her way, and that she wishes me good luck in her last letter." Informed Touma.

"I see, and how does Mikoto's friend, that crazy one you were telling me about a while back think of you two now." Further inquired Shiina.

"She has come to terms with us, but is still madly jealous, and vocalizes it." Explained Touma.

The conversation lasted for another few minutes, before Touma's mom picked up her materials, said her goodbyes, and left. Touma sat on the chair for a little while, before looking at the clock. When he stood up hurriedly.

"Crap! I've got to hurry, Misaka must be waiting already."he said rushing out of the door.

On a bench near the certain vending machine with kick marks etched into the side sat a girl politely, looking side to side for the boy she was waiting for. The boy came running by, out of breath.

"Sorry, *huff*, Did... I make- *huff* make you wait?" Said Touma crouched over, supporting his hands on his knees.

Mikoto stood up and tapped him playfully on the head, "You made me wait many a fortnight in the driving winds and rain. How could you?"

"Ah, I'm sorry, M'lady. How about I become your steed for reparations?" He responded just as playfully, picking Mikoto up in the princess carry. "Have you been practicing your violin part?"

"Yeah, of course I have. I still can't believe it's the last one." Mikoto said, hands wrapped around his neck.

Touma looked down at the young woman in his arms, she still resembled the girl that he began dating three years back, but now was just a little shorter than himself, and now closely resembled her mother, she had even filled out up top now, no longer envying some of the other women from Touma's past dealings.

"Last time I chose, where do you want to go, Mikoto?" Asked Touma, setting Mikoto down.

"Nowhere special, just out shopping." She answered.

"Why do you do this to me? You've known for a long time that I have no money."

"Oh, trust me, I know, and you still think I'm worth it." She said with a wicked smile.

"Huh. Yeah, that's how it is. Damn." He looked around, trying to deny the fact that he's whipped. "Alright, let's just go..."

Mikoto ran Touma through the gauntlet of stores that guys don't want to go in. She took him into all the clothing stores in the area, as well as all of the soap stores, then into all of the candle stores, and topped it off with the lingerie store, having graduated from Gekota to flower prints. Touma blushed in embarrassment as he saw the girls in the store giggling at him while being dragged by Mikoto. Touma could not take much more of this, he pulled back, taking Mikoto into a nearby restaurant. They sat in a corner bench, pushing and shoving each other playfully.

"How have Kazari and Ruiko been? It's been a long time since I've seen the two." Touma started, no longer pushing Mikoto around.

"Oh, same old same old, Ah, Ruiko got her ability now, only a level one, but it is an ability nonetheless." She responded.

"That's good, what can she do?"

"She can control wind gusts by generating low pressure zones. Particularly useful, considering her obsession with getting a rise out of Kazari."

"Huh, she still does that?" Touma furthered the conversation.

"Oh yeah, just because she's a sophomore in high school doesn't mean anything." Continued Mikoto.

"And you?" He gave her a small kiss on the forehead before continuing, "How has the last year been treating you?"

"Well, apart from a spiky haired punk following me around, It's been good."

"Hey, that hurts my feelings, you know?" Touma pretended to care.

"Better than when I would shock you when we first met." She reminded him.

"Yeah, I guess that's true, It's been a long time, I'm glad that phase in our lives is over. I don't even recall the last time you shocked me..."Touma thought for a few seconds only to feel a light shock, similar to a prank stick of gum, and let out a slight yelp.

"I'd say about five seconds ago. I think the last time I was out for your head was when you tried to play keep away with my shoes."

"Ah, yeah, that's right."

"Is something the matter, usually you aren't a guy who lives in the past." Asked Mikoto.

"Oh, I've just been talking with my mom about some things." he answered.

Mikoto pondered on what it might be, only to draw no answers. "What about?"

"Ah, well, it's private family matters, I'll tell you later."

"That's okay anyway, I have a few papers left to write, so I'll have to get heading home."

Luck was on Touma's side this time, any other time Mikoto would pry the information out of him by any means necessary. "Alright, let's get you home then." He said, standing up offering his lady a hand.

Along the way, they carried simple conversation, waved to familiar faces until they arrived near Mikoto's high school dorms, which were not too far out of the way from Touma's apartment, still a way out, but not as bad as the walk to Tokiwadai's dorms. They kissed in front of the dorms and said their goodbyes and Touma walked to his apartment. He unlocked the door, flipped the light switch and walked further in, no Index, no Sphynx, just himself, which wasn't as great as it first sounded, He missed the company. He sat on the couch, thinking of the conversation to come that weekend.

