Princess Annika and Shiver was riding on her Pegasus Brietta for fun. It was really nice outside all the birds chirping with great melody and sounds. The flowers were beautiful and the sky was clear blue. Annika smells the beautiful fresh air while Shiver picked some flowers from the bushes. Brietta ate apples from the bushes too.

"It's such a beautiful place outside except the iced melt during this spring time." Annika said.

"The flowers smell good and it's beautiful." said Shiver when he smells it.

"The apples taste great yummy." Brietta said when she chewed her apple.

They all were having fun outside talking to each other and seeing the fresh air. After that they stopped because they saw someone who's a stranger to them. They saw the pink princess walking with her servant that looks like mushroom and walked with her two bodies with mustaches.

"Hello guys sorry I was in your way." the pink princess said. "Um have you looked for stars around here somewhere?" she asked.

"No we haven't." Annika said. "Um who are you guys?" she asked.

"Oh I'm princess Peach." said the pink princess.

"I'm toad peach's servant." said Toad the guy who looks like a mushroom.

"I'm Mario Peaches hero and friend." said Mario a guy with a mustache who wears a red long sleeve shirt with a jean jumper and a red hat.

"I'm Luigi Mario's brother, Peaches hero and Peaches friend." said Luigi guy with a mustache who wears a green long sleeve shirt with a jean jumper and a green hat.

"Oh ok I'm princess Annika." Annika said her name. "It's nice to meet you all."

"I'm Brietta Annika's horse and her sister as a human being." Brietta said.

"I'm Shiver Annika's bear pet." Shiver said.

"Well it's nice to meet you all." Peach said. "Let's walk together to find our stars."

"Okay." Annika, Shiver and Brietta both said.

Then they walk together having a conversation with each other. They started to get to know eachother more. They walked far an far away to find the stars. Did Bowser take them or did Wenlock take them? It is good when Annika, Brietta and Shiver helps them find it.