So I'm Back, it's been a while since I did an Offspring fic. I totally got off the Chris and Nina ship and jumped onto the Patrick/ Nina Ship so I now have my mojo back to write.

Disclaimer: I don't own Offspring obviously, and I love the way the characters have been written


Set two years after the Season 2 Finale, which ended way too soon for my liking.

"Hey Nina, how has Patrick been?" Cherie asks as she gets ready for her shift in the change rooms.

"Yeah a bit closed off but his been okay, just stressed out about when the baby arrives." Nina replies as she gets her bag out.

"Understandable, that death with both the mother and the baby would shake anyone up, especially someone who has a baby on the way." Cherie says shutting her locker.

"Death, what death?" Nina asks confused as to what she was talking about.

"You know, the mother that had the massive bleeder on the brain that wasn't picked up on time, and when they operated it was too late, the baby was deprived of oxygen for too long so it didn't make it." Cherie says shocked that she seemed to not know.

"He never told me." Nina says shocked by the revelation.

"Sorry, I thought he would have told you, he probably didn't want you to stress out." Cherie says calmly, hoping to keep Nina relatively calm.

"Yeah, I guess, we'll have a good shift, I'll see you later." Nina says as she walks out of the staff room with thought's running through her head.


Having spent the past ten hours at home, Nina was sitting on the couch waiting for Patrick to get home. Since the revelation, Nina hadn't been able to stop thinking about why he didn't tell her. Not being able to sleep, Nina had cleaned the house, had lunch with Billie, worked on painting the nursery, followed by cooking dinner, all the while having different scenarios playing out on how he would explain himself to her, one involving him performing a c section procedure on her without any anaesthetic while yelling at her. Having shaken that thought out of her, she felt angrier than when she had first been told about the deaths.

Hearing the opening of the door, Nina sat up straighter in her seat waiting for him to come in.

"Hey." Patrick says as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Hi." She replies sounding annoyed.

"What's wrong?" he asks as he puts his bag on the bench and heating up his dinner.

"Care to tell me as to why you've been so closed off and cold towards me lately?" she asks.

"Not this again." He says while eating.

"Yes this again, don't deny it, even Kate said you've been behaving really strangely and not in a good way." She says starting to get flustered.

"It's nothing." He says slamming down his bowl.

"Nothing, really, so you didn't lose a mother and a baby last week then?" Nina asks as she stands up.

"You were told about that." He says simply.

"What do you mean I was told about that, of course I was told about that, it was assumed that I knew what my fiancé had been through at work, we work at the same hospital for fucks sake, of course I was going to find out." She cries out hysterically.

"Calm down babe." Patrick says calmly.

"Don't tell me to calm the hell down, if you wanted me to stay calm you should have told me yourself, not let someone else do it for you." She yells at him.

"You know better than anyone stress isn't good for the baby, this is why I didn't tell you, I didn't want you to stress out and be worried about me as you do so well, we lose patients in this job, it's just more difficult at the moment." He says while moving towards her.

"Don't touch me, you think this would save me the stress and worry, it didn't, it made it worse, your meant to feel like you can come to me for anything, how am I meant to trust someone who can't open up to me, I don't think I can…" Nina pauses looking down at her stomach and back up into his eyes with fear written all over her face.

"Can't what Nina?" Patrick asks urgently, panicked by the sudden fear in her face.

Staring at him, she goes into the bathroom shutting the door.

"Nina, what's going on?" he yells out through the door.

Opening the door, she walks out with a hand placed on her slightly swollen stomach, before calmly saying "I'm bleeding."

"What do you mean your bleeding?" He asks concerned.

"I've got vaginal bleeding, a significant amount." Nina says.

"We'll get you to the hospital." He says, quickly grabbing his keys, wallet, phone as well as her bag.

"I think its placenta praevia, I don't think it's a miscarriage, the baby was moving around all day and during the argument, she's always most active when I'm in an argument." She say's getting into the car.

"We'll get through this Nina, whatever it is, but let's not jump to any conclusions until we get there, I'm calling Clegg." He says as he starts to drive towards the hospital.


"Cherie, you have a suspected Placenta Praevia patient coming in, I don't know how long til Clegg is ready but your patient will be in Room 103 in five minutes." Kim yelled out to Cherie from reception.

"I'll go set up now." Cherie says heading towards the room.


"Nina, did you get paged in?" Cherie asks as Nina walks into the room on auto pilot while Patrick follows in after her looking rather worried and stressed.

"I'm the suspected Placenta Praevia patient." Nina says while changing into the gown.

"Shit." Cherie says.

"Nina, how are you doing?" Clegg asks as he enters the room.

"Not too bad I suppose." She says pulling up the gown.

As Cherie takes one hand and Patrick takes the other, Clegg sits on the chair and starts the examination before performing the ultrasound.

"Everything looks good development wise, but the placenta is covering the cervix, I'll run the necessary tests but I think a c section will be the way to go with this." Clegg mumbles deep in thought.

"At Thirty Five weeks?" She asks hopefully.

"If all goes according to plan than yes, I don't see that being a problem." Clegg says standing up.

"If it doesn't go to plan?" Patrick asks already knowing the answer but needing to hear it.

"Then the baby will have to be delivered as soon as possible, Nina has already made it to the twenty five weeks before this occurred so I'm hopeful she can last until at least thirty two weeks, provided she does everything she is told to do." Clegg says sternly while looking at her.

"As long as it doesn't involve bed rest than I will." Nina says.

"Bed rest at the moment is unnecessary, I want you to avoid stress as much as humanly possible, no heavy lifting, no long complex surgeries, you won't be on call, and your only to do 6 to 8 hours maximum at work a day, four days a week with a few breaks in between cases and no fighting with any one." He says.

"I can do that." Nina says as she looks at the ultrasound image.

"I'll go get everything organised; I'll leave you in Cherie's capable hands." He says walking out.

"I'll be back soon." Patrick says to Nina as he kisses her forehead and runs out after Clegg.

"Martin, wait up." Patrick yells running up to him almost at Martin's office.

"We'll talk in my office." Clegg says pointing in the direction so Patrick could take the lead.

As soon as the office door was shut, Patrick says "This is my fault isn't it?"

"What do you mean it's your fault, this is utter madness?" Clegg says seating in his chair.

"I was in a heated fight with her, over something really stupid." Patrick says.

"Cherie told me you hadn't told her about the loss last week, not a smart move I must say, you need to open up to her more Patrick, she's the mother of your child, she is soon to be your wife, you don't want a repeat of Jodie where you shut her out, turn to drugs and end up with a divorce." Martin says.

"I know, I need to open up more, Nina is the most important person in my life, I never felt this strongly about Jodie, and I don't want to lose her." Patrick says putting his head into his hands.

"You need to tell her that, not me, and sure the fight might have brought on the bleeding, but at least we know now what we are dealing with rather than discovering later down the track where it could have been a lot worse." Martin says.

"I guess, I just can't help but feel guilty." He says looking up at him.

"Maybe it's time to change things then." Martin says.