AN/ So here we are, I've finally managed to get this one started.

Here will be a collection of drabbles and short pieces dedicated to the various pairings of JLU not all of them will necessarily be romantic relationships, some may stem on strong friendships as well. Now there will be a combination of Canon and Non-Canon couples involving both Founders and Non-Founders. The only couple you won't find here is HG/GL as I already have a series dedicated to them called 'Hearts and Minds', although you may still see them here in other pairings.

If you have any requests for pairings that you might like to see then please feel free to drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do :)

Now of course I don't own Justice League nor its characters, they belong to their respective owners. :)

I hope you enjoy reading.

Even Superheroes

They were the Justice League; practically every day of their lives was dedicated to protecting and fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. They took these responsibilities without question or hesitation, their purpose in the world was never up for debate, they were here to protect, to serve.

Although they did these things without concern for their own safety and needs, despite being superheroes with untold limits, despite being aliens with powers just as alien and terrifying, or being fighters from warrior cultures...or even being normal people with normal abilities...even they needed to be comforted and protected.

This they gave to each other, who better to comfort a superhero but another superhero? Even they needed to love and be loved in return, to be comforted after a gruelling battle, to be nursed after substantial injuries. Even Superheroes needed to laugh and joke, relax and confide, take care and be taken care of.

Even Superheroes need someone to protect them.