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Family Affair by Bliss N eso

"Now which ship should I take?" Max whispered to herself. "Come on, just pick one and hide Max!" She whispered harshly as she ran towards a ship that had the most coverage and shadows to hide her from the sight of others.

Max ran up the ramp of the Hunter-Gratzner just as it started to rise then abruptly stopped as she saw everyone that hadn't gone into cryo sleep yet, just staring at her with either perplex expression or with indifference which almost made her laugh but instead she just cocked an eyebrow daring someone to comment about her arrival. With one last look everyone went back to their individual preparation for the upcoming journey, which reminded Max that she has no clue where this ship was going.

To be honest she didn't know anything apart from what she has seen in the last 4 hours and her first name, well she gathered it was her name seeing as though it felt right, which she only knew because of the intricate deep purple diamond pendant on a long silver chain around her neck had it carved into it with cursive writing that now lays snug in between her breasts.

All Max really knew was that she woke up in an alley, cold. Wearing only short shorts with a tight tank top with knee high combat boots, so no wonder she was freezing her arse off. Putting the lack of clothing and the cold aside, that wasn't what made her hesitant and tense. It was the twin handguns strapped to her thighs with a smaller gun tucked in her right boot and the two large curved Kukri knives strapped to her shoulder blades plus the smaller knives, one tuck and hidden on the side of her left boot and the ones that came out of her heel and the toe when pressure was applied in the right spot.

Next to where she woke up she found a long black bag that she came to realise held two double barreled sawed-off shotguns, some water, plenty of ammo and other small weapons to take out a small army and a beautifully carved Persian Scimitar with engravings along the blade. The first thought that came to Max's mind was that this was a bit of an overkill, but then the next thought was, why would she need all these weapons on hand? And with that running through her head she decided to keep them with her. Examining the floor length coat she found in the bag before shrugging it on and finding that it hid her 'accessories' quite well, made her feel ready to leave the alley as inconspicuous as possible. Throwing the bag over her shoulder and taking the IPod that was in the coat pocket and putting the ear buds in and pressing play.

"I want a normal life
just like a new born child
I am a lover hater
I am an instigator
You are an oversight
Don't try to compromise
I'll learn to love to hate it
I am not integrated."

Max couldn't help but feel thankful that the coat concealed the weapons from prying eyes as the passengers stared at her before when she arrived, now all she had to worry about was finding out how these cryo chambers worked and not getting noticed by the Captain before or after the ship lands. Deciding that choosing the spot next to the chamber with huge 'WARNING. Lockout protocol. No early release.' sign was the way to go to keep the unwanted attention from her in case someone spotted her with recognition. Frowning at her thoughts, she didn't understand why she wasn't screaming help or going to the 'police officer' that she saw talking to the Captain over near the doorway. 'Oh that's why, there is no way that he is a cop, he is something else, something slightly sinister, someone you shouldn't trust', Max thought as she glanced in his direction.

Shoving her bag in the compartment in the chamber with more force than required, a result from the anger at not remembering anything important and the confusion from the feelings that she shouldn't try to get help, that she should just run as far and fast as she could, so that's what she was going to do. Though it doesnt mean she was going to be happy about it.

"You sure that you wanna be sleeping next to that animal?" came the drawl of the 'cop' who was now leaning on the said 'animals' chamber leering at her like she was just a piece of meat that should drop to her knees for him. 'Like hell that is going to happen, mate.' She thought in disgust.

"We're all animals. But why is that?" Max asked trying to be as polite and innocent as humanly possible. The 'cop' stood up straighter resting his hand on his gun holster as if that was suppose to make him seem like he holds some sort of authority.

"He's a convict, a murderer who just escaped from a maximum prison." He stated patting the glass extremely proud of himself in Max's opinion. Growling, she didn't hear it, but she felt it through the metal she was leaning on that was between her and the 'animal', a low vibrating feeling coming from the other side. A purr like rumble started deep in her chest, once she realised what she was doing she stopped it before anyone could hear, or so she thought.

In the chamber next to her, the 'animals' lips twitched in what could be described as a smile, his beast was very happy with the reply he got.
"I'm sure you have it under control. Plus I've done him no wrong, there for I have done nothing to warrant a death sentence from him." Was the calm reply to his statement that Max was sure was to scare her into his arms. 'What a delusional bloke,' she thought as she started to organize herself and started to strap in.
"The names Johns." Johns held his hand out for her to take. Max wasn't sure if she should say her real name but she was too tired to start up a lie.

'Fuck it.' Max thought as she took his hand and shook while replying.
"Max." she heard a savage growl from the man next to her as she touched Johns's hand which made her quickly let go and went back to her preparation.
"Well Max, I hope to see you again when we land." Grinned Johns as he walked over to some other passenger.
"God, I hope not." She whispered low enough that John's retreating figure wouldn't hear. As she said that she felt and heard the man besides her chuckling to himself, which reminded her before when he growled as she shook John's hand. Confused with her reaction to him she became more annoyed with her situation.

"shut it." She directed to the man next to her and even though she couldn't see him she knew he was smirking to himself as he laughed more at her remark to him. Max didn't owe him anything nor should he make known who he doesn't like her touching. Max suddenly thought that he could have just been hostile to the man stating his name, but deep down she knew it had something to do with the handshake, for some unknown reason she just knew, which scared her. to ignore everyone and everthing untill she will be put under Max turns on her IPod and clears her mind.

"My grandma told me, do not take shit
from anybody in this mother fucking bitch
my grandma told me never never never take no shit
especially that shark in the dark
cause that shark in the dark can suck my..watch yo mouth!"

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