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"Vaako" Max whispered again her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and anger. This was a memory, it had to be, but it wasn't helping her remember. just making her more confused and angry at herself. How weak of a human was she to lose her memory without an accident or trauma to her head? What happened to her?

'Necromongers. There have been whispers about such beings. Not a race anyone would want to associate with.' Dante's voice sounded through her head disrupting her focus on the dream she just had. Max didn't have the energy in replying to the cat, for she just realised the furious penetrating pair of eyes looking at her from across the room .

There sat Riddick halfway through sharpening the blade of the makeshift he had made earlier in the day. No movement was coming from him, he just sat there with that furious look set in stone on his beautiful face.

Even though she wanted to go over there and tell him who she dreamt of, she couldn't, she couldn't talk about it yet. With one more look in his direction Max turned her head to see that Ace was still fast asleep.

'That man, he is my brother isn't he?' Max softly questioned the black cat in the privacy of their minds.

'So it would seem. I wish I had the answers you seek, I just do not. I am only as aware of your past as you are.' The feline lifted his head as he replied to his alpha feeling worthless to help her.

"Alright.…So we might have enough light." The voice of fry rang out interrupting Max's trance with her friend and protector. The air shifted, everyone became alert and all their attention was on the blonde woman.

"Enough light for what Caroline?" Johns asked his body rigid from his assumption on what Fry wanted to do, already not liking the idea.

"We stick to the plan. We just need to get the four power cells and get them to the skiff and we are home free." Fry said quickly as if she wasn't quite sure of her plan either. Max knew this could either work or be mass suicide, most likely the latter of the two.

"You want us to go out there. With god know how many things just waiting to get a piece of us." The unbelieving tone in johns voice mimicked some of the other survivors thoughts.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news. That sand cat is solar, it won't run at night." Paris butted in before the merc and the 'step in captain' could finish there spat.

"then we carry them, drag them, whatever it takes." Fry was standing strong with her plan.
" Johns, you have flairs. Paris has his spirits. There is two hand held lights and the cutting torch. There is also whatever we can get out of the crash site."

"now hang on. How long can this last? A few hours, a day tops? I say we hall up here until morning and then get off this fucking planet." Johns tried reasoning.

"I got the impression from the model, that the two planets were moving as one. And there would be a lasting darkness." Imam's sombre voice said from where he was sitting with his last boy, Suleiman.

"are you sure you can get us there, even in the dark?" Imam question the blonde woman whom he was trusting with their lives.

"No. I can't, but he can." Fry turned to stare at Riddick, who was about to walk over to Max with an unreadable look on his face. At this turn of events Riddick stopped to look at Fry debating weather or not to accept or to tell her to go fuck herself. He knew this was the only way to get off this planet. This room they found themselves in wasn't going to protect them forever. Looking at Max, the woman he came to admire and care for, then looking to the cat that was still acting as a bed to the small child sleeping, he decided to play nice with the other kids for now.
Nodding to Fry indicating he would guide them but knowing at the same time they would be losing some of the people in this room on their journey there. As long as it wasn't his mate and her little makeshift family, he didn't care.

"Alright everyone get ready we will be leaving soon." Fry finalised as she walked off with Johns in toe to gather more light to shield their way.

Max decided to lay back down and rest before leaving this small safe haven they found themselves in. To be honest she didn't want to deal with this fucked up planet any more. She wanted to just lie down and not get up, the only reason she was still fighting was for that small boy. He was her reason. Not the shadow cat that she had come to love, she knew he would survive with or without her, not even Riddick. Riddick had found his way under her skin and she cared but she knew he would survive either way. It was that small boy that she saved, in what felt like a lifetime ago, that kept her from giving up. She owed it to Ace to see it through to the end. Max owed it to him the moment she took him as her charge when she grabbed him from the cryo chamber.

"So, do I have to kill this Vaako?" Came a disconcertingly calm voice, devoid of any emotion. There stood Riddick standing right above Max with an eerily disturbing look in his eyes.

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