Then the fated day came, Touma awoke and threw his nicest clothes on and took a heavy breath. Through the door he went. He went to the address that Misuzu had provided him, it was a large, high class restaurant, the doors were probably as wide as his entire apartment. Upon the first few steps the first thing he noticed was the bar, it was truly immense, filled with various drinks that he had never heard of and ones that he couldn't even read. A small hand tapped him on the shoulder twice.

"Are you Kamijou Touma, Sir?" Asked the source of the hand; a scrawny waiter.

"Ah- yes, this is he."

"You've been expected, come right this way." He said, beckoning Touma on.

They twisted through some narrow hallways, into an elevator that led to the premium rooms on the third floor. Through a few more corridors they went, arriving eventually to a booth on Touma's left, sliding screen privacy door and all. He slipped his shoes off just before the raised floor and walked in to see familiar faces.

"Hello, Touma."Greeted Misuzu.

"Kamijou." Said Tabikake, with a nod.

"Have a seat, Touma." Misuzu cheerily said.

"Ah, thank you." was all Touma could manage to say out of nervousness, he sat down across from Tabikake, and on the side of the table to the left of Misuzu.

"So, I've heard that you have an interest in marrying my daughter."

"Yes sir, I've been dating her for the past three years, and I feel ready to take the next step."

"I see, what do you feel on the matter Misuzu?" Tabikake asked, turning to his wife.

"Me? Well, ah... He's a very reliable kid, He's done more for the world in his lifetime than most people could imagine ever doing." She replied.

"So, you've got her approval it seems, and you have Mikoto obviously, all you have left is me."

Touma gulped loudly, he's seen the darkest depths that the world can offer, even nearly died, but he has never felt this level of fear.

"Now tell me this, Touma, would you be willing to throw everything away for Mikoto's happiness?" Tabikake asked in a very stern voice.

"Of course, sir. There's nothing in this world to me that holds the value of her smile." Touma answered with the utmost honesty.

"Alright, an honest response. Just one last thing, are you willing to risk your life for hers?"

Touma knew this was the make it or break it moment, his one chance to prove to Tabikake his worth. "With all due respect, I've done that numerous times already, sir, even for your wife." All his confidence was in that statement. Tabikake looked towards his wife, who nodded silently, he looked back to Touma, and smiled.

"Looks like you can call me Father-in-Law."

Touma's heart lifted into the upper stratosphere, all he could say at that moment was, "Thank you so much."

Tabikake smirked, "You know that I already had you accepted long before this all, right?

"Huh?" Touma asked, unsure of what Tabikake was talking about.

"Yeah, Every phone call between Mikoto and Misuzu would always have you thrown in there, and every time I had time off, all the dinner conversation would be is, 'Touma this, Touma that.' I'm genuinely impressed."

Touma sat and stared blankly, he didn't know what else to do, the man that put him through the biggest stress in his life was now telling him how great he was.

"C'mon, let's grab a drink, sake for the married-man-to-be!" Exclaimed Tabikake, raising his fist in a toast.

Touma's arm weakly copied the gesture. They drank and celebrated the whole night through, Touma didn't know what time it was that Tabikake hailed the taxi, but it was late. Real late. Touma was dropped off first, he wobbled towards his apartment door, and fumbled around through his keychain. After a few minutes of sifting he plucked the right key and stumbled in.

"Ohhhhhh, that was too much." Touma groaned while falling on the couch. He turned his head right and looked into the TV screen that wasn't on. He sighed and fell asleep on the spot.

The next day was rather uneventful. Touma went to his part time work in a small family owned business, where he now picks up his groceries at a discount rate. After work he walked to Mikoto's school, escorted her to her dorm, and listened to her practice. It was a terribly uneventful day, but he could live that life forever, it was better than the constant risk of death he faced not three short years back.

Then the big day came, Tuesday, the night of Mikoto's final concert. They were to play many classical songs, with Mikoto on the first part for violin. He walked with Mikoto around to visit friends to calm her nerves before going to the auditorium where the concert would be held.

"My you're looking very beautiful, young lady." Touma said, raising his eyebrows twice to create a more humorous effect.

"And you're looking as boorish as usual, old man." She said poking him in the cheek with a smile on her face.

"Hey now, That's not very nice, you should respect your elders more than that." Said Touma with his best old man voice and face. They both chuckled. Mikoto linked her arm with Touma's and put her head on Touma's shoulder.

