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Couple suggested by: Jana Girl 123

A moment of reprieve

Pressing her index finger to the centre of the cake, Inza Nelson deduced that it was indeed cooked and ready to be removed from the oven. Careful and ever cautious not to burn herself, she removed the tin with proper protection and placed it on the side ready to be turned out and allowed to cool. Just as the tin made contact with the work surface with a slight tinkle of metal, a gust of wind and a ripple of energy signified the return of Doctor Fate, otherwise known as Kent Nelson but for the time being Fate was the dominant role.

Role it was because if Inza allowed herself a moment to consider it...she couldn't remember the last time Kent Nelson had been her husband and not the Lord of Order. Granted that on a few rare occasions he had been but, perhaps it was her selfishness because she knew that Kent had a purpose that could not be put on hold simply because she missed him, but she honestly did and sometimes she resented the Helmet of Naboo for taking her husband from her.

Behind her Dr Fate watched Inza Nelson as she turned out the cake, his eyes almost appearing to scrutinise her and every movement that she made. For a moment he seemed lost in thought as if something were transpiring between himself and an unknown second party, Inza unaware of its goings on. After a minute Dr Fate reached up and slipped the golden helmet from his head, his clothing with the helmet's removal becoming more civilian and simple. As he stepped towards the dark haired woman, Kent placed the helmet on the table and stood behind her.

"How was your trip, Kent?"

"Fine," He answered and noticed that she spun around, the tone of his voice no longer dripping in power "It was only a small matter."

Inza seemed to stare at him, eyes liquid and searching as her hand absently reached up to touch his face.


He smiled warmly, liberated by the ability to express himself and not his purpose, that he could see his wife with his own eyes and not those of Dr Fate.

"It is okay, Inza." He held her upper arms with his hands, raising them to her shoulders and back down to her elbows in a gesture of comfort "Naboo has granted me a short reprieve from the duties of the Lord of that I may reacquaint myself with the things most important to me and not Dr Fate."

She looked up into his eyes, seeing them older, tired, but still full of the life and soul that she had fallen in love with all of those years ago.

"I've missed you, Kent."

"I know, my love...and I you," His eyes became full of sorrow as a gentle frown formed and he pulled her closer and against his form, holding her tight. For the time being there were no echoes of magic and chaos in his mind and senses, just the beautiful simplicity of the woman he loved who had always been his anchor, in life and in plane. "You are always in my heart, Inza...not even the extensive duties of Order can outshine your presence in me."

And he held her tightly all through the reprieve, knowing that by its unwelcome end it could be sometime before he could do so again.