Okay, so it's been an EXTREMELY long time since I updated this story, but here's another little chapter. I have a bunch of one-shots already written for this, but they don't fit chronologically with where the story is write now, so I'm holding out on posting them. Hopefully there will be more soon...

"I watch you talk, you didn't notice, I hear the words but all I can think is we should be together" – Hey Stephen

Kurt had developed an unfortunate tendency of not paying attention when Blaine talked to him.

Okay, that sounded way worse than it actually was. It wasn't like he was willfully zoning out whenever Blaine started speaking. It was just that – well, he had other things on his mind, okay? Like the way Blaine's lips curved around his words, say, or the way he laughed at his own stupid jokes.

And, you know, occasionally (frequently) his mind would wander to hopeless daydreams of the two of them being together. Like, as boyfriends. Because oh, wouldn't that be nice.

Unfortunately, this tendency was starting to get Kurt into some very awkward situations. The other day, he had snapped out of a particularly lovely fantasy involving Blaine, a beach, and a sunset to find Blaine looking at him expectantly, clearly waiting for Kurt to answer a question he had just asked. Kurt had said "yes" and nodded vigorously, only to discover shortly thereafter that he had just expressed his undying love for Latin literature and agreed to accompany Blaine to a guest lecture by some crusty old Latin scholar. Which, incidentally, hadn't been so bad, especially when they got there late and had to squeeze impossibly close together in the last empty spot. Kurt's mind still reeled when he thought about the heat and the feel of Blaine pressed so tightly against him.

And now it was happening again. It was Thursday night and they were all hanging out in Blaine's room – Wes and David were sprawled out on Blaine's bed, Nick and Jeff were taking turns pushing each other out of Blaine's bean bag chair, and Kurt was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. Blaine himself was seated cross-legged in his desk chair, chatting animatedly about Great Expectations, which he was reading for his English class.

The rest of the boys were making periodic contributions to the discussion (David was a big Dickens fan, while Jeff found all books lacking pictures boring), but Kurt was sitting there just watching Blaine talk. His eyes were bright, his hands were flying around in a variety of different gestures, and he was grinning as he talked. It always amazed Kurt how passionate Blaine got about pretty much everything. The boy practically radiated enthusiasm, and Kurt absolutely loved that about him.

This time, Kurt tuned back into the conversation at the sound of his own name.

"Hey, Kurt, I was hoping you could read over my essay once I finish it," Blaine said eagerly. "I'd love to get your opinion. What do you think?"

I think we should be together.

Wait, what?

"Yeah, absolutely. I'd love to," Kurt replied.

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