Harry and Voldemort sat in the cinema as they watched part two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Voldemort's booming voice echoed through the speakers as he taunted the Hogwart's fighters.

"Harry Potter is dead! ...Ehheheh!"

"The fuck?" Harry exclaimed, spraying popcorn over his lap, "What kind of bitch ass laugh is that?"

"Huh?" said Voldemort absentmindedly as he brushed Harry's mouth-popcorn off his robes.

"You just did the most retarded laugh I've ever heard."

"It's a movie, dipshit. It's not meant to be realistic."

Harry snorted, "whatever."

"Either way," continued Voldemort, "if you win and get the Elder wand don't snap it and chuck it over a cliff or something 'cause that would one; be really stupid and two; fucking piss me off."

"Oh please," scoffed Harry, "that's about as likely as you hugging someone."

Voldemort let out a throaty laugh.

"Be quiet will you," hissed Snape from behind them, "and stop moving My Lord. Your sunburn's leaving dandruff everywhere,"

Harry snorted into his Sprite as Voldemort chuckled uncontrollably, "You hear that, Potter? I'm peeling everywhere! What an inconvenience..."

"Next thing you know you'll flake away to your death!"

They both immediately dissolved into barely concealed hilarity.

30 Minutes later...

"I'm sor-"

"Shut up, Potter."

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