Green didn't understand why he was climbing the goddamn mountain. Leaf had told him about rumors of Red being up there. But she hadn't told him to go find him, she hadn't even hinted at it. Maybe that was why Green was doing it. He didn't miss Red- but things were different with him gone, Green would admit. So much had changed since the young Champion had disappeared off the map.

For one, Green applied to be a gym leader. Not much there, he only did it to support himself. And why not? He had been a champion, if only for a few hours, and he was certainly capable of challenging the stupid twerps that managed to get the other seven badges. Not that there were many. He got the job, he bought an apartment, and he settled in. At first it was a bit stifling to be cooped up in one place, after all the time he had spent traveling. At times he considered traveling to one of the other regions. But he held back, if only for the gut feeling in his stomach telling him to stay put. Trainers came and went. Not many made it past him on the first try, but a few managed to trickle through. Green almost wished that more would, that one of them would eventually be the new Champion of Kanto. It didn't happen.

Green grew older, taller, stronger. He developed closer bonds with his Pokemon, if that was even possible. His Eevee almost evolved a few times, although she never went through with it. A couple of years passed. During a visit to Cinnabar he ran into a young trainer from Johto; about a week later, he turned up at the gym to challenge him, a brown-haired girl in tow. The boy won, and the two left. Green's days passed with slow, but precise, determination. Leaf stopped by at least three times a week, forcing him to buy her dinner and catch up on what she had been up to. He went along with it, if only for the sake of saving himself from making her become mad at him (because an angry Leaf was not something he intended on dealing with.) Life passed. Leaf dated people. Green didn't, although his sister told him that he'd become 'quite the catch.' His grandfather checked up on him once every month or so over the phone, inquiring upon his well being and asking questions about his Pokemon. Daisy came over to dinner once every few weeks. Things fell into a familiar pace.

Until the day Leaf showed up, unannounced, at the gym. Not unlike her, but today was different.

"Red's on top of the mountain!" She exclaimed, pointing vaguely towards its direction. "Ethan, Johto's champion, you know him, he challenged you, didn't he? I heard it from a friend that he ran into him on the mountaintop or something."

"Why should I care?" He replied absently, leaning back in his chair and flipping the page of the magazine he was reading. Leaf let out a huff, and frowned.

"But he's your best friend!"

He was, Green thought, furrowing his eyebrows. Until I became a jackass and pushed him away. That had been years ago, even before they'd begun their Pokemon journeys. They were friends, then they were rivals, and now, Green didn't really know what they were. Frankly, he didn't really care.

So at first, he ignored the information of Red's whereabouts. Then, a few hours after Leaf had left, he found himself wondering why in god's name Red would be wasting his life away on a snowy cliff. He tried to push his curiosity away, but by the end of the week, Green knew he had to climb up there. Even though he had no idea why.

So here he was, bundled up in his warmest clothing (which still wasn't enough to fight the cold) and scaling Mt. Silver as if there was actually something worthwhile up there.

It took a few hours. Eevee bared the first half of it, but it became so cold that he was forced to withdraw her into her ball. Arcanine made a better companion anyway, what with his larger stature and warmer body temperature. They trudged on, facing the cold with bitter determination. When Green finally made it to the top, he was exhausted out of his wits, but not so exhausted to not be surprised at what he saw.


There was no Red. No Champion standing against the skyline. Just the cold, blistering wind and mounds of snow. Green swore loudly, throwing his pack of supplies on the ground and stomping away from it. The view up here wasn't even that impressive; the blizzard was too thick to see anything further than about fifty feet. He stood at the edge of the peak and stared down the cliff side, and frowned.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, RED?" He shouted, and he listened as his voice echoed hollowly in the wind. But why did it matter? Green had told it to himself the entire time he had climbed; they weren't friends. Not anymore. Not for years. They hadn't talked since the day Red had beaten him in the Champion's room at Indigo Plateau. "Smell ya later," Green had retorted, recalling his Eevee with bitterness. His last, angry words. When he left there had been reporters everywhere, and Green had ignored every single one of them, telling them to go interview the new Champion instead. They hadn't talked, they hadn't seen each other, they hadn't even sent a letter or shot a phone call to the other. And then, Red had disappeared. It hadn't meant anything, not really, until now. But Green still couldn't figure out why it mattered so much.

And it looked like he never would know unless he put in the effort. The boy with black hair wasn't here, but Green was going to find him. It irritated him, surely. But he was going to find Red if it was the last goddamn thing he did.

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