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Raven cautiously stepped into the main room. She had no idea what her and Beastboy's 'game' could have caused. Her heart raced. If it wasn't for her sweating to death from the heat of her room she would have stayed in her room.

"There you are friend Raven. We have been looking for you. Do you know why Cyborg is having a function of the mal?" Starfire said pulling her to the side of Cyborg on the ground.

He was twitching and a recorded voice said error over and over again, throwing in a 'does not compute' every other error.

Raven glanced over as someone stepped beside her and her heart almost jumped to her throat.

Beastboy, still shirtless, was standing there looking at her with a huge smile. Raven turned her head towards him.

"What?" She asked looking at him annoyed.

Beastboy only smiled brighter and answered. "You look great!"

Raven remembered her words and blushed. She knew it was love doing all that but it didn't change the fact that she did it to.

She smiled back though. "You just wish you looked this good."

Starfire and Robin looked at the two confused and Cyborg started sparking.

"Mined if I escort you to an Ice Cream Shop?" Beastboy asked holding out his arm for her to take.

"Why not?" Raven said entwining her arm in his.

They walked together to the main door. "Wait, I need a shirt." Beastboy said turning to run and get one. Raven stopped him, He turned around and gave her a questioning look.

She smiled. "That would be cheating." He smiled and lead her out of the Tower.

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