"Hey, I got a text from Uiharu and Saten a while back, I told them we might stop by in Joseph's to meet them, do you want to?" She asked him politely.

"Huh? Oh, sure I guess, They're good friends of yours, and this is your night, I've got no power against you tonight."

"Haha, you dork." She laughed and smiled up towards him

"I'm only a dork around you." He leaned his head over so that it was on hers. There were a pair of older women walking behind them, matching their pace so as not to disturb the young couple.

"My, what a brave, romantic boy." One spoke softly to the other.

The other lady turned to her friend and said, "I wish my grandson would find a nice young woman like that." Touma felt as though this had all happened before, He wasn't sure where from, but he knew it was familiar. It was obvious that Mikoto had heard them, she was burying her head into Touma's shoulder, her trademark blush shining brightly.

"Haha, you're such a dork when people mention 'Us'." Touma said, rubbing his head against Mikoto's somewhat hard.

"Shut up, you idiot." What else could he expect, she was still a tsundere. Mikoto pulled away from his shoulder, but they still held hands. They turned into the restaurant on their right. Joseph's was now a very familiar location, Touma and Mikoto frequented it, Mikoto had been going there longer. The two looked to the familiar booth on the left, far side of the restaurant. Kazari and Ruiko were already waiting there for them, waving the two on. Mikoto waved back and pulled Touma along. They took the bench across from Kazari and Ruiko.

"Hey guys, how are you?" Mikoto began the conversation.

"Oh, we're same old, same old, I see you two are still going as strong as ever." Ruiko said, pointing at their still linked hands.

Mikoto began to stutter something, but was cut off by Touma, "Of course we are, why would I ever give her up." Touma chuckled a little, Mikoto was blushing as lively as usual.

Ruiko and Kazari both said "Aww." in approval of Touma's words. Kazari cut in by saying, "What are you two going to do after this year?"

"Well, I'll follow her to the ends of the world." Touma said, lacking any pause

"Does that mean you two will get married?" Ruiko asked. Touma was worried that she had found out prior to his proposal. Mikoto turned to him, she was well past the point of embarrassment, enough to the point that all she could say was, "Touma?"

Touma thought of the best way to make It seem as though it wasn't his plan to propose that night. "One day, I promise you."

Those words made Kazari blush, and she wasn't even the target of them. Ruiko smiled and nodded in approval. Touma felt something hit his shoulder, he looked right and saw that Mikoto had fainted right there, suffering from a tsundere overload. Around the same time they all shouted, "Mikoto!" or "Misaka!" She came to after a few minutes, and convinced herself that she had taken a quick nap and she had only dreamed that. The four sat and talked for another half an hour, after which Mikoto said it was time for them to go, if they all wanted to get a good seat, or for Mikoto, setting up her instrument.

They all walked towards the backstage entrance.

"Well, I guess this is it, then, I'll look for you guys when I'm up there." Said Mikoto, ready to part from the group.

"Yeah, break a leg out there for me." Touma responded.

"Play your hardest!" yelled Kazari.

"You've got this in the bag." reassured Ruiko.

Mikoto smiled and walked in. The three turned and walked in to the general seating. Thanks to Mikoto, they had seats closer to the front. They took their reserved seats, when Touma turned to the two girls.

"You girls remember when I said, 'One day'?"

"Yeah, that was really romantic" said Kazari.

"Well, that one day will be tonight, I've gotten permission, a ring, everything." He explained. Both the girls gasped, taking in as much as their lungs could carry. "Just keep it on the down-low until I ask, alright?" He continued, making the zipper across the mouth sign, they followed suit, copying the motion.

"When are you going to ask?" Questioned Ruiko.

"Hopefully after they stand up to bow." He answered.

"Ooh! I'm so excited!" Kazari quietly cheered, shaking up and down in her seat in anticipation.

"Alright, alright. Let's watch the program, and then we'll see." He tried to calm her down, and made the zipper motion again.

After a few moments, the lights dimmed, and an older lady, presumably the director or an Orchestra teacher gave an introductory speech. They opened with Pachelbel's Canon, the orchestra played it a tad bit faster than they should have, but no one without skill could have noticed. The next piece was Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. One of the viola student's playing was noticeably worse, and the sound did not mesh in well. A small group then stood up front, with Mikoto up front. She opened their song, Ein Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. This was presumably their high class group, not a note was missed, and not a tone un-tuned. They took a bow, the crowd erupted in cheers, the rest of the orchestra stood and bowed. This was it, do or die. Touma looked right, Kazari and Ruiko gave him a thumbs up and mouthed, "Good Luck."

