Dean stood in front of the dustsheet, looking at the curve of his baby beneath it. A desire filled smile spreading across his lips wiping away all thoughts of the heartbreaking scene that had just taken place inside the house.

He reached out a nervous hand to grip the course think woven material and pulled gentle. The fabric falling away from the glossy smooth body beneath. Dean breath caught in his throat at the sight. The line of her body as it was revealed. He reached out his fingers and brushed them gently across her top, their tips tingling at the feel of her cold metal.

He'd missed her so much it was on par with Sammy and Cas. She was his baby and he promised in a gentle whisper that he would never leave her again.

He spent a few more moments taking in her beauty before moving around behind her and popping the trunk. He gently lifted the carpeted false bottom and sighed at the sight, though it was empty, the wooden compartments and hooks made him smile. "You'll be full again soon baby, I promise. – as soon as we get to Bobby's – but I do have a few things that belong to you."

His words were soft and tender like a man to his lover. But then nobody saw Baby as he did. To other people she was just a plain, simple, if perfectly restored, 1967 Chevrolet Impala… but to Dean Winchester she was heaven.

He crouched down before the metal footlocker and pulled out the key once again, turning it. The padlock clicked and Dean didn't hesitate this time, but throw back the lid and began to empty the top tray. When every charm and talisman he'd kelp just in case was sitting back in their rightful place in Baby's trunk, he pulled the lid aside and smiled at the sight beneath. Reaching in, he pulled out his jacket. Standing he slid his armed inside and sighed with pleasure at the feel of the heavy leather. He knelt back down to retrieve the other item's he'd locked away for safe keeping. His silver hand gun. His lighter. His dad's journal… each one ceremonially returned to their true home.

There was one more thing it the locker. His journal. He reached down and lifted it free. Smiling wider as he pulled free the tongue and it fell open in his hand to the place he wanted it. Looking up at him a picture that should exist.

He moved his hand to his back pocket to retrieve the photos but as he went to return them to their place of safety, Dean flicked them open, looked at a pair of angelic innocent eyes, smiled and slid them back into his pocket before closing the journal and dropping it into the trunk.

With everything back where it was meant to be, Dean knew it was his turn. Opening the driver side door he slid happily into the seat and closed it behind him. Sighing once again with delight and whispering terms of endearment to the machine that had seen him through so much in his life. A car he had help choice before he was even born.

He gently pushed the key into the ignition and started her up. She revved first time and Dean's smile was as wide as it had ever been, the deep growl of her beautiful voice filling his ears as he pressed down of the accelerator, the pair moved off slowly out of the garage, away from the neighborhood and back to where they both belonged… the open road.

The open road. Asphalt. White lines. Open country. This was where Dean was happiest, though the moment was bitter sweet without Sammy. He kept looking over at the passenger seat expecting to see him and feeling a twinge of pain when he found it empty.

But it wouldn't stay that way he smiled to himself. He may have lost Sammy but he still had Cas. He would always have Cas, he knew that as sure as he how to ganck a werewolf.

Dean was grinning now, that silly lopsided grin he did when he was really happy and he was, for the first time in six months he was happy. – Well almost, there was one thing missing… a blue eyes nerd angel to ride shot gun.

With his hands gripping the steering wheel tight Dean sighed and said the name like a prayer. "Cas…. Get your feathery white ass down here."

Dean didn't even need to look to know Cas was in the seat next to him and he shifted a little more comfortably in his own as that feeling of peace and happiness finally settled inside him. Lisa's words were still playing in his mind. Her insistence that he did love the angel on his shoulder and maybe she was right, but Dean didn't want to deal with that right now, he just wanted to get on with killing as many evil sons of bitches as he possibly could, that was his life now… him, Cas and the open road.

'Sorry Sammy'. He prayed knowing his brother couldn't hear him, but hope he wouldn't hate him for the choice he'd made. Surely his happiness was what his kid brother wanted, and that was what he had now.

"Where are we going Dean?" Cas asked in that warm tone that made Dean smile.

"First stop Bobby's. I need to restock the trunk, then wherever we need to go, my little angel. Evil beware." He laughed; turning to look at Cas's who was staring at him, the passing car lights highlighting his strong jawline and full lips.

The pair's eyes met and something passed between them, an understanding that needed no words. Cas turned back to watch the road and Dean had to open his mouth to catch a breath, but he was smiling again, really smiling, because here was everything he loved.

The End