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It was the worst storm the titans had ever seen. Everything was flooded; the sea was pushing against the titan's door. Thank goodness the tower was completely water proof.

Lightning was striking everywhere, Thunder was rumbling everything. At first they thought it was the two brothers again (the ones that made lightning and thunder.) But it was a natural storm.

The Titans were all spread throughout the city, helping people out of fires and out of floods. Every once in a while they had to get people out of their houses after a tree had fallen on them.

They were running around the city until about 1 in the morning. The lightning and thunder soon stopped and the rain slowed down. "Ok, I saved six people from a fire in a three story building, saved two kids, their mom, and there dog from a flood that started to carry them off, and got an old lady from a collapsing building right before the roof caved in. I think I deserve a bed." Beastboy said in the back of the T-car breathing heavily.

"Yes I agree, rest would be very nice." Starfire said from the back as well. Raven just barely lifted her head at the sound of her friend's discussion and fell asleep again.

Everyone looked at her. They all smiled except for Beastboy. Somehow with all of the exhausting he didn't notice Raven sleeping on his shoulder with her arms wrapped around his arm. He watched her move to get comfortable and let out a content sigh.

"Awe, how cute." Robin quietly cooed from the passenger seat.

"Ya BB, you two make a cute couple." Cyborg said looking in his rearview mirror.

Beastboy blushed. "Shut up. She just fell asleep. We're all tired." He said looking out the window and away from his tormenting friends.

"Ya and snuggling up to you." Robin said forcing back a laugh.

Beastboy just blushed deeper and growled.

"I agree with Cyborg, you and dear friend Raven would make the cute couple." Starfire said slightly less energetic than usual.

Beastboy blushed even further. "No we wouldn't. I mean I…she, we couldn't, wouldn't. Just drop it. We're not a couple." Beastboy said trying not to raise his voice too loud. Beastboy turned back to the window growling.

Everyone was silent the rest of the way to the tower.

"Well it looks like we're gonna have to fly over. It's way too flooded to drive over there.

Starfire got out and grabbed Robin and started their fly over the swollen ocean to their home.

Beastboy looked at Raven who still had a grip on his arm. With his free hand he slightly shook her. "C'mon Raven, you gotta wake up." He whispered softly.

All she did was hug his arm tighter. Cyborg covered his mouth and started to giggle.

Beastboy paid no attention to him. "Raven, we have to go home. Wake up." He said shaking a little harder.

Raven slowly blinked awake and stretched. "Are we home?" She asked barely able to see.

"Ya, we're home. You have to fly to the roof though." Beastboy explained.

Raven nodded and climbed out of the car. She took off leaving only Cyborg and Beastboy.

Beastboy changed into a pterodactyl and grabbed Cyborg in his claws and lifted his friend into the air.

"So BB, did you like having Raven cuddled up to you?" Cyborg asked. At first Beast boy thought it was him joking but then he realized Cyborg was asking an actual question.

Beast boy gave Cyborg a questionable look.

"The reason I ask is that I've noticed, well I've known for a while now, that you like Raven." Cyborg explained. As soon as he said this he heard Beastboy let out a squawk of surprise and Cyborg was suddenly released and was free falling toward the easily caught him and Cyborg didn't say anything else after that.

***Next day***

"Oh my gosh! It's soooo hot!" Beastboy yelled pulling at his shirt collar.

Everyone woke up at seven even after such a long night. Even Beastboy walked in about seven thirty. Raven had tried to stay in her room, but it was cooler in the living room.

"Well get used to it! Cause there's a mega heat wave coming, and we can't turn on the AC cause somehow water got in last night and ruined some of the wires. The only room that has electricity is in here, but still no AC." Cyborg said wiping his face with a rag.

Beastboy growled to himself, "So much for a water proof tower." He rubbed the back of his neck, lately he had been growling a lot. Mabey I need to relax a bit, but it's so hot! BB thought to himself.

Raven was meditating in the corner covered in sweet. Robin was sitting on the couch and Starfire said she was going to enjoy the wonderful sun.

Everything went silent.

"Jeeze. It's like being back in Africa." Beastboy said grabbing the end of his shirt and fanning.

Cyborg looked over to Raven and laughed some to his self.

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