"MIKOTO!" Touma yelled in the middle of the quiet crowd. He ran to the stage and jumped atop it.

"What the hell are you doing?" She muttered under her breath.

"Deciding the rest of my life." He answered

"Huh?" She had no idea what he meant.

Touma got down on one knee, This was the craziest, most frightening thing he had ever done. By this point Mikoto had realized what was about to happen, but she didn't know how to react.

Touma held the ring in its box out. "Misaka Mikoto, will you marry me?" His voice was not shaky in the least bit. His level of confidence wasn't above his ankles, but he put on a good ruse. Upon hearing those words, Mikoto blushed like she had never before. She went through red-hot cheeks straight to white-hot, although it looked like she wasn't blushing to the crowd, she was doing just such. She took two tiny steps back, to try and absorb what had just transpired.

"Um... Ah..." she stuttered around on her words. She clenched her hands down at her side. "YES! Why didn't you ask sooner, you-! You-! YOU IDIOT!" She wrapped her arms around him, not for romantic effect, but on the grounds that she could no longer stand. They held each other right there on the stage, no one else mattered. Ruiko stood up and cheered and clapped. Every one in the auditorium followed Ruiko's lead, with the exception of one voice yelling, "ONEESAMA!". The actual Orchestra did not receive a standing ovation, but Touma and Mikoto's show did. Touma picked her up and carried her out the door. They walked side by side all the way to Mikoto's dorm.

"Why'd you have to do that?" Mikoto asked, blush still across her face.

"I wanted every one to know that I was proud to be by your side forever." He answered his spouse's question

"I love you. Idiot." She hugged him

"Hey, come by my place tomorrow, we've got planning to do." He held her for a few seconds, before breaking and kissing her on the lips.

-6 months later-

Touma sat on a pew in the Amakusa Church. Itsuwa helped set up their ceremony, although Touma didn't like the idea of a Catholic style wedding, Mikoto wanted a wedding like they do in the west. This was free, the best sort of affordable for Touma, so he couldn't complain. His mother approached him.

"Ohh! You look so handsome in a suit!"

"Haha, thanks mom. Is the best man here yet?" He returned with a question.

"Accelerator, was it? He's out back, I'll let you go talk to him."She answered.


He left to walk around towards the back of the church, Touma sat next to Accelerator.

"You nervous?" Touma asked Accelerator.

"Fuck you, I was just making sure my buttons were all in order, and that this damn collar wasn't showing." He spat at Touma

"Hey now, do I sense hostility?"

"We're not friends, even if I'm asking you to return the favor when the time comes." He said quietly, looking away.

"Alright, your buttons are intact, by the way, and I can't see the collar, why don't you come inside?"


The two wedding planners, Motoharu and Pierce came up to Accelerator and Touma.

"Alright guys, get to your places, were less than an hour until the ceremony."

"Thanks, you two." Touma nodded as he walked towards his spot.

The girl's room was in chaos, Mikoto's mother still didn't know much about western marriage customs, so she sat back. Ruiko and Kazari were running back and forth, trying to make sure that everything about Mikoto looked perfect. Kazari offered to make the bouquet out of her flowers, figuring it was that special of an occasion. She gave the flowers to Kuroko, who was grumbling that it should have been her in the suit, and not that buffoon ape, but she pressed on making the bouquet. At last, they were done. She stood up, and all the girls admired her beauty.

It was time. The organ music started, and everyone stood up and turned to face the young woman. They watched her gracefully walk by with her father. She walked in front of Touma. They exchanged their vows, Touma made mention of all the good things that have come to him when they met, and that he would break the illusions of those who would try to take that away from him. Mikoto expressed that they were perfect for each other and that anyone who would try to deny that would be shocked. Their vows sounded more like a challenge being issued, but with how they work together, they could have taken on the world. Now that's exactly what they would be doing. The two said their "I do"'s and kissed to seal the marriage.

Hello everyone, I'm glad you have stuck around to read this, even though it has been delayed for so long. To make it up, I went for double the length this chapter. I told myself if I didn't get this done before Skyrim, it wouldn't ever get done. I may make one last Omake Chapter, so keep an eye out for that. When the Railgun and the Imagine Breaker's hearts cross, their lives intertwine. Peace!