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Chapter 109: This is worth fighting for

Joseph glanced up and smiled at his approaching friend, lowering a hand to scratch under H's chin getting a sloppy doggy grin in return.



"Glad that this nightmare is over."


Both men looked at each other and stayed silent, each trying to ignore the other one standing just three feet away from them. Finally Gibbs couldn't take the silence anymore, trying to pretend he wasn't seeing what he was seeing, so he turned to the other person and smirked.

"I hope you are enjoying the quiet times."

Joseph tried very hard to keep his surprise in check, as he looked from Gibbs to the other person. He saw a small smile blossoming in the other man's face, before turning to Gibbs astonished.

"You... you can actually see him?"

Gibbs smirked while Tal simply turned to the Buchanan patriarch. "God works in mysterious ways, Joseph."

The oldest Buchanan could only chuckle, finding a knowing smirk on Gibbs' face. The three men enjoyed a quiet moment as they felt the last rays of the sun bathing them, a light breeze whispering against the tall bushes which made the limits of the backyard separating it from the other properties.

Gibbs glanced towards the house, seeing Timothy and Joy talking to each other by the window upstairs, little Lynn squealing with joy as Tony danced with her in the music room; the typical sounds of a house filled of love and laughter.

"Now what?" Gibbs turns to Tal, seeing a gentle look in the warrior's eyes as he observed the several members of the family going here and there. "Is this the end you were expecting?"

Tal smiled mysteriously and looked at Gibbs. "This isn't the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. This is merely a beginning of many beginnings."

Joseph raised his eyebrows at that statement, but Gibbs wasn't very amused.

"I don't talk riddles. Don't like them either."

Tal laughed lightly, turning to Gibbs and folding his arms, his gaze piercing the old marine with a wisdom that could never belong to this world.

"Tell me, Jethro, how many lives would have been lost if Ziva had died in the same event that resulted in her sister Tali's death? Or how many lives would have remained unchanged if Tony had lost his life during his bout of plague?"

Gibbs felt a chill as Tal took a step closer, those deep eyes still firmly set on blue ones, digging through his soul and finding the doubts and worry, also the conviction of the importance of their tasks, no, their destiny.

"What about you? Your life has been held by a thread several times, but yet God refused to let Death's hand rip you from this existence as your task in this world is not over yet." Tal looked up at the window where Timothy was hugging Joy, slowly dancing to a song only they could hear.

"What about Timothy? He should have died when he crashed his car when he was sixteen, yet God interfered and once again his Plan has been fulfilled. One single piece in the puzzle which could have resulted in ripples too far into the future that human minds are never going to be able to fully grasp."

"Joy..." Joseph muttered, attracting Tal's gaze to him.

"How many lives would have been lost if that little girl had died by Swanson's hands? All of these happenings are so His word may be fulfilled as it is written in Isaiah 55.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,"
declares the LORD.
"As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."

Gibbs looked back to the house, seeing Lynn playing catch with Tony, her squeals filling the air. He felt the truth hitting right between the eyes and chuckled as he made the connections which could be done only after having seen all the pieces of the puzzle.

"It was a rescue mission all along."

"As I said, God works in mysterious ways."

The angel closed his eyes and turned his face to the heavens, smiling placidly as he felt the praise of the saints rising as soft incense to the Almighty.

"For the Saints we will fight in order to deliver them from Evil until the fulfillment of the time set by the Almighty as the end." The angel opened his eyes and gazed at Gibbs. "This is a fight worth fighting for, Gibbs. Don't ever doubt that."

He turned his back at them and slowly walked towards the house, his presence shimmering lightly until he could be seen no more.

Both older men stood in awe in reverent silence as only the sounds of the night mixed with the joyful laughter echoing from the families reunited within that home. Music mixed with children laughter, soon dogs barking and loud chattering joined the party. A soft breeze blew over them lifting dead leaves from the floor and making them dance in the air in a perfect choreography.

"Jethro?" Joseph called out in a whisper.

"Yes, Joseph?"

The older Buchanan patriarch did not answer, so Gibbs turned to look at his friend, who was looking with tearful eyes to the skies, tears falling freely and leaving tracks on his rugged skin.

"They're dancing."

Gibbs then followed Joseph's gaze and momentarily lost his breath as his eyes and ears were miraculously opened, revealing myriads of angels singing and dancing in whirls and twirls in the air: the whole heavens were dotted with their silhouettes, their flight paths leaving a trail of brilliant dust and sparkling light, illuminating the dark velour of the sky as precious stones as far as human eyes could see.

Music in eerie tones was finally heard, the angelical melody resounding over land and heavens and hitting every heart opened and prepared to receive it.

Both patriarchs lowered their amazed gazes towards the house and saw a line of warriors standing guard around the perimeter, each holding a burning blade of fire in their hands ready for battle. Angels flew in and out of the house, each bringing or taking a small package in their hands. Inside the house, family ties were forged and strengthened; alliances were made and promises whispered; writing and rewriting history, preparing the path for a future yet to come.



"He was right." Gibbs muttered in a shaky voice, ignoring the tears leaving tracks on his face. "This is worth fighting for."

Sharing a knowing look full of meaning, each man slowly walked towards the house where their families waited for them so they could once again fulfill their destiny, under the starry night sky brightened by a celestial light that only those with ready hearts and pure souls would be allowed see.

The end.

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